blodsvept tour


Went to Finntroll last night with VIP tickets including a meet and greet before their set. It was probably the most thrilling and exhilarating live metal show I’ve ever been to. The guys of Finntroll are SO NICE, I mentioned that I’ve been following their tour on facebook, and thanked them thoroughly for coming to atlanta even though they must be tired by now, thanked them for their fun, dancey, brutal music, thanked them a million times for signing my wall flag and they were happy to take a photo with me together.

That is my sweet boyfriend there next to me, who bought me this ticket as a birthday present and came with me even though he’s not really into metal… overall I kept my composure while trying to be as nice as possible. They each went out of their way to shake my hand. After that, I got right up in front of the stage and headbanged for my life. Now the wall flag is back over my bed in front of my window where it belongs, just with a little more awesomeness than before. I LOVE FINNTROLL.