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Magic Kingdom Tips

Hey guys! I decided to make a sort of master post of everything I learned about the parks as a CP. This is more from a guest’s perspective, so you don’t need to be a CP to use it.

- if you’re in a rush and the line for the express monorail from parking is packed take the resort monorail, it still stops at parking and at the magic kingdom, but most people don’t know this so they wait for the express. Same advice applies for leaving after fireworks.
- if you have the option, busses are almost always faster to take to MK because you skip the Transportation and Ticket Center (TTC) altogether and just get dropped off at the main entrance.
- the best parade viewing spot for the 3 o'clock parade is in Frontierland, that’s where the parade starts, so it’ll be over for you faster and you can ride rides while the Main Street people are still watching the parade. Frontierland also has store fronts that are covered you can sit or stand under to be out of the sun.
- Columbia Harbour House is the best place to go if you need an air conditioned place to sit for a while, it has 2 levels of seating and it’s almost never crowded.
these are the rides you want fastpasses for:
- Space Mountain
- Mine Train
- Peter Pans flight
- Big Thunder Mountain
- Jungle Cruise
- Best place to watch fireworks? From the elevated train station platform, get your spot about an hour early though
- You can get band-aids and OTC pain relief pills for free from First Aid
- You can have your shopping purchases sent to the front of the park or your hotel room if you stay on property that way you don’t have to carry it around
- cups of ice water are free
- get the MyDisneyExperience app to make fast pass choices and dining reservations on the go, it also has real time wait times for rides.
- There’s free wifi in the park
- You can walk to MK from the Contemporary resort, so if you have a Chef Mickey’s breakfast reservation, park at contemporary and walk to MK after
- Ask the merchandise people for stickers! They’re free and collectible.
- The Emporium is insanely crowded at park open and park close, anytime in between is MUCH more tolerable
- Dole Whip and Citrus Swirl can both only be found in Adventureland in MK
Rides that almost never have a long wait
- Mad Tea Party
- Monster’s inc laugh floor
- Stitch’s Great Escape
- Carrousel
- It’s a Small World
- Swiss Family Tree House
- Tom Sawyer Island
- People Mover
- Carrousel of Progress
- Little Mermaid (unless it’s broken down)
- The Plaza and Tony’s are my go to restaurants for last minute full service reservations
- You can bring your own food and (non-alcoholic) drinks into any Disney park
- Cast Members: if you’re coming to play in the parks you MUST go through guest entrances, people get termed for using backstage areas when they’re in the parks as a guest and not preparing for or leaving a work shift.
- Cast Members: you CANNOT call off a shift at work and then go play in the parks or go to a housing event, you WILL get termed for this
- Cast Members: ALWAYS have your blue ID card with you, you have to show it to get merch discounts and food discounts

Starry editor intern?

Hey guys, as cosmic funnies becomes more and more popular, i’m starting to get a couple of grammar fanatics who point out my grammar/ typos.

As I am working on the second book of cosmic funnies (to be released in late august) , I realized I may need someone to check over my Spelling/Grammar before I publish any comic online and on social media.

So if anyone is interested in working alongside me, feel free to send me a message or email me at

I hope to hear from you soon!

::Returns back to work::

CN internship: Update 1

I promised I was gonna blog about my internship starting up, so here I go!! I woke up today and I was like “dang this is wild” because today is The Day of CN intern orientation, this afternoon. I also woke up at like 7 because I’m still not on California time quite yet.

I hope the other interns don’t find out I’m a nerd. I brought my Switch and extra controllers, so hopefully we can play Mario Kart if there’s time. Mario Kart in the Atlanta CN office was pretty heated guys, so I’m wondering if the CN Burbank Mario Kart scene is also a thing. It’s gonna be sweet ! Okay my food got here so I’m gonna go!


I’m so so happy I got offered a camp counselor internship at a local zoo!!! I’m gonna be a summer camp counselor/animal educator. Super duper excited I love kids and animals and they also said I can work with their reptiles. If anyone has any suggestions about working with kids I’d love to hear it!

Day 38 / 100 days of productivity 

Woke up early this morning because I had to go to my internship in the city at 9am. I also finally finished Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals and I’m going to start When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi on the train to my parents’ house this evening. Lastly, I began constructing a post about what to do and how to handle finishing your undergraduate degree!

Prepare for Round 2!

More Morgana images incoming because I just started NG+!

hi guys so my tablet broke in the middle of my exam season and i have been borrowing one from my friend. unfortunately i’m going home next week and i need to save up some money for the repair ;w; so if someone would be interested i’m doing sketch commissions!!! 

please contact me at if you’re interested and want more info !!!

paypal only!!

