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“A mug’a hot ink with a side of annoyed demon? How’d you know my favorite?”

u know what I’m real tired of in fandom??? people policing opinions, and i don’t mean people calling out shitty behaviour masquerading as opinions, I mean people coming into inboxes like “can you not post anti tony content” or “why are you anti buckynat just let people like what they like” and so on. Binch, this is my blog, and my blog is for my opinions and for what I like, if you don’t like the content, or you disagree with me on characters or on pairings or whatever, then unfollow me. Block me. Blacklist my tags. Whatever, I really don’t care how you go about making sure you see the content you want to see, but stop policing people’s opinions on their own blogs because you don’t agree with it.

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So a new fire emblem game came out like what ?!?!??

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you seen this...fucking bullshit in the yuri on ice fandom? the welcome to the madness vid? can't believe the creators fetishised a 15 yr old boy and a relationship with an older guy! guess they win shitty people of the year award. can't believe ota/yuri is canon i'm gonna throw up. as a minor i was so fucking grossed out watching it

god yeah i have and i am absolutely disgusted…. otayuri isn’t canon though, fuck that. unless it’s explicitly stated, no,, otabek is just being a damn friend and helping yuri with his edgy ass performance, bc yuri wanted to top  yuuri’s skate since he brought victor out on the ice with him.

like it’s made pretty clear that they’re friends lmao. it’s just the people who ship otayuri making it all otayuri like…i refuse to believe 18/19 (i hear both of these ages idk which one is canon) yr old otabek would go after yuri, no. otabek is yuri’s first friend and goMDSHUAFDuasfa i hate that all these motherfuckers take that and just shit on it and put them together when we have an awesome relationship between yuuri and victor right there! buT NO! let’s put the 15/16 yr old with the 18/19 yr old bc it’s what?! hot?! y’all nasty. the sexualization of yuri is a different story though. like, yeah, he’s a kid and wanted to do what he wanted for once, rock on, my boy. but it’s the fact that the creators obviously sexualized his entire fucking performance, to hell and back. they know what they did. and all the adult fans are drooling over this fucking kid! i love yuri on ice, it’s really important to me, but the fandom is a cesspool and the creators are lowering themselves into that cesspool in the blink of an eye.

alright i went on a bit of a babble, if you want to talk about this more, please send a message to me on my anti blog

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I've seen this now on a few educhums' blogs but why the censoring of the P word? I feel like there's some backstory that I've missed out on.

Solomon Asch did an experiment in the early 1960’s where everyone would face the wrong way in an elevator. Strangers would then get on the elevator, stare around confused, feel awkward, and then most would turn around to face the wall. The psychology of conformity is a fascinating body of research into why people do what they do.

There’s also an urban legend of a science experiment with monkeys being punished for climbing a ladder to get a bunch of bananas, until eventually when a new monkey was introduced, they would punish the monkey to keep him from getting them all in trouble in a stunning display of conformity, this experiment never happened.

That is to say: I have NO EARTHLY IDEA why I do this, but I saw other edchums do it, so then I started doing it. I’m facing the wrong end of the elevator, I’m refusing to climb up the ladder, and I don’t even know why I do it. Perhaps another edchum can illuminate the dreaded “pl*n” origin, but that knowledge is ancient, and before my time on this website. Good luck in your hopefully National Treasure-esque hunt for the truth.


Random Late Night Thoughts

I have many favorite types of giants, but recently I’ve been really loving those giants that eat tinies just because they can :) That giant who sees a tiny and immediately thinks, “Oh look. Food.” The giant that thinks nothing of their tiny but as another snack, or maybe a very delicious toy, but only for a while, something to dominate and then swallow. The giant that holds a hand to their stomach to feel the tiny struggle inside, and perhaps causing this tiny to feel sheer terror is the cake, and getting a snack out of it is just the extra icing.

