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Mount Roraima - Venezuela 

Mount Roraima is situated on the border, between Venezuela, Guyana and Brazil. With over 70% of the mountain situated in Venezuela’s Canaima National Park, Mount Roraima is the tallest table-top plateau in the area. It is made of sandstone, and features a number of unique species of flora. Due to the flat surface of the mountain, and the areas heavy rainfall, waterfalls are often appear in various locations around the plateau. The summit itself covers an area of  31 km2.

Java - Indonesia 

The Indonesian island of Java was formed mainly by a series of volcanic eruptions, and now features an east-west chain of volcanoes through the islands centre. The most well known of the volcanoes is Mount Bromo, in Eastern Java. The name Bromo derives from the Javanese pronunciation of the Hindu God Brahma. Mount Bromo is a very active volcano, last erupting in 2015, and before that, in 2011. 

The main languages spoken on the island of Java are Javanese and Indonesian. The nations Capital, Jakarta, is located in the far west, on the northern coast. 

1 hour and 23 minutes since patsy and Delia kissed. I am still crying. I’m still full of butterflies. And I’m still re-watching the scene on repeat.

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A small tribute to women’s solidarity and the BBC’s only drama to (completely) fail the reverse version of the Bechdel Test.

“Weather: mixed. Work: splendid. Social injustice: still rife. No accidents, injuries, or boyfriends.”

Mount Asgard - Canada

Mount Asgard is a twin peak, flat topped mountain in Nunavut, Canada. The mountain is named after Asgard, the realm of the Gods in Norse Mythology. 

The mountain was featured in the opening sequence of the James Bond film, The Spy Who Loved Me.

I will say though that following the kiss on Call the Midwife even though I’m out I still feel as though I have to hide my excitement, not so much online but to those actually around me (mainly my nan and co-worker who watch it but also my other friend who watches it and my dad). Which I think shows two reasons why the representation matters. 1. I’m clearly very excited because its not often that you get good representation of an LGBT couple that feel real. The fact that it happened pre watershed on BBC1 on a Sunday on one of the most widely watched shows makes it even more significant (also the fact we waited so long for it to actually happen). 2. Clearly even among fairly ‘open minded’ people in modern day Britain there is still a stigma that makes me uncomfortable sharing things that relate to my sexuality with most people who identify as cisgendered and heterosexual. Even around some of my friends who I know are supportive I notice when I bring it up because there is always that slight twinge of anxiety about their reaction to it. So anyway the Delia Patsy kiss was really important.