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jared has identity problems pass it on

E: How would you like it if a bunch of people came to you telling you you aren’t something that you want to be! That you know you are and you’ve always been! So maybe his tail is a heart, I don’t know what that means but maybe you should lay off him and listen when he says hes a wrath demon!
I-if you don’t then I’ll make you!

Munday Meme Sprung From My Mind~!

Get to know me anon or not, and as many as you like~

1. Full name?
2. Birthday?
3. Favourite food?
4. Favourite drink?
5. Favourite colour?
6. Best friends or many good friends?
7. Coke or Pepsi?
8. Taken or Single?
9. Preferred Pronouns?
10. Amusing memory?
11. Any tumblr crushes?
12. Blogger picture :3 ?
13. Leader or follower?
14. Pet peeve?
15. Sexuality?
16. Do you fit a stereotype?
17. Ever fallen for a friend?
18. Favourite song?
19. Favourite Animal?
20. Smoker?
21. Pop or Soda?
22. Favourite book/ series??
23. Opinion on Global warming?
24. Opinion on Same sex marriage?
25. Opinion on legal marihuana?
26. Opinion on deforestation?
27. You’re now on a desert island! What three things do you take? Be realistic!
28. You are holding an infant in one hand and an old veteran in the other from a cliff, but you can save one. Which and why?
29. Fluff or Angst RPs?
30. Fanfic reader?
31. Pets?
32. Siblings?
33. Favourite film?
34. What are you doing?
35. Do you sleep often?
36. Ever had a nightmare?
37. Skype please?
38. Kik please?
39. WANNA be friends?!
40. We should talk more
41. Braces?
42. Preferred career?
43. Are you employed currently?
44. Do you receive pocket money?
45. Bank card? (Any)
46. Do you like iPhone?
47. Rock or hiphop?
48. Heavy shipper or few small ships?
49. Do you love your family?
50. Do I like your blog?

And extra depth:
51. Will we destroy our forests?
52. Will we ever find a renewable, efficient fuel?
53. Optimist, or pessimistic?
54. Malthus’ theory or Boserup’s theory on food relative to population?
55. Are we doomed to drive ourselves to extinction?
56. What will eliminate humans? Disease or war?
57. Are we alone in the universe?
58. Zombie apocalypse time, do you think the evil in humanity will be shown even in children?
59. Could you kill and why?
60. Have you ever wanted to cause a great harm to someone, or felt in the power to end their life in an action? EG in front of you on a cliff?

Delphic Maxim #51

Shun murder

Don’t kill people. Just don’t. There’s only one reason to: if it is necessary for self defense. If you can harm the attacker and get away without them dying, then do it and run. If it takes them dying for you to be safe, then that is the only reason it is necessary.

I also see this as not making the murderer a central point of the murder. The news, when reporting mass murders and such, focuses too much on the perpetrator and less on remembering the victims. It’s important for society to understand the motivation and aspects of the murder that caused it, but giving the murderer more time than they are worth is not good.

Glory to the Gods


the sun also rises

kirigakure saizo x mc (unnamed)

a/n: @bloody-geisha graced my ask box with her presence (if you haven’t checked out her blog check out her blog) and requested prompt 51 from this list - “you deserve better than me.” @jemchew he’s your favorite right? and @demon-princess-anastasia <3

All he sees are electric eyes; trembling hands, and words dying in a desperate throat. Steam pools at his ankles from the recent rains, and she looks up at him with something a little like fear in the lines of her face.

Blood is guilt on his skin, sticking hot to his eyelashes and the curve of his jaw. He tells himself she signed up for this, but he still can’t convince himself it’s right.

He’s never had this problem before; he knows what he is, has always known, and has never expected anyone to think any differently.

But, her…

Well, she’s not just anyone, he reasons, but even his internal monologue wavers.

“Saizo…” she whispers his name. He sees his best friend in her face, in her eyes, and the blood feels unnaturally heavy, drying tight on his skin.

He always has a chance to clean up before she sees him, always, but now that’s over. She sees him post-mission, the moon glinting cruelly off the blood on his skin and sweat on his hairline. He must look like a monster, he thinks, face falling into a cold, smiling mask. Straight out of a nightmare.

