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Today is International Women’s Day.

Today also marks the show of solidarity for women’s rights by way of a strike: A Day Without A Woman. Women around the world are refusing to take part in both paid and unpaid labor in the name of justice for all gender-oppressed people of all ethnicities, religions, and sexualities. In doing so, they join the ranks of women who have led protests, strikes, and movements throughout history.

Let’s celebrate a few of those women:

Dorothy Height (March 24, 1912—April 20, 2010)

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Dorothy Height, former President of the National Council of Negro Women, was one of the organizers of the 1963 March on Washington. She stood near Martin Luther King Jr. during his “I Have a Dream” speech, but did not publicly speak that day. In fact, no woman publicly spoke. “Even on the morning of the march there had been appeals to include a woman speaker,” wrote Height in her memoir. “They were happy to include women in the human family, but there was no question as to who headed the household!“ In 1971, she helped found the National Women’s Political Caucus with other notable feminists like Gloria Steinem, Betty Friedan, and Shirley Chisholm.

Marsha P. Johnson (August 24, 1945—July 6, 1992)

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Marsha P. Johnson spent her entire adult life fighting for the rights of LGBTQ people. She’s credited for being one of the first to fight back in the Stonewall Riots. She started the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries with her friend Sylvia Rivera. Together they provided food, shelter, and care to young drag queens, trans women, and homeless children in need in the Lower East Side of NYC. She fought for what was right, and knew how to live life with exuberance and humor. When asked by a judge what what the “P” stood for, she replied “Pay It No Mind.”

Alice Paul (January 11, 1885—July 9, 1977)

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Alice Paul was one of the leading forces behind the Nineteenth Amendment, which affirmed and enshrined a woman’s right to vote. She rallied 8,000 people to march in the 1913 Woman Suffrage Procession in Washington—no small task in a world before the internet—with an estimated half million people watching the historic moment from the sidelines.

And some good activist blogs to follow:

  • Emily’s List (@emilys-list) slogan is “ignite change.” They aim to do so by backing pro-choice candidates for US office in key races across the country.
  • Women of Color in Solidarity (@wocinsolidarity) focuses on being a hub for the the WOC experience in the US. Original posts, incredibly informative reblogs…this place is wonderful.

anonymous asked:

Hey, pangender is racist and ableist; polygender is a good alternative.

hey, guess what, we arent a gender dictionary, much to the contrary of many beliefs; we just make aesthetics. we can offer advice and such but we cant make final decisions. 

i just googled and the basis of this idea is that people who are pangender are claiming to be PoC or culture-exclusive genders - this is wrong, you cannot claim to be a gender from a culture/race that you are not part of or welcome within.

in that sense, if i see someone who is not part of a particular race/ethnicity/culture and state they are a gender which is exclusive to that race/ethnicity/culture, i will call bullshit; that is racist and inappropriate.

but, in rebuttal, pangender is better defined as being of all genders available to your neurotype and culture. its like how if someone says they love all clothes but they agree they will not wear sacred clothes from a particular ethnicity/culture.

if used in the wrong way, yes, it can be racist. but it is not inherently racist.

since none of us are pangender, we cannot argue this fact much further than using our own logic and the thoughts from others. here are some more clarifications on the topic;

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Imagine R running a tumblr blog...

Let’s be honest, this blog is a mess of history/Greek Mythology posts juxtaposed with memes (oh. my. god. so many memes, someone please stop him). He also posts music videos and poems he’s written, and is constantly getting into debates with other blogs (which is how Enj started following him, but only realized it was Grantaire after watching one of the videos R had posted).

Of course Enjolras doesn’t tell Grantaire that he found his blog, just subtly follows it.

Enj loves Grantaire’s blog, not just because of R’s posts, but because while Grantaire will rarely say anything in real life, he likes to use his blog as a place to vent and write all of the negative thoughts in his head, which means Enjolras knows which days to be extra nice to R (making sure he watches what he says in their debates) and will text him or hang out with him.

Then, one day, Grantaire posts some of the hate he gets, which pisses Enjolras off, because how can someone say that to the boy he likes Grantaire.

