“tell your sister you were right” is the worst thing a parent can say to a child, anyone who has siblings knows that this would just make them mad, can you imagine luke going ‘hey dad told me to tell you i was right’ instead of ‘hey dad told me to tell you he’s sorry for everything’ (which anakin should have said) no wonder leia was traumatized and hated him

“Love, date and pixie dust”

I heard boys outside my room toast to those words.  I am locked up in here because my brother and his friends decided it’s drinking night tonight.  So, I’m stuck here listening to their tipsy-almost-drunk nothingness.


There’s a drunk boy on my bed.  He’s drunk so he’s saying a lot of senseless things like “stay with me forever.” ; “I legit love you” ; “I want to hug you” and blah.  But it’s just the alcohol in his blood and nothing he says tonight is real.


The boy is still on my bed and he is violent red.  I lied down with him and he put his arm around me.  I closed my eyes and tried to sleep despite a drunken body next to mine.  We shared the same air as his face was inches from mine and I could smell the alcohol in his breath.  


This boy put my hand on his chest and told me that his heart was beating fast.  He intertwined his fingers with mine and kissed my cheek, my forehead, my nose.  And I let him.  In the morning, it will all be forgotten because in his drunken state, the alcohol will flood over his memories, his thoughts, his critical-thinking.

I fell asleep in his arms for a while and I felt secure and warm.  And I thought in that moment, I fell in love with a drunk boy on my bed.  But, then I realized that it was just the alcohol in his bloodstream.  It rid him of all his common sense and sanity.

I hate alcohol.

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why do you like suigetsu so much? suigetsu isnt even that great

How dare you! Suigetsu is a treasure!

He’s funny

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Loyal to his team

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Perceptive (when he wants to be)

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A bit of a coward too, but everyone has their flaws

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also he’s water like really and we need water to survive sooo

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not to mention he’s really flipping cute like wtf

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He’s honestly so great plz don’t bash him. just look at that face!!



gif request meme » Borderlands + favorite minor character

I love how the antis love throwing around legal jargon or criminal offences left right and centre - but when corrected (because they got the law wrong) they scream that it’s actually about morality and that they’re right anyway.

Listen. That is not how it works. You want to be legal and technical? It might surprise u but some of us work in the legal profession. And you are wrong. Sorry.