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ID #67479

Name: Mary
Age: 17 (18 in October)
Country: Russia

.Since my attempt to find penpals for the first time was not successful, I am writing this post again.
Let’s begin. I’m a high school student, this year I’m finishing it. I’m interested in music. I’m a music lover, I can listen to anything if it really pleases me. I have no restrictions in the genres, although there are those songs of which I listen most often.
Literature also attracts me. I’ll be glad if you advise me to read books that impressed you, which are your favourite.
I’m fond of atmospheric photography, but I’m not a photographer myself. I especially like black-and-white photographs , dark photos of nature, streets, buildings. In general, I like photos which are slightly depressive, melancholic, sad, mysterious.
I don’t mind modern art, which can be a little sweet, with a bigger set of bright colors than dark ones. If it really looks cool and doesn’t spoil it, then why not?
I’d like to travel and the country I would like to get to the most is Japan. I love this country and everything connected with it, but it’s not just anime and cosplay.
Moreover, I like creativity. Recently, I began to be keen on such a direction as decadence. I think that this direction is close to me with its gloominess, aestheticism, individualism.
I’d also like to add that I open up more in the process of communication when I discuss something with my interlocutor, express my point of view, share something.
So, I’m finishing my long story.
I’m looking for a penpal because I’d like to meet new people from different countries, expand my horizons. I think it’s interesting and exciting, it makes us feel not alone.

Preferences: People from 16 to 23. I do not care about your gender, orientation and etc.

ID #56143

Name: Atalie
Age: 16 (17 in may)
Preferences: USA

I’m sorta shy in general and think a pen pal would be really cool to get to know someone. I love books and talking about them, my favorite are any Sara J Mass books, Harry Potter (of course) and all YA fantasy. Also I love nature, plants and traveling. And I’m obsessed with cartoons like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, The Legend of Korra. Really want to talk to any one about anything! looking forward to swapping letters!

Preferences: no homophobic, racist, etc….. Just kind and open minded people(: