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"That is how Magic has worked for all but one year of its twenty-four year life." Expect now Magic is making blocks VERY different from any point in its history. The fact that the fall block has a MASSIVE promotional event in the form of Pax that the spring set simply can't get (the GP even for Shadows was really cool, but nothing like Pax) plus magic players being trained to focus on the fall block for historical reasons causes the spring block to seem less important.

We’re working on making the spring (NH) block feel just as important.


3.10 part 5 - Bånder: The three times Isak broke eye contact, closed his eyes, or averted his gaze + the three times Even doesn’t let Isak let go of him

au where arthur is some kind of forest spirit and alfred is a prince

not sure where this is going but i like it

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What if all might is colour blind?


ooooooooo imagine that the students and teachers get their hands on those glasses that help color blind folks see colors and they give the pair to toshinori and he just walks around outside lowkey crying because oh my gosh look at how pretty these leaves are

Sweetest Sin

Summary: The reader is Sam’s girlfriend. But Dean wants her really badly… Dean’s POV

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: LANGUAGE and smut (it’s a little PWP I guess lol)

Words: 1400

A/N: First of all I’m sorry for the lack of updates! But I had so much stuff to do and then I had a writers block…I hope this one shot makes up for it. It’s different to the stuff I usually write, but I really enjoyed writing this and I think it turned out pretty good…tell me what you think!

He knew it was wrong. He knew. He knew it was wrong, because he’d done a fucking lot of bad things before. This definitely felt like a bad thing. But at the same time – nothing had ever felt that good. She was a sin. Oh hell, she was such a sin. But then again, Dean Winchester was a sinner. It wasn’t exactly a big deal anymore, was it?

He could still stop now. He could still limit the damage, if he just quit now. If he just told her to leave. But he couldn’t speak. He should shove her away. He should tell her that they couldn’t do this. He should, should, should. But he didn’t. Instead, he kept caressing her lips with his tongue, kept his hands tangled in her beautiful hair, pulled her even closer.

God fucking damn it. She’d made him lose control.

He’d managed the situation well before. He’d stayed out of her way, he had tried his best to suppress his need, suppress his immoral desire. He had watched her kiss his brother and he hadn’t said a thing. He’d swallowed his jealousy. He’d been so good at hiding his feelings. She wasn’t his – she was Sam’s. And he had to deal with it. But man, they way she’d looked at him this morning. He could have taken her right there on the kitchen table.

“Sam left. He will be back tomorrow evening,” she’d said and she had looked so gorgeous then, with her hair all messy and her (y/e/c) eyes glowing. She’d still been sleepy, wearing nothing but jersey shorts and one of her boyfriend’s flannels. One of Sam’s flannels. For fuck’s sake, he was thirsting over his little brother’s girlfriend. This was a new low. 

“We could do something together,” he’d said before he could properly think about it and she’d nodded happily, flashing him that bright smile that he loved so much. They’d left the kitchen together then and started watching a movie, Jurassic Park, in Dean’s room. The bunker all empty and Y/N by his side, so close to him, made his heart tingle and he didn’t know what to do. Should I put my arm around her? He’d hesitated. But after a few more minutes, he’d just done it, telling himself that it wasn’t a big deal after all. She hadn’t pushed him away – no, she’d put her head on his chest, scooping closer to him. Fuck, he’d thought and the desperate need for her had almost made him groan. It had driven him insane.

“Dean?” she’d asked, after the movie was over and the credits rolled. Her voice had sounded halting and unsure, she’d looked up at him, with those beautiful eyes of hers. “Yeah,” he’d replied, his voice a little hoarse. “Can you keep a secret?” her fingers had lazily trailed over his chest, drawing small circles. 

“Of course I can. What’s going on, Y/N?” he’d assured her, sitting up and then shifting a little, so that they were facing each other. She’d looked scared, still hesitant. What the hell was going on? 

She’d stayed silent for a few seconds before answering. “I…Sam said that he loves me,” she’d stated, looking at the grey bed sheets underneath them. Dean had run his left hand through his short hair, trying not to let his anger show. Anger? Or sadness? Frustration? Who knew. It felt awful. He had no chance with her. None. And that hurt like a motherfucker. He wasn’t used to being so attached to a woman. All of this felt so new – and terrible. God, she would make him lose his mind. 

“So?” he’d responded, clenching his jaw. 

“I didn’t say it back…I mean I…I…just didn’t say anything and now I feel so bad. But I- I just wasn’t able to say it. Because I don’t feel that way. I thought I would but I don’t and now I really don’t know what to do. I can’t just leave, can I? I don’t actually want to leave this place…it feels like home…but I can’t just stay with him…” she had simply been speaking her mind, not thinking anymore, just letting everything out and Dean couldn’t help but feel relieved. He knew that he shouldn’t be – his brother loved this woman and he was going to be devastated if he found out that she didn’t reciprocate his feelings. But fuck, Dean wanted her so bad. And he hoped that maybe…

“I don’t want you to go,” he’d blurted out before he could stop himself. She’d looked up at him then, their eyes locking and then she’d just kissed him. She’d grabbed his face and kissed him right on the lips. He hadn’t bothered questioning her actions, his brain had shut down and he had kissed her back, deeply, with all that he had.

