blog awards results

blog awards winners

thank you to everyone who participated :)) there are runner ups for a several of the categories bc i couldn’t choose!! all ur blogs are so perfect <3

favorite overall

winner: @stawbeestudy

runner-up: @mango-studies

favorite url

winner: @hittingthebooks

runner-up: @eggystudy

favorite aesthetic (icon + desktop theme)

winner: @rhubarbstudies

runner-up: @stvdybuddies

favorite original content

winner: @moonshinestudies

runner-ups: @solsticestudies & @erasign

favorite masterposts or printables

winner: @thestudyfeels

sweetest blogger

winner: @artemistudying

runner-up: @einstetic

favorite baby studyblr

winner: @gloomstudy & @stawbeestudy

pls message me if you’d like a header or promo or rlly anything :)) if you want, i’m now bffs w/you (if i wasn’t following you before, i am now!!)

First off, I would just like to say thank you so much to everyone who helped be apart of this. Whether you helped reblog my post, nominated someone, or simply just voted it all counted and helped a lot. Secondly, i never want to make anyone feel less important than someone else so that’s why I decided to post the winner as well as all the people who got nominated. Every single one of you all are beyond amazing and I just want all of you to know that! With that being said, here are the results: 

best jb url: 
winner: justinbieber  justindontrecall 
runner ups: justinsdaddykink justinsblackgf fuckingwithjustinbieber rickthesizzles jaileyrhode shawtymoan justinbieberaf liferuinedbyjustinbieber stalksbieber

best editor:
winner: zustin
runner ups: boyfriendvevo hustins rbieber jasbiebers freshbieber

best themes: 
winner: ewzayns
runner ups: 

funniest blogger:
runner ups: partitionz jaileyrhode hometodaddy runninthroughthe6withmyhoes jadelust zaynkillers icedhazelnut

nicest blogger:
winner: sleepingwithjustin
runner ups: completebabe investigatemullingar aintslaurent justindontrecall justinforeign jaileyrhode memphises justinsmalik myclvins

best update account:
runner ups: 

best multifandom blog:
runner ups: justinagrandeworld

best 1d/5sos/halsey blog/url:
1D: thecrackerquartet // 5sos: mtv90s // halsey: frangipnes
runner ups: 5sos: hemmoan // halsey: ashleyfrangiqane

best 5H/Ariana Grande blog/url: 
winner: 5H: norrmanikordei // Ari: jadelust
runner ups: laurmilah

best selfies:
runner ups: march1st lilosreal jaileyrhode justindontrecall liferuinedbyjustinbieber weekknd yezir

best fanfic/one shot writer: 
boyfriendvevo & imaginejuzten
runner ups: asymmetricboys bieberblurbs

Thanks again guys! And congrats to all of you! You all are welcome to ask me for anything (edit, icon, promo, ect.)  

SO MY BLOG AWARDS RESULTS ARE IN!! HUGE thank you to everyone who nominated, and voted!! And one last time thanks for 7k :)

What the Winners receive

Spot on my blog for the month of January! 


1 promo now (when you’re announced) and 1 anytime throughout January just ask me :)

Friendship with me if you want it!!

I might follow *i’m picky so if i don’t i’m srryyyyyy*


Best Troye Blog so-sivan you were the only one nominated so yay you won!

Best Tyler Blog troylermeetsworld you were also the only one nominated for this category so you won! (5 votes)

Best Troyler Blog ayetroyler you won with 82 votes!

Best Tronnor Blog happylittleconnor with 26 votes!

Best Phandom Blog sarcastichowell with 237 votes!

Best Connor Blog connorfrnata with 1 vote! 

Best Zoe Blog queenzoesugg with 37 votes! 

Best Overall Youtube Blog troylersheart with 126 votes! 

Cutest Blogger amazingphil with 96 votes! :) (btw all y'all are cute ok) 

Funniest Blogger danhowellpng with 52 votes! 

Nicest Blogger fall-out-phan with 208 votes! 

Congrats to all the winners and to everyone who was nominated you’re also super gr8 and ily xx