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Day 38 / 100 days of productivity 

Woke up early this morning because I had to go to my internship in the city at 9am. I also finally finished Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals and I’m going to start When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi on the train to my parents’ house this evening. Lastly, I began constructing a post about what to do and how to handle finishing your undergraduate degree!

Looking for artistic starry interns!

With the success of recruiting three starry research interns, I am moving on to looking for three artist starry interns! 

These starry interns will be responsible for:

1. Assisting with the comics,

2. Help design a few graphics for social media

3. Creating patterns for the blog backgrounds

and more!

If you feel qualified and want to add this as experience for your resume, send an email with a few samples of your work at

Once you send me an email, I will send you a starry art/design test and then we’ll go from there!

Good luck, and I look forward to your responses!

I’m so excited to announce I was accepted to the DCP summer alumni program as a merchandise cast member! I can’t wait to go home for the summer!

guess which bitch has applied to 8, count them EIGHT, different summer internships without even crying ONCE?????

Why Am I Doing Another Program?

Sometimes people like to talk about how alumni shouldn’t do the DCP again. We had our chance. I’m a DCP Alumni, so why am I going back? Well, there’s a lot of reasons. I feel like there are a lot more things I have left to accomplish at Disney.

First of all, returning gives me more educational opportunities since I can take new seminars I wasn’t able to take last time because I was focused on classes for my university then.

This time around I requested different roles as my top roles, because I wanted the chance to get to see and experience more of the Walt Disney World Resort. Being a photopass cast member this time will allow for me to gain a whole new set of skills other than those I gained from my attractions experience.

Since I’ll have graduated, I will apply to extend this time. I hopefully will be able to become a trainer in my location. I will be able to potentially work in every single park. This will hopefully help me since I  want to stay with the company after graduation. After this CP, I will try to transition into a Professional Internship. This will then allow me to transfer into a full time career with Walt Disney World resort.  

And finally, I am returning to Disney because I like it. It’s a paid internship that gives me unparalleled experience. I’m working for a company that I love and support and am so proud to have the chance to represent. That’s why I’m doing another program.


Does any of you have any kind of advice on how to not die during your internship? 

It’s not that I have lots to do, or that I don’t know how to do them or that my boss is mean or anything like that. So what am I complaining about, right?

I’m scared. I have anxiety everyday I go to sleep. Lying on my bed, I’m just thinking: wtf am i gonna do tomorrow?

The thing is this: I’m studying Advertising and I currently doing my internship in Marketing. But the company I’m going to is not big, it’s rather small and they didn’t have anyone who monitored their marketing area. They didn’t have that area, first of all. So I’m just there, you know. 

I have studied, probably in my head I know how to do things but I’m freaking scared of screwing it up. And, you know, the thing about the internship is that you get to learn things, that you have some guidance, that your boss knows what you have to do and you do it. 

Probably someday I’ll know how to do that on my own, I’ll probably be the boss. But right now I have no experience and I need a teacher, someone to tell me how this all works and I don’t have that. My boss is so gentle and is taking all my suggestions really well. But hell, what am I going to do after the task I’m currently doing? He’s gonna ask “what are going to do now?” and I’ll be: “No bloody idea”.

So yeah, I’m terrified. Tomorrow is my fourth day, don’t know what I’m gonna do but all I know is that something will come up and I’ll have to deal with it, taking my time, going slow, thinking as if it were an assignment from university. You know, pasito a pasito, despacito, like my dear friend Luis Fonsi says (It’s a song).

I just needed to get this out, and if someone out there doing their internship feels like this, please talk to me. We can all suffer together.

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anonymous asked:

How long did you wait for your acceptance? I had my phone interview 4 weeks ago...I'm not getting in am I?

I had my phone interview on 9/13 and I don’t get accepted till 10/28, so about 6 weeks. Don’t give up hope! I know it can be discouraging to see other getting accepted before you, I know I cried a lot because of it, but don’t let it get you down. If it’s meant to be it will happen. Good luck!

Day in the office?

I follow many of my classmates’ internship blogs and admire their posts about amazing and exotic places on earth they are in!

Nevertheless, for this internship I stayed here, in cold little Denmark, so maybe the pictures I will upload will not be as colorful and striking, but this is somewhere I work and learn much :)

So, here you go, that’s the place where the magic happens! Very little, but very organized and clean kitchen, that sometimes has to fit 6 people.

As one of my learning objectives is to calculate the nutrition of the meals offered in KOHAOF, I get to spend a lot of time in this kitchen. And I mean a lot!

