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in the heights au: everything is the same except sonny is actually invited to ninas dinner


The last time Ohtaka did a new volume portrait was for volume 28 over a year ago. The volume 33 one with Aladdin in magician clothes is something that she did in 2014.

Note: new art is part of the package when you buy a new volume, and when a customer who pays in full price notices that something is missing, they have a right to wonder what’s going on and even express disappointment. If the reason is because the author is overworking herself to the point she can’t catch up, then the publisher should reward her with more breaks.

a-lighthouse-a-man-a-city replied to your photo “The scar the trailer didn’t show. Well, my speculation about what it…”

Hey folks, this artist is actually racist af. Feel free to message me for more info, it is a great pic but I refuse to support the artist because of some huge past issues they are apparently trying to “fix” with this. No more notes on this post, pass it on. They don’t deserve credit for POC representation after what they’ve done

“Huge past issues” = Me drawing a caveman Kylo with matted hair (that I called “dreadlocks” for lack of a better word, english isn’t my first language and in french, there’s only one word to describe it) 1 year ago and telling you all to fuck off when you went crazy on me and my friends for this one doodle because I refused to consider myself racist for drawing it. What is considered racist or problematic in your country might not be in another, I know how shocking it can be to learn that North America isn’t the center of the world and designated world leader of what’s considered politically correct. 

Jfc take a step back and look at what your life has become.

Yesterday, one of you made a post and compared me to a klan member. I have been told to choke and die, to kill myself. About 50 hateful posts calling me slurs have been reported to me in the past 6 months. You are all acting as if I have been posting the worst hate speech in the fandom and been harassing me for a year because I drew a picture you don’t agree with.

I know people who would have hurt themselves or fallen deep into depression for less, how do you sleep at night after telling someone to die over a picture?

And now you get mad because I have been drawing Finn and it has gotten a lot of notes.

But guess what? I have been successfully drawing him multiple times in the past, and I’ll draw him again. And I’ll get better at it and my pictures of him will continue to gain attention. 

Because I like Finn.
I don’t give a shit about your “POC representation” points, contrary to you I like a character because he’s special to me, not because it will make me look better and “woke” to my online friends. 

You don’t like it? That’s cool, then block me. That’s the magical door to the land of to never having to see my art again.

Because if you don’t, then believe me, it’s not the last time you see my art on your dashboard.

This IS an ask blog, after all

ASK: You spin her right round gaster Right round Have mercy she’s just an reptile

ASK: Geez, Gaster, lighten up on Alphys there.

Don’t worry about her, she’s quite used to this by now! She’s fine- aren’t you, Alphys?


ASK: Well. I’m glad that you plan to keep the questions going. It makes all monster kind happy. What do you think will be the next step in this operation?

Ah, well. I originally intended to use this system as a way of collecting feedback from the general public. My first priority as Royal Scientist is to use the resources available to me to improve the lives of monsterkind. I can only do that if I know what is wrong. So please do contact me with your suggestions.

Additionally, I will use this blog as a method of improving my communication with you all! When it comes to informing the populace about my progress, my assistants have told me that I have a tendency to be rather… hm. Enigmatic, shall we say?

I-I believe the word they used was “cagey”, sir-

Yes thank you for putting it so kindly, Alphys.

Oh! Ah! Ahaha, s-sorry! But, you know, I mean, you admitted it yourself, it’s true-

I will spin you again, assistant. 


ASK: Ev’nin’, doctah! I happened to notice your reaction on the last volley of questions. You had one hell of a cartoonish blue blush… Alphys is more perceptive than she lets on, you know… Not to mention, how do you capture your reactions? Web cam? I’m guessing web cam.

Yes, we are using a bloody webcam.

… A-aren’t you going to…?


Answer the rest of the question?

No. I am ignoring it.

But they said I’m p-perceptive! That’s sweet-

Yes that’s nice moving on-

A-and your face did look really cartoony-


how to find music that you’re going to actually like: a tutorial by a DJ who’s tired of people suffering from a chronic lack of tunes

  . Pick a genre you like. it can be any genre. it can be rock, 90’s eurobeat, grime, rap, reggae, indie, trip-hop, or dance music. doesn’t really matter what it is, but for this example we’ll be using Drum and Bass.
2. Find record labels dedicated to that specific genre, in the case of Drum and Bass they’re usually European. Just google “Drum and Bass Record Labels” follow them directly on social media (facebook, twitter, soundcloud, spotify, you know) so that you know exactly what they’re releasing and when, and then look for where they usually premiere exclusives, be it magazines, online blogs, promo channels, radio stations or, if you’re in the area, club shows. (side tip: if you really like an artist, find out what label they’re signed to and look at the other releases of that label)
(optional 2.5) If there’s a DJ at the helm of a label that you like (usually the case for most independent electronic labels) go and follow them. They will almost ALWAYS spin tracks long before they’re actually ‘out’. Even if they’re not a DJ they might premiere or tease releases on social media before they’re out. If you really want to be that ‘first!’ guy on a good song, this is good measure.
3. Find the top radio stations where this genre is popular, and find their schedules. Do these stations have specific segments dedicated to that genre? this is a great way to find exclusives for that specific genre quickly, and often long before the (exclusive) song is out. Be warned that this is usually ineffective unless it’s a well-established segment/station. For this example I will point you to DJ Friction’s BBC radio 1 Drum and Bass show (which is at 1 am UK time on Tuesday mornings)
4. Find the genre’s spotify auto-playlists, soundcloud playlists, youtube generated playlists and respective sections on sites such as the BBCR1 Iplayer. Spin them. Save them. Check them regularly.
5. Start keeping a catalog of these sources in the form of bookmarks, check them regularly. save the tracks that you like. If you’re very devoted to this genre I encourage that you listen to weekly segments you find as a habit. It’s not only fun, but I find after years of listening to my weekly podcast that hearing the hosts’ voice every week is very grounding. Kind of like coming home.
6.  You’ve opened up a world of music and a never-ending stream of content for yourself to explore. (optional) Grab yourself a drink cause now you’ve got a whole lot of tunes to listen to.


(left) I will find a job

(right) I will do well at work

Sigils I made for myself last night. Green is always a great choice for luck & prosperity!

Sigil requests, pendulum & tarot readings, and dream interpretation requests are all open! Please message me for details about my prices! I’m always willing to negotiate :)

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