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Well guys, I do have some good news and some disappointing news. 

Disappointing first: I’ve just now bought Crimson Court, so I haven’t had a chance to play it yet (currently installing). Actually, I haven’t played the game in a while. My current living situation made sitting and gaming for a long time difficult. Yeah, bad me bad bad, but what could I do?

But, the good news is that I did do something about it. My husband and I just closed the purchase of our new home! We move out soon (not sure when, we don’t have all of our keys yet), and we’ll be settling into our new place hopefully by the end of the month! And when that happens, I’ll start making a much larger presence on YouTube and make some gaming videos. Including Darkest Dungeon. 

This blog should also be increasing in actual activity as well (not just reblogging relevant stuff and news). I’ll start a new run soon and will be blogging my reactions, successes and astronomical failures of quantity and quality. I can’t wait to share stuff with you guys soon!

P.S. Would you guys prefer to see gaming on YouTube or Twitch? 


All’s fair in friendship and espionage.

Hi hello! I haven’t checked out blogs in a very long time and most of the people I follow all follow eachother so my dashboard is always circulating the same content SOOO I need some new people to follow! Please like this post if you post original nature photography ORRRR at least 90% sourced nature content (if you mostly reblog blank captions or self promotions I will not follow you)



hey !! i’m aimee n ive been lurking in the studyblr community for a couple months now. ive always admired people’s motivation to study (n their pretty notes lolol) n i made this blog to (hopefully) increase my own will to do homework n study for tests!

facts abt me

  • i’m chinese!! i immigrated to the us when i was 5 n i currently live in wa state :)
  • although english isnt technically my first language, its the one im best at (i can barely read & write chinese now oops)
  • im a freshman in hs- class of 2020!
  • i rlly like alt music n i hold a soft spot for panic! at the disco which is left over from my emo days lol
  • im interested in psych n hope to take it next yr
  • our school lets people who qualify to do ib sophomore n junior yr & internships senior yr- im part of this program !!
  • im a really bad procrastinator n i want to fix this asap
  • my main blog is @lesterie hehe

classes im currently taking

  • algebra 2
  • freshman english
  • ap world history
  • computer graphics
  • chinese 2
  • chemistry

studyblrs tht inspire me

@tbhstudying @studyquill @elkstudies @bookmrk @studylustre @acadehmic @studyplants @bluelahe @eintsein @focusign @freudoh @gryfhindor @intellectus @knoweldge @lernend @languesetmoi @mildstudies @milkystudies @studypetals @scholarly @steudious @stillstudies @studistrict @studyblr @studycoffees @academiix @studie-s @studymoo @medstudie

thanks for reading through my rambly long post n i hope u have a nice day!!

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I've been noticing a lot of D.VA content here... has something come up? (Not complaining, love D.Va and this blog)

The cop skin increased the number of fan art of her, dont think anything else happen.
she is also one of the most popular characters fan-art wise.

anonymous asked:

(1) You said you assume they're all antis. I'd understand this more if I knew how anti was defined. I think a many here don't look at their blogs (understandable), get a mischief-making anon that lies or twists the truth to cause drama, and then assume that they all think this. It then gets blogged, the outrage increases, and they get hate etc. It's a cycle that unfortunately happens on both sides. I can tell you, they don't all agree. A couple are nasty fuckers, but certainly not all.

(2) My understanding of what happened with you (apologies if this is wrong) is you read something or heard something about what some ‘antis’ were saying, blogged about it being a ridiculous 'anti’ position (i.e. they all thought this), one of the (ahem) questionable ones was confused so blogged about it, you were screencapped and outraged. I’m certainly not blaming you for the 'war’, just using this to illustrate a big issue with this fandom. Assumptions from both sides cause unnecessary drama.

Nonnie….an anti to us is someone who is not only against shipping S&C, but is hellbent on proving shippers are wrong because they feel it is their duty to do so…and because of this, they say they are “better fans”

In regards to the rest of your ask, I would say it is pretty accurate.  Something came across my dash from a neutral blogger and the “other side” was reblogging and commenting about it.  It had to do with their definition of what an Outlander fan is, and that if you didn’t see their POV, you weren’t really a fan.  So, yes….I disagreed with it and blogged about it on _ my _ own _ blog.  I did not comment on theirs; I did not mention any names.  I didn’t even reference the post they were reblogging…I just was putting MY opinion out on my blog.  

While I appreciate your attempt to understand and mediate, I doubt you will be able get anywhere.  Like I’ve said a million times…I do not ship them, which should make them happy…yet they never let anything go.  It just proves to me that just because they say that is what they want, it isn’t.  

Feel free to dm me anytime….I would be happy to continue this discussion.  

