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I’ve animated blog backgrounds for every season (including Halloween) except summer, so it’s high time I change that heh. The animation’s not as good as I’d like but how do you animate water dang it?

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recent vignettes from the life of Chalo and Priya:

  • Last night I couldn’t find Chalo, and then I did find him. Standing by a wall, gingerly licking the tapestry hanging from it.
  • Priya’s whirligig tail is nearly prehensile in its utility, and works beautifully as a built-in long line holder. Just hook the line into the tail, and it never gets tangled in her legs.
  • Chalo goes all wide-eyed with desire for injera.
  • During a recent tornado warning (yes, in March! wild), we hustled into a dark closet in the middle of the house. Both dogs considered it a wonderful party. All 50 lbs of Chalo curled up in my lap and fell asleep, while Priya leaned against me and batted her eyelashes against my forehead in the darkness. It was like a meditative field trip.

dazai-fyodorscenarios  asked:

Hello! I'm a new blog as well and wanted to say hello and good luck! If you wouldn't mind, can you make headcanons for Dazai with a very flirty s/o?

hey! hope this is what you were looking for. also yesss!! we can be new blog buddies!! good luck on yours too <3

  • When the two of you first started dating, Dazai was a little uncomfortable with how much you seemed to flirt with other people - but he knew it was just part of your flamboyant personality. Plus, it was nothing compared what you sometimes said.
  • Unfortunately, you didn’t have very good timing when it came to flirting.
    • “Hey, your coat is super sexy.”
    • “{Name}, this is a hostage situation. You are literally a hostage. That’s what you’re thinking about?”
    • “But it’s super sexy on you. You know where it would look better? My bedroom floor.”
    • Cue loud throat clearing from whoever else was in the room.
      • Hostage situations were boring, and made for a perfect chance for flirting with Dazai (you were already dating though. It just made him squirm).
      • “Do you have a name or can I just call you mine?” “We’re dating!”
  • On random occasions where someone will flirt back with you, Dazai will be there – draping himself over you while placing little kisses on your cheek.
    • “Hey baby,” he’d drawl, taking a moment to silently death glare the person flirting with you, before getting back to kissing you.
    • The person would always end up shuffling awkwardly away.
  • Let’s admit it, all your texts to him would end with ;)))
    • “hey can you get some porridge from the shop?” “oh you like porridge? ;)))))))” “hOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSe”
  • It’s not as if Dazai can’t flirt for himself. He knows just what to say to make you blush and squirm.
    • “Hey, wanna sit on my lap and talk about the first thing that pops up?”
    • “Dazai we’re at wORK!”
    • “You didn’t say no… so get over here.” (You could hear the wink in his voice).
A list of fake dogblr names

(in joint production with @dogblr-downunder, best enjoyed with a slice of wine:)

  • generic-dogblr-url
  • 10-things-i-love-about-my-dog
  • big-wet-noses
  • canine-dreams
  • black-noses-white-feet
  • everyday-im-borking
  • who-let-the-dogs-out
  • too-serious-for-dogs
  • canis-time
  • humanity-best-friend
  • i-like-big-mutts
  • domesticpets
  • homeiswherethedogis
  • 1woof2thumps
  • 1dog2dog-reddogbluedog
  • whats-that-smell
  • release-the-hounds
  • pricked-ears 
  • i-scream-u-scream-we-scream
  • i-know-more-than-cesar-millan
  • dog-snobs
  • trash-dogs
  • dog-school-rejects
  • cheese-and-cabana
  • fureverwild
  • lone-wolf-dogs
  • 5-of-one-breed
  • 14-thousand-samoyeds
  • my-dog-is-a-malinois
  • holediggers
  • snouts-and-whiskers
  • lab-report
  • reign-of-terrier
  • spitz-in-your-face
  • whippet-good
  • not-a-horse
  • too-wild-for-you
  • hipster-dog-blog 
  • when-does-the-shedding-end 
  • my-car-will-never-be-clean
  • too-many-dogs
  • puppy-puns
  • whining-and-dining
  • the-fault-in-our-showdogs
  • not-enough-dogs
  • just-right-dogs
  • constant-screaming 
  • mottled-mutt
  • kaleidoscope-dreams
  • curls-and-merles 
  • tricks4treats 
  • dogs-with-tails
  • game-of-bones
  • 2dogs1peewick
  • purebred-mixedbreed
  • trim-the-peen
  • fifty-shades-off-fluff  
  • 4paws1heart
  • manydogs
  • must-love-dogs
  • potty-breaks
  • just-keep-training
  • 4feet1tail
  • leather-leashes-wild-eyes
  • i-spoon-my-dog-at-night
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  • muzzle-me-this
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  • muddy-toe-beans
  • the-nose-knows
  • tickle-whiskers
  • no-impulse-control 
  • shelter-shopping
  • comedy-dog-show
  • get-dogs-get-judged
  • organically-grown-dogs
  • professional-mud-wrestling
  • underground-greyhound-racing
  • long-dog-at-this-tiem
  • just-a-little-husky
  • small-paws-big-hearts
  • jurassicbark
  • going-mutts
  • gang-of-hounds
  • puparazzi
  • blackmarketdogs
  • k9knockoffs
  • herebedogs
  • dogdays
  • teach-an-old-dog-new-tricks
  • houndalicious
  • howls4days
  • no-cats-allowed
  • diamond-in-the-mutt
  • dogmatic
  • heads-or-tails
  • canine-conspiracies
  • 1trick-2trick-small-lick-biglick
  • k9-unit-roll-out 
  • canisk9
  • barks-and-recreation
  • down-at-the-dog-park
  • dog-squad

