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1/?: Sherlock/Poirot similarities & parallels

                                 ♥ 1/ photos of the Once Upon a Time cast ♥



Hey guys so I’ve been wanting to make one of these posts for a bit and now I’m finally getting around to it. My blog style has changed slightly(just bluer) and need some new blogs to follow! That is my archive ^ and if you reblog any of the following please reblog this post and ill check you out.

☆ pastel/pastel kpop 

☆ light or pastel blue

☆ nature

☆ aesthetic

☆ minimalist 

☆ kfashion

☆ pastel photography

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Best scene tonight by far was Webber and Stephanie. Holy cow. That was the Greys I remember.

Worst part: No Amelia. Owen doesn’t even seem to care in this episode. I’m hoping there were scenes that didn’t make it in because there were promotional pictures of him. On the plus side: nice not to have Meredith in the episode she’s been driving me crazy lately.


Here, have some ’Happy-Family-Pics’ of @mikobennett , me and ofc the little charmer. We decided instead of hanging in front of the TV we visit a Forest a bit outside of New York were Su could run and Noah would actually see something real and not something animated. Hold your breath @amberphoenixx  NO WE ARE NOT BACK TOGETHER! Otherwise you’d be one of the first to know….Have a great rest of the week Lovies 💕


Hi everyone! I’m looking for new blogs to follow since my dashboard has been quite dry lately. Please like/reblog/follow if you post any of these and I will follow you!

  • Anime
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matt is so fucking adorable omg

Monster Hunter OC Ask Blogs

I don’t know you, but I gotta tell you
I’m pretty proud of you, since you have an Ask blog for an OC!
I’m not exactly the outgoing type, so doing something like that would be a giant feat for me, and I’m proud that you guys could do it!

Whether you’re running the blog alone or with someone else, I am proud of you, and I hope you get big!
Remember to never let any haters drag you down

Happy Hunting!