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Limited time question

Would anyone follow my fitness blog?! Just an FYI: I’m overweight,training to do fitness competitions, and love general shenanigans. I’ve been recording myself at the gym and I, personally, think I’m super funny.

It’ll have things like realistic workouts, healthy meals, and inspiration from a person who is actually struggling like you may be.

This message will self destruct in an hour.

Peace, love, and chicken grease.


Idek >.<

So imagine that at one point in time Nate was really insecure about his smile and dimples. To the point that Nate tried not to smile at all for fear of his really obvious dimples showing.

So cut to when he met Hunter and they were just starting nateanddookie and Hunter was just watching Nate as they played a game and watching Nate cover his face anytime he smiled and also trying to smile very small smiles that didn’t show his dimples (it wasn’t working all the well Because Nate’s dimples are HUGE.)

Eventually Hunter told Nate that his smile and dimples were one of his best features and that he should never be embarrassed of his smile ever. No matter how much Nate protested.

“Dude, you have no idea how adorable you are when you smile.”

And there was the one time Hunter literally pinned Nate down and tickled him until he was a laughing/wheezing mess under him. But more importantly, Nate was smiling.

He was smiling his now common dimpled grin that we’ve all come to know and love. Well, that was with the help of Hunter.

Every now and then Nate thanks Hunter for his help for overcoming his insecurity even though Hunter insists that there’s no need to thank him at all!


Red Robin, My Lovely

Request: Sorry, didn’t want to request something right away in case you’re gotten slammed, as it happens so often with new blogs. But can I request Tim’s s/o figures out that he’s Red Robin and when the s/o tells him, he’s both shocked and ‘Yup, that’s my s/o’?

Can I request the reader patching up Tim after a fight and him trying to calm their worries and end up confessing?

A/N: Eyyy so I combined these two (after like…so long lol I’m sorry)

Holy crap. Holy friggin crap. No way. Out of all people, he couldn’t be Red Robin. But at the same time, out of all people, he would be a masked vigilante beating up criminals and saving the world. Huh. Who’d have thought?

You pulled the bulletin board down from the wall and slid it under your bed. You tossed a few books and boxes underneath as well, just to stave off suspicion. A decently well guarded secret never hurt anybody, but what were you going to do with your new information?

A knock sounded at your door, and you opened it to find your loving boyfriend (who also rubbed shoulders with the greatest heroes in the world every other Thursday) leaning against the wall with a shopping bag. Tim rubbed the back of his head and offered up the bag with a sheepish grin.

“Sorry I missed our date yesterday. Something came up.”

Ushering him inside, you placed the gift aside, noting how he grimaced slightly every time he moved. Made sense–as Red Robin, he’d probably taken quite a few beatings. Poor thing. Between schoolwork, Wayne responsibilities, and his “extracurriculars,” Tim must have so much on his plate. And all the while he’d been wounded.

“Y/N?” Tim walked over, rubbing gentle circles into your shoulders.

He turned you around to face him, cupping your face when he saw the tears brimming in your eyes.

“Tim…you’re hurt. How…how do you keep going?”

So maybe he wasn’t as sneaky as he thought. Fresh stitches were always the hardest to hide. “It’s fine. I’m just a bit sore. Guess I didn’t stretch enough.”

“What about the stitches?”

Damn. Those were harder to explain. Last night’s fight with Killer Croc made the third set of stitches this month, so there wasn’t an easy explanation. Maybe it was time to come clean…

“Y/N, there’s something I need to tell you–”

“I already know you’re Red Robin.”

Well. He hadn’t been expecting that. Then again, what did he think? Of all people, Y/N would have been the one to figure it out.

“I’m sorry, was that too soon? What were you going to say?”

“I–I was going to say that I love you and hope that distracted you from the stitches, but this works too. To be honest, I’m not surprised you figured it out. How?”

You laughed, letting the tears fall freely down your face. “Oh, you should see my board. It’s full of stuff about you.”

He drew you closer and guided your steps towards the couch. “Please show me?”

You smiled, wiping the tears away. “Sure thing, Tim. And one more thing.”

“What’s that?”

“I love you too, Red Robin.”

@thatsthat24 So I’ve been meaning to make this drawing for a while and I’ve also been meaning to test out a new art program for a while and I’m happy with both of them!


let the second day of nationals begin!