So Enjolras being Enjolras, and because Enjolras can’t do anything small, he starts spamming Grantaire with positive anons, but once Enjolras starts he can’t stop: he just keeps on writting all of the reasons he’s in love with R…

The only problem is that about halfway through spamming Grantaire with positive anons while borderline confessing everything to him, Enjolras stops making sure that he’s clicking the anon button…

And it’s not that hard for Grantaire to see all of the asks from this one activist blog, that oh, look–has Enjolras’s name on it…

He texts Enj: did u really mean all of it?

And Enjolras just smiles and texts back: You know that I believe in you

For @boys-of-the-barricade because I for one frickin love your blog…

wassailingreader  asked:

why do you hate the 4th of July :o

Im sorry if I seem flippant but I can’t tell if this is a joke or not??

Edit: Okay, you were serious, so… Myriad of reasons. Reasons I’d think were… laughably obvious? Nationalistic fervor is poison, mindless patriotism kills, the history of the founding of this country is one of genocide, I’m not one to buy into a holiday that’s 50% insidious fanaticism propaganda and 50% conspiratorial capitalistic marketing, the Fourth isn’t even the actual day the Declaration was signed anyway, I’m ashamed of the US and all it stands for? The Founding Fathers were slaveowners, the system itself is corrupt, and the people I share this stolen land with elected a monster to lead us. Each and every sparkly, expensive, wasteful firework in the sky every Fourth of July doesn’t make up for the millions of indigenous lives lost to the white man’s guns and disease and greed. This lovely, hypocritical ‘free’ country is trying to take away my medicine and deport my family and murder my friends on the street. It’s funny because I apparently have the right to party and no other basic human rights. Why would I enjoy a day dedicated to obnoxiously circle-jerking about our fascist nightmare of a country? I wouldn’t willingly wave an American flag today unless I were about to burn it. I hope that sums it up okay.


this is so funny to me lmao also they cut their hair (i think)!

victorious characters as bloggers


-pretty lilac mobile theme

-aesthetique blogged w a decent amount of followers??

-reblogs photography a lot + pictures of peoples art journals

-still doesn’t 100% have the concept of tumblr down though so she doesn’t use tags. at all

-has a personal tag where she talks about school with the dialect of a middle aged mother

-blocks every porn blog. all of them.

-posts cute videos of her singing. jade heckles her in the tags when she rbs them


-bubble gum pink mobile theme

-everything is in caps???

-has literally no idea how to use tumblr @ all

-half of her posts are reblogs of her friends posts bc she forgets about the messaging tab

-the other half are all cute animals and her own nonsensical personal posts 

-everyone thinks she a crack/parody blog bc of how weird her shit is


-clearly put a lottttt of effort into coding her own theme but won’t admit it

-unironically ironically reblogs stuff like “and one day you’ll realize this was written with my blood”

-makes posts making fun of tori to which tori responds “im being CYBERBULLIED” but it only stays on her blog for like 36 hours at most

-punk aesthetic shit like doc martens + broken glass, edgy oil spill photography that only 13 year olds reblog

-black + green mobile theme

-her title is “welcome to my twisted mind” but it really is ironic she swears

-has one of those music players on her blog

-bio has ‘goth activist’ in it. nobody knows whether or not it’s serious. no one wants to.


-mobile theme is blue + white

-never bothered to get a code theme so it’s just the default and its fuck ugly

-doesn’t have a banner either

-most of it is just audio bits of his own music bc he doesn’t wanna be a soundcloud rapper douche

-rbs clothes he like a lot + expensive instruments he wants to own one day

-some of it is interacting w/ tori & rbing quotes about music, and Funny Tumblr Story shit


-is really really popular??

-black + gray mobile theme

-posts shirtless pictures of himself bc he hasn’t realized it’s douchey yet

-almost all of his posts are black+white aesthetic pictures of shit like well dressed men smoking on balconies + city skylines in monochrome

-reblogs old actors quotes about the craft of acting

-literally no personal posts. just edgy b&w photography aesthetic that’s all of it

-MOST minamalist theme in the world

-gets tons of teen girls asking for dick pics and he’s like “you know northridge”


-reblogs lots of sad, weird facts. usually about bugs

-his icon is a stock photo of some color swirl of electricity he got from google images

-mobile theme is gray and bright red but not in an emo way

-reblogs lots of quotes about intelligence and being in the friend zone

-is part of the puppetry fandom? which consists of 3 people?