Here’s more from my favorite version….incidentally, I was a naive, 14 year old, Catholic school girl when this movie came out and it was the first time I saw a man’s butt in a movie.  It was a shocker….😜

rambling on femininity

I got kicked out of a Facebook group a few weeks ago…

Someone posted that article on how American men don’t want to get married anymore. And how “women aren’t women” anymore. Someone mentioned that it was “scary.” I commented that it was a scary thing, that high value men wouldn’t believe such things (wouldn’t they would just focus on finding the woman that they did want?), and that perhaps women should focus on femininity for its own sake rather than what makes men happy or unhappy.

I joined the group with hesitation, because it talked about being a high value feminine woman to attract a high value man. My intuition was right it seems…such spaces are not for me.

I’m so tired of the idea that femininity only has value if you’re using it to attract a man.

One blog I occasionally visit is The Art of Manliness. It’s a blog on increasing your self-discipline, knowing yourself as a man, etc. I’d say most of the topics are applicable to everyone—there are a few that are male specific, such as increasing your testosterone. But hey, eat the meat spit out the bones.

I don’t get the sense that The Art of Manliness exists so that men can be manly men and attract the baddest bitches thus far. It’s for men who want to feel like men because masculinity is thought of a gift unto itself.

While femininity is thought of as silly and frivolous unless you’re getting a “high value” man.

And you know what? It’s other women who are peddling this nonsense. It’s other women who only talk about the value of femininity as it relates to men, rather than femininity being its own gift.

To be fair, I’m sure there are blogs and sites that touch on how to be feminine that don’t focus on attracting men. But from google searches in years past and what I see on Facebook, it’s seems to be a rarity.

Maybe my view is skewed, because I’m also attracted to women, but I’ve asked myself over the year if men stopped existing or if they all stopped being attracted to women for one reason or another, would I still fuss over my appearance? Would I still shave/get waxed, would I still care about style, and gentility, and all that stuff that’s normally associated with femininity, at least in the west? And the answer is yes. I probably wouldn’t shave as often…but otherwise I’d still revel in my femininity. Whether or not men benefited from it.

Femininity isn’t valued. By men or women. When you’re soft and delicate, focus on having manners and gentility, try to be warm and inviting, and desire beauty and aesthetically pleasing things, men see it as you being high maintenance and out of their league and women as you being a stuck up bitch. Being nurturing is seen as an invitation to be shitted on.

“Women aren’t women anymore” Who wants to be a woman? When the things that are constantly associated with womanhood are deemed silly, frivolous, pointless, and are always targets for pontifications and criticisms.

About two weeks ago I saw another page from that same group leader, for some kind of event about attracting men and all that jazz.

I guess I stand corrected. Femininity only has value when you can use it to sell an inferiority complex to women with regards to how they interact with men and make a profit.

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For the drabble challenge. All or any of these. Separate, together, whatever. Thank you! 2. How long have you been standing there? 19. And that's how you ruin a life. Congratulations. 23. I didn't know we were keeping track. 125. Quit moving, I'm trying to sleep. Wait... are you...what?!

(Sorry, I tried to get all four, but only two happened.)


And that’s how you ruin a life. Congratulations.  You have killed me, I’m dead, Molly typed in her return email to Mary.

She opened up the attachments again.

“Lord have mercy,” she said, scrolling to the next picture.  "Look at that arse.  Who even knew he owned jeans?“

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Really it's the Crewniverse's fault that the ratings are going down. Instead of making interesting episodes that the fans actually want to see they stall them with unimportant fillers and outright lie to the fans like they did with the last Steven Bomb. "It's Time For Some Answers." long story short the fans are losing interest and are moving on to more interesting shows like SVTFOE and it was only after the fail of a StevenBomb when the SU Critical Blogs increased in numbers.

Exactly. They’re the ones who have made a bad show. They made a never ending series of awful episodes with crappy writing, pushed their agendas, lied to fans, and have generally produced one of the worst shows in the last decade. It’s no wonder that people are leaving the show in droves. People have been voicing issues for years and the Crewniverse have not only ignored a lot of the real criticism but are actively hostile to it. They have one job, and that’s to make a show, and they failed at it. They’ve enjoyed success with the show that it gained from the beginning, but that good will that a lot of people had is quickly disappearing and it’s not long before the show just drops off completely and everyone moves on to better shows.

I’m actually giving back look at that.

Well it’s here and while I don’t have much material possession to spread around I do have creativity and lots of free time.


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  • A full color art of the winner’s choice (background optional. It can be a scene that the winner wants drawn, or just a character. NSFW will be accepted. OCs will be accepted. )


  • A story of the winner’s choice (up to five pages in length. It can be of a pairing or a scenario that the winner desires to be written out.)

Second place:

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