In the beginning of my internship I never had an idea how long is it going to take to do it. The food in KOHAOF is really made in “homemade” concept, prepared in huge quantities and by 3 different chefs, therefore, after researching on proper calorie calculation for restaurants (as it needs to be really exact and trustworthy), my supervisor, who is the owner of the place, and I have agreed that the process of calculating has to be repeated 3 times for each meal, dip, dressing, topping, everything! This includes following the cooking process, weighing, calculating, measuring nutrient loss, adjusting timing and cooking methods.

Trust me, this all is so vague when it comes to homemade cooking in huge quantities, and especially when it comes to a plate of soup, which has been taken from a pot ready to fill 30 plates, that are never going to be exactly same in regards of composition and nutrients. Nevertheless, I strive for perfection, or at least the most accurate numbers…

Well, I am not the only one striving for that perfection, I have some good assistance!

Meet Linda, one of the chefs ik KOHAOF. She comes from Ghana and actually has Ghanaian higher education diploma of Nutrition and Health educator. In my opinion, this is really essential for the restaurant, as for instance, the soups are made from so many organic vitamin and antioxidant rich ingredients, which are so fragile when it comes to inappropriate preparation and treatment. Yet this women knows a lot, and does her best to maintain the highest amount of nutrients in the food. However, it is unavoidable, especially when it comes to making food in high quantities and serving it to many people for certain amount of time, which also means reheating once. Anyways, what I am trying to say here, we spend a lot of time together, standing with chronometers and weighs, making it seem like a lab, and trying to achieve consistent, proportional and just in general, best result :D

This is Reza, my internship supervisor and the owner of KOHAOF. Reza is an educated and working engineer, which definitely makes him an accurate and precise person. What is funny, at the same time he is a real kitchen chef, that perceives food as art and does not believe that any meal could ever be repeated or have the exact same composition. Well, that is complicated with the meal nutrient calculation but we are trying to find a balance! :D

Let’s get out of the Kitchen. Here you see the restaurant itself. Which I guess I could partly call my office. When the place is not crowded, I work, research, calculate, create and do my other internship tasks here, as it is close to the kitchen and everything is easily accessible. Nevertheless, it is not always possible and the most comfortable to work in, so many tasks that requires just computer work I can perform wherever I prefer.

So, here you see a fragment of my home office and assistance. I am not going to lie, I have never preferred just sitting at a table stuck to the chair for all day. It is for a reason I study Global Nutrition and Health, which does not support being inactive and stationary all day. And yes, I am actually really productive when I can study or work in a comfortable surroundings.

Post is getting too long, so I will quickly wrap it up with sending wishes from our cold little Denmark, and actually not such cold early spring view from this morning! See you soon!

So far I have:

  • read 2 chapters in my textbook
  • worked out for an hour
  • almost finish with the first round of meal prep (homemade blackbean veggie burgers)
  • cleaned out my freezer… I found a box of thin mints ¾ full!!!

I need to:

  • shower
  • read another chapter 
  • meal prep part 2 
  • work on blogs for internship 
  • Go to class
  • study cpt and stretch 

This has been the most productive day in a long time 

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lmao who's admin E anyway, i don't think anyone even cares about her -.-

Hello, anon. Little sharp with the edges there, bud. Careful.

To answer your question, Admin E is the one who originally owns this blog. Her internship doesn’t allow her to be active much, so she recruited Ri and I to be her co-admins to run the blog during her absence. If you read through the masterlist, most of the responses were written by her.


Ri’s Edit: why would you say that, nonnie?

“The love of books is a love which requires neither justification, apology, nor defense.” - J.A. Langford

Yo, Booklr. I’ve joined the ranks of this little corner of Tumblr to discuss books and the likes since I don’t have enough to do between work, school, and my internship. This blog will probably be kind of sparse for the next couple of weeks as I’m in class, but we’ll see. All in all, this should be fun. 

(Shout out to @coffeebooksorme)

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Looking For Starry Interns!

Well, guys, thanks to you all, our community is growing and that means more work is piling up on me! It’s getting hard to manage a blogging business, sticker business, and social media on my own. Therefore, I am looking to hire a few interns who may be interested in gaining some experience to add on their resume.

What i’m looking for are people who are:

  1. Interested in science or in the astronomy field.
  2. Who would like to help me in the research department, gathering info that may be of interest for potential topics.
  3. Has great skills in updating social media.
  4. Participate in brainstorming for new and fresh ideas for future comic events.

If you feel you are qualified, feel free to send me an email or message on tumblr if you prefer and state why you would be the best match!

And now, I am off to finish tonight’s comic. Have a good night!