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Statue Update!

A couple weeks back I ordered statues on etsy of the dodekatheon (plus a couple deities separately) and I’m excited to say I have received the final ones today!!! I’m honestly so excited to have them. I work a long day tomorrow and I want my thoughts to be focused on the Theoi as I open and inspect the statues and finally place them on and reorganise my altar so I won’t be until Wednesday (my day off).

Honestly it is surreal and amazing that I finally have more statues than just the Apollo bust I’ve had for a year. It’s a new step with my practice and one I’ve wanted for a while. Just glad I could get here.

So I’ll post pictures when I’m done and hopefully it’ll all go well :)


I’ll be absent for a week

Just to let everyone know I’ll be going to visit my brother for a week starting tomorrow so if you’ve seen my activity drop that’s why. I should be back on Sunday so expect me to open the floodgates with posts as I catch up on the week.


may 31 / / 8:45 pm

Studying by the dusk light for finals. Tomorrow I have normal classes, and then Tuesday-Friday is test-taking hell. My first two are somewhat easy, so I’m not too worried, but on Friday is the biggest test of my school career so far so I’m a little nervous.

I hope everyone who has yet to take finals is studying hard & enjoying themselves, and I hope everyone who took them already is enjoying summer and did as well as they wanted!

Last week of my blog keeping its “studyblr” status (no classes!) until September. Expect LOTS of finals posts. Good luck everyone!