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So I’m still working on the sketches. (I have several almost done but not ready enough to post.) But I wanted to keep up my shidge momentum here and so I doodled this real quickly on my phone :P thank you all for your support and your sweet encouragement. I appreciate all of you so much!! Thank you for being so wonderful!!

Here we go! Another drawing for my Pride 2017 collection! And this time it’s Rick from Rick and Morty! I just recently got into it and I read on his wiki page that he is Pansexual in canon, so that’s awesome!

I was actually originally inspired by a post that @askrick did for their blog that was related to Pride, so that’s how all these doodles I’ve been doing got their start.


i headcanon that aradia has ptsd and flashes/loud noises set her into panic because they remind her of her death. :I

“Hey Kaito, did you want to get ic—?!”

“I’d normally agree but today I think I’ll have ~you~ instead.”

Floral x Holiday Kaito for 03-23-17