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Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you guys are all doing well! First off I want to say how grateful I am for everyone that is still here. It’s been five years since I last made one and I still suck at these. I was going to throw a giveaway but I’ll be leaving just before Christmas so I’ll just throw my love this way. So a big thank you to everyone who has followed me throughout this year and stuck by me. 

My blog of course would be nothing without you wonderful people and blogs I follow. I hope each and every single one of you, and the people that follow this blog have a great and wonderful rest of the year! May 2018 be a great year for all of us!

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My dash is pretty much always dead these days ;;. So I would love some more SHINee mutuals ♥  If you are an active SHINee blog it would be great if you could like or reblog this so I can find you and maybe follow you :) I need more of these five beautiful sunshines on my dash. Thank you ♥

Types of Stranger Things blogs:

Part 1

Blessed, positive energy, probably won’t hurt you:

The Steve Stan: has loved Steve since season one, rolls their eyes when you say he was redeemed in season two, blurry Joe Keery pictures, dad Steve headcanons/memes

The Soft Mileven Shipper: reblogs every gif set of the kiss™, listens to Every Breath You Take everyday, doesn’t ship Millie and Finn, respects other ships, isn’t homophobic

The IT Fan: crossovers with ST and IT, wants the two casts to hang out more than anything, loves Africa by Toto, doesn’t know if you’re talking about Mike Hanlon or Mike Wheeler but loves both of them with all their heart

The Heterophobe: hardcore ships Byeler, believes in lesbian Max, despises Billy and wants you to know it, Henclair, Elmax, tired of the straights testing them, doesn’t need your approval

The Will Byers Fan: always super nice, kind of stressed, wants to know what’s wrong with their boy, probably ships Byeler but that’s not their main focus, biggest advocate for Noah Schnapp winning an Emmy

Part 2

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