blocks and binding

The elements are often categorised: fire + air = positive, masculine, earth + water = negative, feminine. But there are basic personality building blocks which bind all of the elemental combination.

Fire & Earth prize honesty, Air & Water can manipulate

Fire & Air are extroverted, Earth & Water are introverted

Fire & Water are emotional, Earth & Air are intellectual

you dream about a world where
your family is free
and let your fringe grow long over your eyes
blocking away the bonds that
bind you home

you let flames lick your fingertips
dancing ever closer to the fire
broken bottles and cigarette wrappers
litter your truck
laughing too loud, too long

you are tired now
a life spent watching, waiting, wanting
dreaming about paths not taken
the sun is too bright for beautiful eyes
sleep is a wonder

—  goddess dreaming (h.a)