Andrea’s DCP

Hi friends! It is has been forever since I lasted posed! So I’ve been back at Disney for two weeks and it has been amazing being back! I didn’t realize how much I missed Disney until I came back. So far everything has been really great, my roommates are amazing and I got so lucky with these girls. I went random this time and not knowing who my roommates were going to be made me really nervous, but everything has been great and I couldn’t be happier with my roommates! 

I finally found out my work location, merchandise on Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood Studios! I wasn’t super thrilled with my location, I was really hoping to be working in Magic Kingdom again, but I’m going to make the best of my location and have fun with it. One thing I do really like about my location is that I get to watch the march of the first order everyday. So basically the march of the first order is when Captain Phasma and her storm troopers march down Hollywood Blvd. and basically tell everyone that they are watching them and they will crush the resistance. It is a lot of fun to watch and seeing the reactions of the guests is really funny! I only have one day left in training and then I’m out on my own, if you see me feel free to say hi!

One really special thing that happened since I got here was getting to celebrate my 21st birthday! I have always wanted to celebrate my birthday in Disney World and I was so excited when I got into the summer program and realized I would get to celebrate my birthday here! I had a really great day, I spent the morning in Epcot and then went to Magic Kingdom for the night. It was a great day of drinking, taking pictures, and bonding with my new roommates. 

So the new area in Animal Kingdom that just opened up, Pandora the world of Avatar, opened on my birthday! Unfortunately I was unable to go since cast members were blocked out for the first two weekends, but I did get to go the Tuesday after it opened. I went with one of my old coworkers from my last program, it was really awesome to get to hang out again, I really missed them when I left. We wandered around the area for a little while, we only stayed to take a few pictures because our fastpasses weren’t until later in the day. I was so blown away by how beautiful Pandora was, there was so much detail and everything was so well done. Later in the day we came back and rode flight of passage and HOLY SHIT it was AMAZING! I had heard from several people that it was basically Soarin on steroids and I have to say I think that was a pretty accurate description. It was an amazing ride, 10/10. If you every have a chance to go on it, do it! Try and get a fastpass for it though, no ride is worth a four hour wait. 

Well I think this sums up everything I’ve been doing so far in my program. I’ll be posting plenty of picture soon, so be on the lookout for those! Also go follow my new Disney instagram, link is in my bio, I’ll be posting lots of pictures there as well!


Well it turns out I’m not the rightful king of England.


My day today, work and gym flow~

I got to see the on-staff vet at the zoo check out some animals today! It was super cool :)

Today is Friday, so that means it’s was my gym day with my boo💪🏽. We do arms together every Friday and today we had a short session. It (roughly) consisted of:

Cable bicep curls
Tricep pulldowns
Flat tricep extensions
Inclined shoulder press
Barbell curls (he did preacher curls, but I really needed to work on form for my standing barbell curls).
Cable bar curls

I feel like I’m really making progress in everything except for the cable bicep curls :/ I feel so weak doing them and haven’t gone up in weight in weeks. I’ll figure out a way to work on that.

Things are going so well for me lately that I’m actually worried things are TOO good😂. We’ll see though. Next week will be much more stressful at work, or so I’m told. For now I have a wedding to attend tomorrow and a recent animal rescue in caring for (will post pics soon).

Also, I still desperately need a new phone! Maybe when I get paid in a week I can get one.

Looking For Starry Interns!

Well, guys, thanks to you all, our community is growing and that means more work is piling up on me! It’s getting hard to manage a blogging business, sticker business, and social media on my own. Therefore, I am looking to hire a few interns who may be interested in gaining some experience to add on their resume.

What i’m looking for are people who are:

  1. Interested in science or in the astronomy field.
  2. Who would like to help me in the research department, gathering info that may be of interest for potential topics.
  3. Has great skills in updating social media.
  4. Participate in brainstorming for new and fresh ideas for future comic events.

If you feel you are qualified, feel free to send me an email or message on tumblr if you prefer and state why you would be the best match!

And now, I am off to finish tonight’s comic. Have a good night!

katierizzoartandawesome  asked:

I stumbled upon your blog while looking for internship advice and in looking around I see a lot of fear of rejection so I thought it might help others to know I have a BFA, and I applied to Disney eight (EIGHT) times and got rejected each time. So I decided to get another degree and keep trying and trying. Your advice is spot on. I think it's awesome you do this, not many do. If it hasn't been said, thank you. It really is appreciated. Also I love the artwork, can't wait to see more!

This is worth sharing. If we give up after the first (or first few) rejections, nobody would ever accomplish anything. History is replete with examples of great artists overcoming rejection after rejection before finally finding success. So don’t give up too quickly. Learn from the feedback you get and use it to grow your abilities and your knowledge. And never underestimate the value of hard work, practice, and persistence.

Also, more artwork is coming…