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LURK LISTS TOMORROW, Nov - 19 - 2017

5pm GMT

6pm for Berlin

11am for EST

9am for WST

4am for AUS sorry :/

There will be 4 posts, three of 13 blogs and one of 11 blogs, that’s 51 blogs!!! Love you guys so much xxxx


Thank you

  • for being the most cute cinnamon roll ever
  • for playing on the drums with heart and passion
  • for creating the sound of Guns N’ Roses
  • that, for me, you are the best drummer ever
  • for overcoming your addictions
  • for your big smile
  • for being vegan
  • for everything you made with Guns N’ Roses
  • for just being who you are

Happy birthday from blog-music-is-my-life

I’m currently following 51 blogs and idk how that happened, I could’ve sworn it was way more, and I want to make a “like/reblog if you write fantasy stuff” type post. But then I also don’t?

Because 100+ people will end up liking or reblogging and I’ll follow like 3.5 of them. I’d feel bad for disappointing people. 

Why am I like this?

The Ultimate PLL Questions

The Ones we Love (And Ones We Love to Hate)

1.      Who is your favorite Liar?

2.      Who is your least favorite Liar?

3.      Who is your ultimate favorite character?

4.      Which character can you NOT STAND?

5.      Which is the ONE ship you cannot live without, your endgame?

6.      Which is one ship you’d wish would sink (or stay sunken forever)?

7.      Your favorite crack ship? (Cmon … everyone has one)

8.      Favorite Alison quote?

9.      Favorite Emily quote?

10.   Favorite Spencer quote?

11.   Favorite Hanna quote?

12.   Favorite Aria quote?

13.   Favorite Mona quote?

14.   Funniest Hanna moment?

15.   Bitchy Alison or Forgiving Alison?

16.   Which is your favorite friendship?

17.   Who is your favorite villain?

18.   What is your favorite parent/child relationship?

19.   Who is the ultimate parent(s)?

20.   Who is your favorite sibling?

21.   Evil Mona or Sincere Mona?

22.   Who is your favorite temporary character? (The ones that come and go, we all know em’)

23.   Who is one character you wish could come back to life?

The Story Behind it All

24.   What is your favorite season?

25.   What is your favorite season finale?

26.   What is your favorite episode?

27.   Favorite quote from the show?

28.   What is your favorite romance scene/ ship scene?

29.   Favorite Emison scene?

30.   Favorite Ezria scene?

31.   Favorite Haleb scene?

32.   Favorite Spoby Scene?

33.   Caleb or Jordan? (For Hanna)

34.   Caleb or Toby? (For Spencer)

35.   Ezra or Liam? (For Aria)

36.   Emily or Rollins? (For Alison)

37.   What is your favorite –A reveal?

38.   What is your favorite –A ending?

39.   What is your favorite overall storyline?

40.   What is your favorite OMG moment?

41.   One storyline you wish didn’t exist?

42.   What is your least favorite episode?

43.   What is the most heartbreaking scene?

44.   Least favorite season?

45.   One plot hole that you wish could be filled already?

46.   One scene you would watch over and over again?

47.   What are you looking forward to in the upcoming episodes/seasons?

The Fandom

48.   Who is your tumblr crush?

49.   Who is your tumblr best friend(s)?

50.   Which blog makes you laugh the most?

51.   Which blog has the best theories?

52.   Which blog can you stay up all night reblogging from?

53.   Who is your favorite live blogger?

54.   Which blog creates your favorite GIFS?

55.   Which blog is your favorite shipper?

56.   Which blog do you wish you were closer with?

57. What is your favorite blog?

MAY UPDATE: New Science blogs added to the Big Science Blog List (51 new blogs!)

My big list of science blogs is now updated. You can view them at the links below (two posts because the original got too big)

Part 1

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Now for the new blogs!


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I wish you:

  • to be a part of Guns N’ Roses reunion, because you deserve that
  • to always have big smile on your face
  • many happy hours spending behind the drums
  • many good concerts with your new band
  • good health
  • happiness with your wife
  • a lot of new pugs (bc you love them)

Happy birthday from blog-music-is-my-life

It’s been a few years since I’ve joined simblr. With all the ups and downs I’m continuing this blog, maybe in a less active way than at the beginning, but it’s more important that I still find it fun, right? Today I decided it’s time to make a follow forever. 

Under the cut there is a list of 51 blogs in total that I adore the most for their posts which were and still are my inspiration, a helpful hand, a reason why I smile. Also, for the conversations we had, for all the games we tagged each other and of course for everything you posted I want to say thank you ♥

Here comes the list!

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