Now here they were, making out on his bed. She was on his lap, straddling him and driving him crazy. On the inside, he still fought with himself. He sure as hell felt guilty about this – there was no way that Sam would forgive him. But in that moment, everything was hazy, he was poisoned by her taste and her glorious scent and it just seemed worth it. He couldn’t stop. He ripped the buttons of her shirt (or rather his brother’s shirt) and exposed her perfectly shaped breasts. He was stunned – it was just like he’d imagined it. Even better. 

“Dean, I’ve always wanted you,” she whispered as he was slowly stroking her bosom, kissing her neck and sucking on a sensitive spot under her ear. She sighed slightly and her words and the sounds that escaped her lips made him crave her even more. He was so hard for her. 

It was too late to turn back. Even if he’d regret it in the morning, even if she’d regret it in the morning – he had to have her now. He needed her. Badly. He undressed her further, tossing her clothing aside. She unbuttoned his checkered shirt carefully and he was amazed by her self control. Dean himself had obviously none left.

“Y/N,” he murmured when she let her hands run over his bare chest, exploring his body. His skin seemed to burn under her touch and he relished in the sensation. It almost made him tremble. He wished she’d never stop touching him. He wanted to keep her.

She proceeded then, unbuckling his jeans. 

There were to naked bodies now, pressing against each other, both eager, filled with lust. He let his fingers wander south, gently rubbing her, then slipping one finger inside. He groaned – she was so wet, so ready for him – and pushed in and out of her, adding another finger. She moaned in response, moving her hips towards him, wanting more. He couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled his fingers out and aligned himself at her entrance. In this moment, she was his. He placed a hasty kiss on her lips before thrusting into her. She gasped at the feeling. He started moving inside of her, lost in his pleasure. Shit, she felt so fucking great. She was so perfect. He used one of his hands to take care of her breasts while he pounded into her, going faster and faster. He was going to lose it soon, he could feel it. But he wanted her to come first, he needed to feel her high. Her moans and sighs got louder as he went on, he reached down, his thumb rubbed circles over her sensitive spot…And then she came undone. Her walls clenched around him, she cried out his name, digging her fingernails into his back and he followed right after, deciding that this was the most erotic thing he’d ever been able to witness.

They fell asleep shortly after, legs tangled, Y/N’s body wrapped in Dean’s arms. And the last thing he could remember thinking was She really is the sweetest of my sins.

An open letter to staff about the disgusting blog firewinthings:

Recently it has been brought to the attention of the Rooster Teeth community that there is an individual going by Firewin Things posting sexually photoshopped content of Rooster Teeth staff (and ocassionally other YouTubers) to their blog.

Everyone, RT staff included, is disgusted that this is happening, and we really don’t think it has a place on Tumblr. It’s harassment, humiliating and simply abusive to the individuals being featured in their posts.

People are also constantly using these resources to attack people and make them feel uncomfortable by tweeting them links to the posts, tagging them in the content, and it’s just generally revolting behaviour.

We believe this has no place on Tumblr. Please, do something about it, and help us keep Tumblr as the safe environment we have.

For those asking what can you do:

The easiest thing for you to do is to reblog this post. It gets the information out there, and as silly as it sounds, can make a huge difference.

Block the blog, and report them. You should be offered to report them when you block them. Please file the reports correctly, under harassment or anything similar. Once again, the blog doing these things is “firewinthings”.

That’s really all we can do, for now. Hopefully things get sorted out.

Look at this. My tweet got quoted on this graphic. This was posted on twitter (x). As well as facebook. Not gonna lie this really made me happy to see.

late night doodle to make up for my lack of drawing this month  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


That RPG-Maker Game which I am slowly, slooowly making. I realized a few days ago that, when it is finished, it will be fairly short, so I think I´ll see that I can finish it some time in the near future.

I think I might have to make the shading on the blocks a bit darker still, the difference might be a bit hard to see.

Working Title: Going Home.

This drama shits actually pissing me the fuck off

If you think the sidemen are too problematic, then leave. You’re not help to the situation at hand, nor are you good for the fandom, so leave. If you’re like most of us, who understand and recognize the problematic side of the sidemen, but realize that they only do it mainly for content (cause let’s be real, the shit they say isn’t them, it makes teen boys laugh and that’s their main target), and push past the FEW bad things about each of them, and see all the amazing things they do; then I applaud you for having a brain.

If you’re here to fight me, I’m honestly just going to block you because you’re not going to make a difference in my life, you’re just going to be annoying on my notifs.

Just don’t be a fucking dick okay? Let’s push past this, please