That giant that looms over you when they spot you, like THEIR BODY LITERALLY CASTS A SHADOW OVER YOURS, and the fact that they’re blocking the sun douses you with cold fear because you know what’s coming next. Those giants that get a rush from seeing you tremble at the sight of them; they love it so much their lips spread into a smile, revealing those rows of pearly white teeth that make your heart skip a beat.

Perhaps they’re the type of giant to tease you with a seemingly innocent one liner.

“Oh? What’s such a little thing like you doing out here all alone?” Or maybe “You’re so small, I almost didn’t see you down there,” and as they bend down to pick you up, your instincts tell you to run, but you barely manage a few steps back before they’re much too near for you to escape, yet you still try, even though that smile on their face is telling you that they won’t let you you get far. You turn to run, barely managing to stumble out of the reach of their huge, grabby fingers, but this single victory doesn’t last long as their hand wraps around you and lifts you from the floor, until there’s nothing but air beneath your feet.

“Where are you going little one?” He might ask, his grip around you too tight to answer, and he lets out a low chuckle as he rises back up to his full height. “Don’t you want to stay and play awhile?”

And maybe he adds, “And aren’t you the perfect little size for a midday snack?”

Your body freezes in his hand. Fear surges throughout your body, telling you to escape, but where to? How are you supposed to run when your body won’t listen to you and literally cannot move?

And he holds you up to his mouth, smiling hungrily as his tongue swipes across his lips in anticipation, and he lets out a soft sigh. “Mmmmmfuck, you’re gonna taste so good.”

He throws his head back and dangles you above his smirking lips, which part neatly to reveal strings of saliva clinging to the roof of his mouth. From this terrifying angle, you can see inside of it perfectly: between his rows of pearly teeth, to his outstretched tongue like a red carpet, waiting to welcome you into that warm, pink cave that’s hungering for you, that’s craving you, all the way to the back of his mouth, where the light turns to dark and leads down a path to your demise and similarly, his satisfaction.

A low “ah,” bubbles up from the back of his throat as he lowers you into it, which snaps you out of your thoughts, and you squirm between his fingers, shrieking as you get closer and closer.

You can’t. You can’t let him put you in there.

You push and kick at his plush lips and slap at his fingers until you’re forced into his mouth and he closes his lips over you, but you can’t give up here. It’s hot, humid, damp, disgusting, and you just want him to open his mouth and let you out of here. If anything you wish he’d do it on his own, because the delighted noises he’s making sounds like he’s enjoying it: your struggle against his tongue, tasting you, squishing you against his palate, sucking on you and rolling you around the confines of his mouth like a piece of hard candy, and you can just hope he won’t trap you between his teeth. Through frustration and fear you try to fight back, although you know it’s useless, kicking at the hollows of his cheeks and gripping on to his tongue, trying your hardest to ignore the growls of his empty stomach from below and the deep chuckles that reverberate around you, a manifestation of his amusement as though he knows he’s already won this battle.

“Mmm so yummy…”

“Feisty, aren’t you?”

“Relax, you’re going down anyway.”

He’s the type of giant that won’t listen to you plead, beg, or curse as he pushes you to the back of his mouth and holds you there, your feet at the edge of his throat, your tiny fingers slick with saliva grasping for anything that you can reach, begging him not to swallow you, but that dream was just a dream, and with a simple flick of his tongue, he gulps with you down without so much of a second thought, even though your hands are still looking for something to hold on to to keep you from slipping down further as you’re forced down the slimy walls of his throat, shrieking in horror as the light from his mouth fades to black, and the sound of his heartbeat echoes around you.

He’s the type of giant that lets out a large, satisfied sigh as you slide into his empty stomach, and you push against the crowding walls, pound against them, unknowing that it feels heavenly to him, and he’s urging you to continue. He’s the type of giant that gives a soft pat to his gurgling belly as you struggle from deep within, and continues on with his day until he forgets all about you and finds another tiny to swallow. But he does hope you enjoyed your little journey. He surely enjoyed it.