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Title: The Devil’s Lil Monster - Mad Love (Chapter 1)

Pairing: Samifer (Sam Winchester x Lucifer) - Harley/Joker AU

Words: 2633

Warnings: mentions of murder, violence and torture, slightly obsessive behavior, graphical description of death

Summary: Over the weekend Sam takes The Devil’s file home for some research and soon finds himself going through more than just the blood on his hands. sam finds some strange coincidences and it doesn’t take long until Sam realizes there might be more to all of this than he thought. There seems to be a connection between this criminal and himself, but he doesn’t know why or how.

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The whole rest of the day Sam could barely concentrate properly. He had a few other patients, including one who thought he was a superhero and had killed three innocent women because he had accused them of being demons. It was almost impossible to stay patient and calm while working with this one – Sam constantly had to leave the room for a minute to not just explode in front of him.  Sam couldn’t explain what was wrong suddenly. Usually he was the calmest person in a room, not even the worst threats could make him lose his patience. Now he was nervous, forgot what he wanted to say and kept drifting away mid-sentence without even knowing why.

When his shift was finally over, Sam was relieved. He went back into Kevin’s office before leaving, asking him to get the files of The Devil to read through at home over the weekend, before he would have his first session with him on Monday.

“Be careful with this, Sam,” Kevin frowned when he handed the thick folder over to the other. “Some stuff is pretty gruesome.”

“I figured that much,” Sam nodded and sighed. “This guy is creepy.”

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hello everyone! i recently had to go on an unfollow spree and now i’m looking for about 40-50 new blogs. pls reblog if you post any of the following so i can check out your blog and follow or queue from you ♡

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Hey guys so I’ve been wanting to make one of these posts for a bit and now I’m finally getting around to it. My blog style has changed slightly(just bluer) and need some new blogs to follow! That is my archive ^ and if you reblog any of the following please reblog this post and ill check you out.

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yo yo yo so I had to move main blogs (this is a side blog) and I gotta follow more peeps! so please like or reblog this if you post:
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If you wanna know what blog I will follow you from send me a message! I have to kind of stay “hidden” for a while s o yeah haha

EDIT: this post got a fuckton of attention in a short amount of time so it’s taking us a long-ass time to go through who’s interacted with it. We’ll probably follow all of you within the next week or so, but delete this post after a day or two!
looking for blogs to follow

i made a new blog & it’s oh so quiet here, please reblog if you post

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It's about that time again gang!

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~Blog Hunt~

i’m go unfollow all of the blogs that have been inactive for 2 months+ so i’m looking for new blogs to follow! ♡ I’m hoping to find around 100 new blogs?

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Hi everyone! I’m looking for new blogs to follow since my dashboard has been quite dry lately. Please like/reblog/follow if you post any of these and I will follow you!

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looking for new blogs! 💐

hey everyone, i made a new sideblog @silkshadows and i need to follow more similar blogs i can reblog from. pls reblog this (so it gets around, that’d be fantastic) if you post anything similar to my archive above ^^^

i’m mostly looking for photos of shadows, soft light, skin/body img (but still relatively sfw), fabrics, makeup, some fashion, pretty things~

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thank you and have a lovely day ♥


Alright. I just realized that I do not have that many people on my dash. So, here’s the deal. If you have any of the following things on your blog, please reblog this and I will happily follow.
* Doctor Who
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* Chronicles of Narnia
* Disney
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I’ll most likely take way more than those, I just listed all I could think of.

Love, Alexandra