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do you ever just want to have a library in your house or is that just me

this is me basking in the beauty of Mt. Cloud✨

“The first thing I thought is, `Eric and Dylan, why did you do this?’ But also something ran through saying, `You guys finally did it. You did something”.

Erik Veik - A friend Of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold 

The tiniest lifeboat

I just wanted to thank you guys for 1000+ followers!!! ily all sO MUCH

I don’t think I will ever stop loving books; they have saved me countless times throughout my life. Books will forever be my first love.

The crosses of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold after Columbine before they were taken down

It’s sad to think Eric Harris had less comments on his cross

4:55pm // I didn’t have anything better to do so I decided to rearrange my bookshelf; I realized I haven’t read anything for weeks now.

What are you currently reading? and how do you get out of a book slump?