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Name: Shanleigh
Age: 20
Country: Australia

Hii everyone, how are you!

First off I’d like to say my ultimate goal is to make some really good friends here
I am a 20 year old girl from a small town in Australia who loves
🎮gaming (we can vs each other)
🌿 nature (crystals, plants, stars)
📺Tv shows including, SKAM, rick and morty, suspicious partner, daria, orphan black, riverdale, the vampire diaries, anime
🎧 music
✏️Drawing and art- if you’re also interested in art we could send each other things!
🧡I love animation and would love to Make animation videos I think I follow every animation channel on YouTube I also upload some vlog videos on YouTube sometimes

I think I have a big personality, I like jokes and sarcasm and laughing
I would love a penpal that would be willing to write snail mail possibly straight away or if that’s not possible chatting on any type of social media is a-ok 😊 I am a very caring person by nature I am also quite outgoing, so if I seem a bit forward at first it’s only because I’m excited to meet you!
I also plan to send photos of my dog, cats, plant babies so be ready!

Preferences: 20+ but if your 19 that’s cool too, I’d love snail mail but will also love chatting on other social media (maybe both?)


1.16.18 Grateful

This morning I did a guided meditation on gratitude. One thing that stuck with me is when the person said that changing your perception, being grateful for things that you might not typically be grateful for, will - in time - help you become a generally more positive person. I thought this was interesting and I kept thinking about it. 

When I set out for my 6:40am walk to the gym, in the pitch black of morning while it was still snowing, I started working over this gratitude thing. I started from the beginning; I was grateful that I woke up this morning. I was grateful that I meditated, and that I’ve been keeping up with most of my resolutions so far. I’m grateful that the cold helps wake me up instead of slowing me down. I was grateful that sliding in the snow took some of the pressure off of my still-sore legs. 

I was grateful that I didn’t have a car so that I didn’t have to have a meaningless internal debate about whether to drive to the gym or walk to the gym. I’m grateful that I have legs and that I can walk to the gym because there are some people out there who cannot. 

As I continued on my journey, I realized that I was grateful for this super steep hill that I have to walk up every morning. I told myself that I was grateful that everyday I have to climb a mini mountain because that means I start everyday with an accomplishment. I was shook at this revelation. I’ve hated cardiac hill for all of the three years that I’ve been here. It’s called cardiac hill because it’s so steep and arduous that you always end up out of breath by the time you get to the top, and your legs hurt. But, today, I realized that I climb this hill every day. I push myself every morning to climb this hill and conquer it before the sun even comes up, and that means something. It was wild to experience the shift of feeling hate to feeling gratitude about something I never imagined my lazy ass could be grateful for. I felt more proud than usual this morning when I reached the top of the hill. I was cold, my face was numb, and I’m pretty sure there was snot on my upper lip - but there I was, moving toward my goal and climbing a mini-mountain to do it. 

With that positivity in my mind, I went on with the rest of my day. I ended up asking this really cute girl in one of my classes for her number. We’ve had classes together before because we are both writing majors, so I finally worked up the courage to say we should hang out sometime outside of class. She agreed! Now I have to stay cool, which is going to be the hardest part. 

After that, I did a quick cardio workout with my best friend. Then I wrote my report on the manuscript I read yesterday and sent it to my internship mentor. I ended up getting lost on my way to my new history class, so lost that by the time I realized where I was supposed to be there was no time to actually make it to class. I sent my professor an email and decided to use my little bit of extra time to do some reading for the class. I am stressed that my day one in this class is going to be day 4. I’ve missed three sessions! But, I’m keeping my cool. It’s not the end of the world, and I took this history class because I’m good at history. Missing a couple of lectures, that are based on text book readings, does not mean I’m going to fail, and that’s what matters. 

Anthony and I played racquetball. Even though I keep losing to him, I’m getting better. We have longer rallies and - most important - we have fun. Yes it’s a little upsetting to never win, but at the end of the day I get what I want out of our racquetball sessions; a good time and a good workout. 

Tomorrow is my retinal exam! I’m getting my eye, the eye that I hit with a racquetball last week, checked out by a specialist just to make sure I didn’t tear my retina. Wish me luck! 

POST #72: The Far Distant Mountains, when seen through the evening glasses !! A random Scenic view from the Himalayan ranges..India


All I do at the moment is read books for uni, this is why I haven’t really been posting about books I’m reading for fun because I just don’t have the time, but it’s one of my New Years resolutions to read more ☺️