Okay, last thing well not really but for now it is. I’ve seen many posts, well quite a few, about what the sequel needs. We’ve got a year left and honestly there’s so much that could possibly happen (plus if I remember correctly, the next book is coming out too). And while I agree that Disney should try and actually have a canon queer couple and not pull any tricks or other small random things like the need for Cameron and Booboo to actually sing or to bring in the other children from the Isle. Or most importantly, just more character development for practically everyone because all of these children need it. I feel like the most important thing that needs to happen, whether in the next book, in the Wicked World shorts (though I highly doubt it) or even in the sequel, are apologies. Because everyone has been wronged in some shape way or form, and no one should be getting away with it.

  • The obvious first one is King Adam/Beast apologizing to Mal, Jay, Evie and Carlos or just other future children of the Isle that come to Auradon. I talked about this before (though untagged to avoid any drama really), and I agree with the fandom, to a degree. What Adam did was wrong, no doubt about it. He’s made a pretty shitty decision and even if he had some good intentions (I really wished he talked this out more with someone), he just…messed up. But it wasn’t like he could just, take the children of the villains away from their parents. Whatever legal system this world has, I highly doubt they’d do that. But subjecting not only the parents but the children into unhealthy living conditions, all because you wanted to keep your enemies in one place. He’s partially responsible for how ‘corrupt’ (and I use this term loosely) the children are. The parents are still mostly the blame because, well, they’re villains, and they go on and on about how a villain should act. Though Ben is crowned king, I’m not even sure when he’s actually going to take the throne officially. So until then, Beast has got a lot of making up to do.
  • Piggbacking off of that about Ben, let’s talk about the second apology that needs to happen; Mal and Ben need to apologize to Audrey for publicly humiliating her in front of the ENTIRE school (and another school too considering it was a tourney game) because of Ben serenading Mal. And yes, I know this was under the effect of the love-spell, but there still should’ve been a lick of common sense to not sing to another girl when you’re dating someone else. And even after the spell was worn off of him, he still could’ve apologized to Audrey, even privately. And Mal in general, because those two have a deep history, and honestly it’s just like being slapped in the face when you’re being wronged by the child of the woman that wronged your entire family. And that little bow near the end of the movie does not cut it. There’s another issue I have about that mistreatment to Audrey but I’ll leave that for another time. And yeah, Ben didn’t really seem interested in being with Audrey, but it’s still a douche move to kind of do that (and Ben is a sweet child, but my son no).
  • I want Audrey and Mal to apologize for Ben to using him to his advantage. If you watched Auradon Secrets (and if I remember correctly), Audrey dated Ben mostly because of appearance sake. She was mostly concerned about her little popular world. I think that at some point, she probably did fall for Ben (and honestly she probably was heartbroken about what happened, in regards to the previous point. But I will also defend my pretty pink princess). And we all know the reason for Mal. I don’t really remember if she really apologized, but I feel like an apology should happen and it shouldn’t be swept under the rug because ‘he makes you happy’. Ben deserves better than that.
  • Jay, Evie, and Carlos also need to apologize to Audrey for following along with Mal. Yes, they were going along with the plan, yes it’s what they know, but they need to apologize.
  • I would really love for Jane to apologize to the rotten/core four for basically just, being a bit of a hypocrite. Though I see her as following the crowd, because it’s high school so follow the cliché social pyramid, and she’s impressionable/low self-esteem, she was wrong too. She shouldn’t have been all ‘buddy buddy’ with Mal because she changed her style (even though Mal was using her too at one point) and then just turn on her the next. I think the popularity did get to her head, and she was slightly punished for it by Mal. I still feel like somewhere she’s guilty because she did a dumb, and she just needs to apologize, to at least start to make things right.
  • I want Lonnie and Doug to apologize for kinda just, bailing out on the rotten/core four after the events of the parents’ day scene. These were the two kids that seemed to have more faith in the children of the villains than everyone else (besides Ben but he’s obvious). And yeah Doug kinda did attempt, but he got called back by Chad. I mean, it was kind of an ‘us vs. them’ thing, but again, you can’t just sweep this under the rug by dancing with Evie in the last song.
  • I want Chad and Audrey to apologize for not having enough faith in Ben about trusting the four. Now Audrey, I understand why she wouldn’t really trust them (or at least Mal mostly), but not much for Chad. Then again, there is still the whole ‘they’re bad news, can’t trust them’, and whatever else they were told about the children of the villains. But honestly, if they were Ben’s friends (and I use that lightly too), they should’ve had just a bit more faith in him.
  • I want Chad to apologize for all four in general, but mostly to Evie. He used her and that was wrong, and to call her a ‘gold digger’, like no that’s messed up. Again, I still want Chad to apologize to all four (though he hasn’t been super rude to Carlos, so praise for that), but it runs deeper with Evie in my opinion.
  • And finally, and this is also for the sake of @geniiied, I would like Jay to apologize to Jordan and Mal about the lamp thing. Though it may have been because of his kleptomania (something that I see him struggling to work on), I feel like an apology is in order for 1) framing your best friend in a theft you did and 2) stealing someone’s home.

