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kadyorloffdiaz  asked:

Okay, I know I'm adding to the Negan talk(when this is so clearly a tumblr dedicated to the women) but to that last anon - Negan is trying to recruit Sasha. He's trying a different approach and just because he killed some asshole who was trying to sexually assault Sasha doesn't mean that he doesn't use intimidation with his wives to get what he wants. Again, I'm sorry for adding to this - Negan pisses me off.

negan is the very embodiment of rape culture, yet everyone’s acting like he’s some kind of social justice warrior now. honestly, it’s as delusional as it is disgusting.

negan is not against rape. he might have never physically forced himself on any of his “wives”, but sexual coercion is rape too. when you guilt, intimidate, manipulate, pressure or threaten someone in any way in order to get them to have sex with you, that’s sex without consent. so, him killing that other guy for attempting to rape sasha doesn’t mean he has some resemblance of a moral code nor does it make him a hero – it makes him a hypocrite. 

like you said, he’s trying to recruit sasha, manipulate her into joining him; he did not save her out of the goodness of his heart. -rita