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Hi!!! I just got caught up with your disney imagines and I love them all! Could you do a Gabriel x Reader based on Sugar Rush from Wreck-it Ralph? Maybe they both get sugar highs while the guys are on a hunt :) It’s all up to you! Have a lovely day! :D

I’m sorry its short I just had really bad writers block

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You sat on the couch with a bowl of popcorn on your lap. You threw a handful in your mouth and groan. “Gabe!”

“Yes my sugar pie” he smirked poking his head into the room.

“This tastes funny.” You pout a little.

He walked over and sat beside you. “Lemmi try.” He took a large handful. “We’ll its very sugary…” He ate a little more, “Just a bit more to make sure it’s not poison.”

“Hey, save me some.” She batted his hand away and you ate some more. “I’m glad the boys went on a hunting trip.” You say after a while of silent.

“Why so we can have some alone time?” he wriggles his eyebrows at you.

You shove him and giggle. “No.” you smirk “Because we can raid the candy cupboard and try to find everyone’s stash.” You stood up on the couch holding up your arm in a victorious stance.

Gabriel jumped up beside you. “Then you’re on…Bring back everything you find in 30 minutes, put it on the coffee table and then we’ll see who the winner is.”

“Everything has to be a game with you” you tut and climb down from the couch. “Go!”

By the time he looked around you were gone. “Cheat!” he shouted after you.

He snatched a bag of gummi bears off the counter and left the kitchen.

You picked up the bowls and bags of candy, taking them with you as you made your way through the bunker to the living room again.

You nodded a hello to each other before running off.

You made a pile of gummi bears, jelly beans, suckers, M&M’s, and other candies into the bowls you brought from the kitchen and surrounded the table with them.

“I win.” You smile happily to yourself. Making Gabriel groan.

Once consuming all the candy you both had major sugar rushes. Gabriel kept talking about his wings and how they shone like gold, he just kept talking and talking and making dogs and things appear.

You had a stomach ache and where twitching every now and again.

When dean and Sam got home they didn’t know what to say but they had to look after the two of you like you where children.


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