I know that even with these apologies, there’ll be people in this fandom that won’t change their opinions about characters (like Jane and Chad for example), and I get that. All of these kids did something wrong, whether it was big or small, and it shouldn’t be swept under the rug or just played off as a ‘oh that was because you were evil but now you’re good so it’s all good’. Taking responsibility is just the first step of growing up, and it’s just really important for everyone.

And even if all of these apologies aren’t met (which will be a bummer) as long as some of them are handled, I would appreciate that more than anything else in the world.

I just started to reread Terrier and one of the first paragraphs of the book is written by Eleni Cooper, and reads:

“I want him to rise in the world. We are poor now, but I pray we will not always be so. And I cannot afford a better place to live. My family will not have me back, not after our last meeting. So I am left here, trying to raise a lad who sees and hears and thinks too much, in the city’s worst slum.”

And I just have so many emotions about this. Because here’s Eleni as a young woman, alone in the world except for her six-year-old son who just got arrested for the first time, and she’s terrified. She’s terrified that he won’t ever get the chance to live up to the potential that she knows is in there. She’s terrified that she won’t be able to keep him safe. She’s terrified that they’ll never get out. 

Her family won’t take them. She knows she has to make a life for herself. It’s up to her to keep her son safe, and she doesn’t know how she can do that. She has no fall-back system. She just wants to give her son the life she knows he deserves. The life that they deserve. She prays that they won’t always be so alone in the world.

And it’s just amazing to think that, in a little over ten years, a lass masquerading as a boy will tumble into their lives, and they will already be not just living, but thriving.

George at that point has, of course, already risen as high as he is able to go in the slums. He is living as the king of the Tortallan underground, and is helping to give his mother the life he knows that she always longed to give him.

And while yes, it’s Alanna, a tiny, red-headed and violet-eyed girl with her mind set on rising above the expectations set for her, who will change their lives forever, and it’s Alanna’s friendship that leads George to Jon, and Jon who helps George to leave the Rogue and become a baron, Alanna’s foster-father who marries Eleni, giving her the life she never dreamed she could have, but that she absolutely deserves. But they were thriving without her.

Eleni did everything in her power to give her son the life that he deserved. George did everything in his power to give her the life that she deserved. Together, they were no longer a scared, lonely single-mother and her young son. They were a powerful healing woman who knew what she was doing, and where she stood in life, and the most powerful man in the Tortallan underground. They didn’t really need Alanna to come into their lives, for they were able to reach success on their own.

It makes me so happy that they didn’t need Alanna’s help. That while yes, she did come into their lives and change things and gave them opportunities that they would never have reached without her, they were doing just fine– no, more than fine– on their own. Their succcess was theirs, and theirs alone. Alanna gave them opportunities, but they would still have been thriving without those opportunities. Of course, they’re happy with the fact that Alanna and Myles and Jon and everyone ended up in their lives, but something tells me that they would have done just fine had George not seen Alanna enter the city as a wide-eyed eleven-year-old kid.

Life was tough for Eleni and George Cooper, a single-mother and young son left to fend for themselves in the worst slum of all of Corus. But they rose above, and they were able to thrive. Oh, did they thrive. They deserve everything and more that they gained in life. They’re honestly some of the most inspiring characters in the entire series. Few things make me happier than the happiness in life that Eleni and Geoge Cooper were able to receive.