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important!! / goodbye, my loves.

so, this is it? wow. uhhh.. i’ve recently decided to delete this blog. don’t worry, i’m okay, there’s no real reason, except for that it doesn’t bring me the happiness it used to.

and oh boy!! did it bring me happiness. you guys, you are really so important to me. whether you came for a little while and read and then left, or you’ve followed me since i started and you’re still here, i love you. i thank you. thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

this blog has proved to be an amazing outlet for my feelings and has become a place for me to share my art with all of you. thank you for letting me do that. you helped me realize that my art matters.

so to all of my fellow writers out there: your art matters. you matter. you are so important. thank you for all that you do.

to all of my readers: you’re amazing. thank you for reading. thank you for enjoying. you’ve helped me in more ways than you know.

i guess i owe you an explanation as to why i haven’t been writing or posting much. the truth? i don’t really know. i just haven’t been feeling inspired. i am so so so so so sorry. i really, truly, am so sorry. sorry for leaving u hanging. sorry for losing interest in criminal minds a bit. really– i’m sorry.

that being said, i am not sorry for deleting. this was a decision i made for me and only me and i feel healthier for it. i feel a weight lifting off my shoulders and although i’m incredibly sad that this purely wonderful time on my blog has been spent, it’s time to say goodbye. 

i hope you all know how much u meant, and still mean, to me. you made it worth it. you made me feel productive for writing a few chapters on days i didn’t even wanna get out of bed. you kept me sane, you made me feel good. you validated my work, and although i knew it was good whether you liked it or not, it was a damn good feeling to know that you enjoyed it too.

thank you.

to my friends: this is NOT the last u’ll be seeing of me. i expect to keep in touch with u, please message me on @kiiwiharrys and give me a way we can talk still, even if only on occasion. 

i have made the most wonderful friendships on here, and although they are all so so so incredibly important to me, i feel the need to thank a few people specifically: jen, fox, pasc, taz, mish, shelbs, liv, and auti.

@reidbyers: jen, you really are one of the most important people to me. you were my first best friend on here and if i hadn’t met u idk what i’d do. u inspire me every damn day and i love you. i love you i love you i love you. thank you for being such a great person, you’re a truly lovely and beautiful soul and you add so much to my life. wife tag forever, bub. 

@starbucksreid: fox. my gooodddddddd, i really fucking love u. i don’t know if i’ve ever felt this strong of a friendship between myself and someone i met on a blog, but i’ll be damned if it’s not the most amazing thing that could’ve happened. i’d lay down my life for you and will write u all the songs in the book my friend. thank you for being my best friend. thank you for making me playlists and moodboards and for doing things like give me a tag called “sweet creature tag”, cuz that kind of stuff always makes me smile and means more than you know.

@orgcnamidala: pasc, you’re the light on my dark days. your positive little messages and the small gestures you do prove to be the biggest. you make me happy, simple as that. i hope you feel happy, i really truly do. thank you for being so positive and for considering everyones feelings and for being a kickass friend. love u more than anything.

@ilikepipecleanerswitheyes: taz. oh my god, girl, idk what i’d do without u. you’re always there for me and i really could not thank you enough for it. thank you for letting me rant to you, and more importantly thank you for trusting me enough to rant back to me and for trusting my opinion. it means the world to me that we’re as close as we are, and the rants are never gonna end cuz u can bet ur ass i’ll still be on @kiiwiharrys looking forward to ur sassy replies and cute selfies. love u.

@spencerdamnreid: mish, i love you so so so much! i look forward to ur snapchats and to seeing your replies to people on asks, i’m not sure i’ve ever met a person so beautiful inside and out as you. thank you for being such an angel. i’m convinced u were put here to bring us all sunshine and happiness and smut.

@jedireid: shelbs, thank you. you are so so so lovely, that’s the best word i can think of to describe you. you’re such a sweetheart and are always there for me, i appreciate the things you tag me in and the cute asks you send. i won’t ever forget u.

@dearspencerreid: liv, you’re such a sweetheart. you’re smart, endearing, strong, and like,,, everything good wrapped up into one person? your heart is so big and i appreciate you more than you’ll ever know. thank you for making my days a little brighter and my feed a little funnier. i love you.

