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god damn? how does one even muster up the patience to establish a queue that long? My queue is like 2 posts.

EASY: have one (1) friend, no other Hobbies, slight depression, low will 2 live, no passion in life. then u will  have approx 80+ posts lined up for ur blog dedicated 2 a computer game

What If...

You woke up and you were your favorite main/had their abilities? If your blog is dedicated to an object or non-human looking god then you’d gain their physical attributes as if you were a mutant. Option to hide these as quickly as Hel changes personalities so you can appear normal? Yes. Those with pets, good luck.

I’d actually start crying happy tears uncontrollably if I woke up as Apollo.

I think I might start a blog dedicated to LWA RP icons but I’m only going to make it if this post gets 50 notes. Traits of this blog:

  • A resource for anyone in the LWA community with tagged icons
  • A place where people can submit the icons they’ve made to be distributed amongst everyone for community use (since we all know how hard it is to find icons and we should help each other out)
  • A place to archive LWA rp blogs

I’d need a bit of help with this but I think it’s a good concept that could help expand the LWA rp community.

Game Grumps Dating Sim Update

OKAY, so in regards to the post going around and the high interest, Sam and I have decided to make a blog dedicated to it entirely. We also have set up an email address where you can send us portfolios and writing samples and applications (which we’ll be working on soon). We’re very excited to be working on this and thank you all for helping us take this first step into what will hopefully be an amazing project.

I might start a blog dedicated to music

I’d post links to songs and have thematic days. The target would be to post maybe a song every (other) day, in different styles, for different moods, and open to suggestions.

Do you know any blog like that? If not, would you follow one that worked the way I said?

If you people could help me boost this to get as much feedback as possible, I’d be very grateful. @chelsea-beleren-vess @actualborossoldier @sand-hippo @sylvhem @unrepentantauthor @rishkarn @jolly-ob-saint-nixilis @iamafireplace @gatheringmagicalanswers

The first time I really heard the full story of Columbine was in fifth grade. My dad used to make me go to these religion classes every Monday at 6:30 pm. I actually kinda liked it because we’d get into discussions like this one. The teacher was telling us that two guys came into a school and started shooting kids and they had bombs and whatnot. Since it was a religion class, of course he told the “do you believe in God story”. I just remember imagining two guys bursting into the room shooting everyone. When I got home I tried looking it up, but I didn’t know the name of the school and I must’ve not looked up the right words… Funny how years later I have a whole blog dedicated to it.

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Sophia DID sign on to beard twice. And if she comes back again like they're CLEARLY preparing for in the media, it'll be a THIRD time. And she DID treat Liam like shit. Do you just... sleep on all the awful things she said and did, or the fact she couldn't even pretend not to be bored out of her mind during Liam's ribbon-cutting ceremony in Wolverhampton most people just LAUGHED about? jfc Elk is her BEST FRIEND and people STILL think she's a flawless queen who would never be as bad as evil Elk!

Don’t y'all get tired of being rude and condescend like this? I said many times I haven’t heard anything which means I DIDN’T. I have zero idea about Sophia and Liam. My blog is dedicated to Harry and Louis, I have no obligation of knowing every tiny bit about the other boys life. Next time your blocked 

Old Anime and Manga Resources

I just wanted to let you all know that I made a page on the blog dedicated to resources (articles, documentaries) that I’ve seen over the years that have assisted in some of my vast anime knowledge or I think can help other fans. I’ll be continuously updating it so please check it out!

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Just wanted to thank the mods for bringing memes and jokes to paladins fan base. Y'all keep doing what you do!

I’m really happy being part of this blog, I got to meet so many amazing ppl. I love this guy who sent the ask.

-Mod Maeve 🐱

Thank youuu!! One of the main reasons I started this blog was for exactly that, because it seemed like the Paladins community didn’t have many blogs dedicated to memes/shitposting yet, and that’s how I show my love for something ❤️

-Mod Cassie 🐦

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Hey so I've read so many reviews for eyewitness and they're on either end of the spectrum. Streaks like "this is so amazing and mind blowing" or "this show was so poorly put together" and I was just wonder how you, as a fan reviewed it (including good and bad aspects) (as in why it's not unproblematic and why it is still good) (also sorry this is such a random ask haha)

hi :)

first of all, i’m so sorry for the late answer! i went back to uni this weekend and was ridiculously busy, sorry!!

i think it’s very interesting that this show is polarizing so much, bc i had the exact same experience like you, i’ve seen so many people demonize it (and love riverdale at the same time, but i really do not wanna go there rn) and on the other side there’s people raving about it?

i personally really like(d) the show, otherwise i wouldn’t dedicate a blog to it, i think it has good rep, esp of internalized homophobia, i loved how they dealt with drug addiction, i personally liked the general plot, and the subplots, and my favourite is probably Sita’s storyline. I think they did a really great job with the side storylines, and it never feels like one is unnecessary and i’d rather skip that section. 

on the other hand, i really don’t like that it’s so bland, both in the coloring and the casting. i am begging to see some lgbt poc and i really would have wanted lesbians too. also its writing is not always that great and the pedophilia sideplot made me really uncomfortable.

also, and that’s where i think the huge rift in the fandom happened, while the show was running, and (spoiler alert) lukas just got shot, and it was not clear whether USA network would run the rest of the season bc of low ratings, the cast and producers were like WATCH THE SHOW OR LUKAS WILL DIE A VIRGIN, like THATS the thing we’re really concerned about while lukas might be dying. like the balant fetishization by the straight people on twitter really bothered me and tbh i’m still pissed about it. but it had nothing to do with the show, i just have concerns w the cast and crew

tldr; it’s good, but it’s not perfect, and production and cast aren’t either. apparently you either gonna love it or hate it, you should just try the first couple episodes :)

thanks for asking, you should consult @philukas aka the resident eyewitness expert too :)

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hello! are you no longer playing sims 3 or making cc?

Hey! I would really like to at some point hopefully this year or whenever, but I just needed a break from sims 3. After dedicating my blog to sims 3 for 4-5 years I thought it was time to branch off and try new things. Last time I tried going to sims 4 I was basically posting for me bc majority of the time I would’ve posted something for another game like ts4 or ts2 and literally it was invisible to anyone that followed me on their dash bc it was trash or most ppl that follow me aren’t going to expect me to post anything that isn’t ts3 so they wouldn’t like the stuff so I ended up deleting it (I always said would never focus on notes but it’s kinda hard when you don’t get what your used to), so it made me self conscious about everything I post, like is it good enough. 

But to answer your question is like to come back at some point, yes!! :3

For those who are curious about potential hate and negativity on this blog: anything of the sort that are sent to my inbox are promptly deleted without question, or answered privately.

While it is amusing to see people go out of their way to send hate towards a blog dedicated to a ship that they detest, I’m aware that not everyone is fond of seeing the age-old arguments they use, and can often take it personally.

So here’s a reminder that you’re doing great, and that shipping is all in good fun. Don’t let some random person online get you down over wanting to see your two favorite fictional characters have a good time together.

Rather, pray that whoever that person is finally gets a better hobby.

Have a nice day.

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Because of you and a few other few other blogs, I decided to create a side blog dedicated to Seokjin and writing. I realized that I wanted to give him his own side blog where I could shower him with love in addition to my main blog. He's so handsome and deserves the best. Thank you :')

oh yessss :’) I love when I help show people the light to our lord and saviour seokjin !!!! hahah, just kidding, I may be being a little over dramatic :’) but this is sooo good! We can make a little cult of jin stans!! 💕💕