-doesn’t quite get the grasp of tumblr tbh

-has 4 followers. 4. 

-posts poorly taken photos of him and rex that were very obviously taken from a computers webcam

-sends anons to advicey blogs asking why girls don’t like him

-anonymously flirts with cat and all of her answers are literally unintelligible.

-his bio is all of the lyrics to the iconic “broken glass”
Meet the young activist who fought for a condom dispenser in every bathroom
Alba Alvarado talks condoms, diversity, and college in this edition of #WeArePP: Our Stories from AK to AZ.

Meet Alba. She’s a fearless advocate for women’s health, a first-generation college student, a leader in Latino communities — oh, and she passed a transformative sex education policy in her hometown school district.

Groups that have sent us hate when called out for fatphobia:

Vegans  ✔
Feeders  ✔
Fat Chasers ✔  
Gravity Falls fandom  ✔
Brooklyn 99 fandom  ✔
Voltron fandom  ✔
Sherlock fandom  ✔
Yuri on Ice fandom  ✔
Roadhog (Overwatch) fandom  ✔
Anti-choice WL body-policing fat activists  ✔
Shitspo blogs (thinspo)  ✔
Pro-ana blogs  ✔
TERFs  ✔
Aphobes  ✔

More to add in the future xD

- Mod Guillermo

Need more...(Very random topics below)

Vegan blogs

vegan fitspo


nature blogs

Human rights activists

Pagan Blogs


Pastel/kawaii blogs

Gothic/Victorian blogs

Dream Daddy content

And Nice/Cool Satanists.

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Happy Birthday Marlon

You are not only an icon and one of the greatest actor the world has ever seen, but you are also a person who understood your influence on the world and used it to make a difference. You were an activist who fought against poverty, racism, and for all the humans that no one wanted to see. You were so much ahead of your time, and I, like many others, are extremely grateful for you!

Marlon Brando
April 3, 1924 - July 1, 2004
Reproductive Rights Activists Protest the Vote to 'Defund' Planned Parenthood Nationwide
After the U.S. House voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and block patients from care at Planned Parenthood, supporters flooded their representatives' districts offices with pink — Planned Parenthood pink!

From California

To Missouri

To Pennsylvania

We’re showing up. And we’re just getting started.

To my womanists or black women centered blogs and activist groups, please don’t try to save every black woman. Some of them don’t deserve it, like the one’s who participate in the abuse of other black women. The black women who put down other black women, blatantly perpetuate misogynoir and other forms of discriminatory beliefs towards other black do not deserve our efforts. Let them sit at the table with the oppressors they so desperately want to appease and be apart of. They’ll pay for it in the long run, but we or I won’t be there to lend a helping hand.

Call-out culture and the fallacy of community accountability creates a disciplinary atmosphere in which people must adhere to a specific etiquette. Spaces then become accessible only to those who are familiar with, and able to express themselves with the proper language and adhere to the dominant customs. Participation in the discourse which shapes and directs this language and customs is mostly up to those who are able to spend too much time debating on activist blogs, or who are academics or professionals well versed in the dialect. As mentioned previously, the containment of radical discourse to the university further insulates the “activist bubble” and subcultural ghetto.

In addition to creating spaces that are alienating to those outside of our milieu, anti-oppression discourse, call-out culture, and the related “communities” leads activists to perceive themselves as an “enlightened” section of the class (largely composed of academics, students, professionals, etc. who have worked on their shit and checked their privilege) who are tasked with acting as missionaries to the ignorant and unclean masses. This anarchist separatist orientation is problematic for any who believe in the possibility of mass liberatory social movements that are capable of actually transforming society…

The retreat to subcultural bohemian enclaves and activist bubbles acknowledges that revolutionary change is impossible, and as a substitute offers a counterfeit new society in the here and now. We understand that such a proposition is appealing given the day-to-day indignity and suffering that is life under our current conditions, but time and time again we have seen these experiments implode on themselves. Capitalism simply does not offer a way out and we must face this reality as the rest of the class that we are a part of faces it everyday. No amount of call-outs or privilege checking will make us into individuals untainted by the violent social relationships that permeate our reality.

—  With Allies Like These: Reflections on Privilege Reductionism, Common Cause Ottawa