@serendipity-y: auti, i can’t even begin to explain how appreciated u are. you’re so generous, with the things you make everyone and the way you reblog harry styles and tag me in them?? especially when i’m upset?? you may think those things don’t mean much to me but they really, really, really do. thank you.

to the rest of my mutuals and friends and followers: you’ve brought me so much happiness, and i cannot thank you enough.

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you can find me on @kiiwiharrys.

anonymous asked:

Did you hear about the AA Bluray being released in January by Funimation? Seems we're finally getting that dub! So far no casting info though.

yea i did! 

part of me wants a meme dub bc it would make the courtroom segments even funnier, but an intense dub with game cast and everything would be cool too

^do outtakes mean voice acting bloopers?? because i want those

hello❗❗many of my mutuals left tumblr and my dash is kinda boring so,, can you please rb it so i could check your blog out and maybe follow ❗❗

(There’s one rule: you must love Louis ☺)

5 thousand years later...

Icon commissions are open! They’ll probably say open for awhile, depending on how many I get

They’ll be $15 each, Paypal only! IM me on one of my blogs so we can discuss things like character, colors, etc. I’d like an upfront payment, thank you!

Proceeds will go towards my savings for college.

I will not draw anything nsfw, but since these are just head/shoulders, I’m willing to extend my range to include furries (uh no promises lmao I haven’t drawn animals in fifty years). Simple mechas (like tf2 bots) will cost an extra 2 dollars, and complicated mechas (like the transformer movies) will cost an extra 5 dollars.

Some examples below:

They’ll be on a black background like the last one unless you ask for a specific background color

do you ever wonder how your blog appears to other people? like, am I someone that’s constantly on everyone’s dashes? am I that person that people don’t know very well, but they reblog often? am I that person that people don’t remember following, but they’re still around anyway? WHO AM I 

okok theres one part of elements i really liked but keep forgetting to talk about so ill post it b4 i forget again

but HEYO finn and pb’s platonic relationship is. really very important to me holy shit, AT’s been pushing the ‘moving on’ from his crush thing for a couple of seasons now and i still go hell yeah every time its reinforced

LSP tries to break the fire elemental curse on finn by telling him to go to his happy place but his brain automatically goes to all this past romantic stuff with PB at first, its real bad because its still wrapped in flames but Then

finn crushes it, puts out the fire (or rage and anger/pain as the element represents here)

and he goes back to his real happy place, back to pajama wars (still a super fav ep!!) where all they did was hang out like best friends w no hint of romance whatsoever

it felt like a real throwback to Dont Look where finn’s “true perception” of PB wasn’t an infatuated crush but just one of his bros

my boy’s moved on and is learning and enjoying his friendships and im proud of him


Doods of wolf shifter Kiri and veterinarian Bakugou? I wonder how come the non-human one is always Kirishima when I draw this sort of AUs…


09.10.17 // math lecture notes ft. an old pic of my fave drink!! let the uni begin~

with the start of the new school year, please remember that your health is of utmost importance and also that you know yourself best. if anything is making you feel uncomfortable or anxious, etc., please try to talk to someone and to hopefully get the concern resolved asap. never feel as though your feelings are unimportant because everyone is different, just because you see others unaffected, doesn’t mean your concern is any less significant!! and so, with that, I wish you all a fantastic school year ahead and best of luck on all your studies!! 💕💕

🎧: when the wind blows - yoona // ig: kaiistudies


SuperCorp + A Sudden Vacation to Australia??? (at least Lena tried…) 


(Previous SuperCorp Cracks can be found here

Being nonbinary is nothing to be ashamed of. You don’t have to be bursting with pride, ready to shout it from the rooftops if that’s just not who you are, but nor should you have to hide it, keep it tucked away. It’s a part of you, big or small, and you shouldn’t have to worry about life being complicated because of it, or what other people may think.

You do you. Be nonbinary. Pin the flag to your wall, or just whisper it to yourself in the middle of the night. Lead rallying cries for nonbinary support groups, or just reblog nb posts on tumblr. Be nonbinary, whatever and however that means for you.


My parents didn’t do anything wrong. They both work two jobs. I’m on scholarship at St. B’s, and I get good grades. We’re a normal American family.