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I saw Dash Baxter chasing that Fenton boy again and he hid in a locker, but when Dash opened it, he was gone. Then Dash got a ghost wedgie so... Not to be that Wes kid, but I think Fenton's a ghost or something. #Iswearimnotcrazy #whattheheckhappened #Dashislayingonthegroundcrying #iaskedhimifhewasok #hesreallynot #someonehelpmecarryhimtotheinfirmary #onlyinamitypark

Someone create a Phantom adaption where it’s the same as the ALW musical but right after the intermission the Daroga randomly shows up and spends the rest of the show throwing his hands up in frustration and exclaiming, “What the hell is this? What the hell is that! What the fuck is you?”

And the entire final lair is him in the corner ready to tear his hair out going “WHY”


I’m so sorry…not a fluff…very angst…talks some about drugs and addiction…uhhh…don’t do drugs!

Hey @sonadowfire here you go…

People feared ecto-contamination, but not like this. There had been four deaths in the past two days. A narcotic, street-named phaze, killed them.

Madeline Fenton stared at compound’s makeup, the 3-D drawing swirled around on the screen. Ectoplasm. Some idiot dealer, had mixed ectoplasm with a combination of three other drugs, and two, still unidentified, substances.

signing , she leaned back in her chair. Had this happened anywhere else, it would take her all of two hours to find the source. But this was Amity. Ectoplasm had seeped into the very makeup of the town. She couldn’t track it.

After 15 hours of research, seven more deaths, careful examination of the dead, communication with the D.E.A. and local law enforcement, and far more coffee than should be consumed was, a plan was made.

Ectoplasm was extremely easy to spot in a human body. Starting with “at risk” groups, such as high school students and addicts of other drugs, every citizen of Amity Park would be scanned. The elder Fentons, were used as control, being near the substance as their profession would give them the highest concentration of ectoplasm in the town. Anyone with levels over, 11% would be rushed to the hospital. Then to rehab, if they survived.

At 58%, Daniel Fenton should not be alive, much less walking. Maddie sobbed, her blurry eyes locked on the shattered pieces of the phone. Why did everything suddenly have to make sense?

“No!” the panic evident in his voice.

“Don’t worry kid, we’ll get you help.” The nurse replied soothingly as she pushed him back on the gurney.

“You don’t understand!” They didn’t listen. After all, it would only sound like the ravings of an addict who’d just gotten caught.


This instagram user has been reposting other artists work and claiming that they made them. I blocked them and tried to report them but wowowee is this annoying 😤😤😤

(art in that screenshot includes works from @amethystocean-adr @deadlandsqueen @beccadrawsstuff)

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So I was in Mr. Lancer's class when 'it' happened and the only girl close to me was Sam Manson, so I turned to her and asked her if she had anything and jfc this girl is like the drug dealer of feminine needs. #onlyinamitypark #icalledheradrugdealerandshelaughed #TuckerandDannyweresoconfused #thisisladystuffpleaseleave #wecallitthesacrificialwaterfall

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Teach me how to get a girlfriend ;~;

Lure her down to your underground home with your sweet angelic voice and sing her a song about how much you want to bang her and how lonely you are. 

If that doesn’t work, make her the lead in your angsty opera and propose to her onstage after murdering her costar and assuming his role. 

And if that still does not work,