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Let’s Movie Nerd-Out About (00)Q in SPECTRE

Because gay subtext is about more than just the eye-screwing, which is admittedly copious in this film.

There are a couple good reasons to be interested by the development of our new Q, played by Ben Whishaw, over the course of his two installments in the Bond franchise. Not only have Skyfall and SPECTRE given the character a much-needed update, but director Sam Mendes has succeeded in deconstructing several of the established tropes regarding the 007-Q interaction – and with them, a lot of prior assumptions about loyalty, identity, and sexuality in the Bond universe. It’s really fascinating to see the ways in which Whishaw’s Q is continuous with and a subversion of different types of characters from Bond’s extensive history, from the Bond Villain to the Bond Girl, from the original Q to Agent 007 himself. So the time has come put on some Sam Smith and nerd out about character psychology and aestheticized homoeroticism. (Major Spoilers, obviously.)

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@10kiaoi and i have been having a hilarious conversation about alec trevelyan, 006, going off on some really long mission and one day coming back to find his best friend and bonafide womanizer james bond has moved in with three other guys including the quartermaster of mi6, the quartermaster’s stunt double (when did mi6 even assign those?), 009, and… blofeld’s cat lives with them???? 


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Blofeld’s cat in You Only Live Twice flips the fuck out after hearing a loud noise. I love how Donald Pleasence is struggling to force him into submission to get through the scene. Apparently after this the cat split and it took them two days to find him. HAHA, best cat video ever…