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12:10 am, September 29, 2015
I remember the day I finally had enough. I became weak in the mind and heart. My tears were no longer warm; they were ice cold. My mind shut down as my heart became icy. My eyes became red. It was time to look for an alternative. The bottles touching my lips felt better than yours. The poisonous liquid occupied my mind. Your name didn’t matter. Smoke filled my lungs. Eyes glossy, mind clear, your smile was no longer visible. I never knew your love would be replaced by toxins. As she makes you smile, these alternatives make me occupied.

anonymous asked:

Holaaaa. ¿Como seria una relación entre un chico leo y una chica libra? Pd: Amo el blog 💕🌸

El típico chico deportivo y la típica chica porrista.