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I know people on tumblr often joke about “oh that’s homophobic” but @staff marking LGBT+ content as “sensitive material” when it isn’t pornographic is actual homophobia. Just because I’m under eighteen, doesn’t mean it’s wrong for me to see two girls kiss, because newsflash I KISS GIRLS! I’VE SEEN IT BEFORE AND I’VE DONE IT BEFORE IT’S NOT SOMETHING THAT NEEDS TO BE HIDDEN!

Also, it’s not even one post is blocked for everybody, different people have different things blocked, it makes no sense.

stop with the queer censoring already especially when you’re wishing users a happy pride

blocked someone for leaving a mean comment on a snake video & damn it felt good. calling someone’s pet disgusting is so so gross, don’t do that pls. AND while we’re at it, let’s not joke about killing other people’s pets?

like, if anyone ever “joked” about killing Pangur or Furby I would block so fast my finger’d shatter. makes no difference if it’s a cat or a snake or a tarantula, someone loves that animal. don’t be cruel

au where arthur is some kind of forest spirit and alfred is a prince

not sure where this is going but i like it


3.10 part 5 - Bånder: The three times Isak broke eye contact, closed his eyes, or averted his gaze + the three times Even doesn’t let Isak let go of him

As a final post on this “discourse” sideblog, I want to talk about something not specific to the ace discourse, but rather something that cuts across all groups, all people online or off. Whatever you are arguing or whatever side you are on, we as humans are prone to confirmation bias and the online world is no better place than to create echo-chambers.

I have always felt that teaching myself skepticism was one of the best things I could have done for myself. It was during that time I was also active in the atheist community, online and off. The skeptic and atheist community often overlapped and it was from these groups that I became a feminist.

New atheist groups often wonder why they are largely made up of white men, and if you challenge them on their sexism/racism etc… it becomes obvious why, which is what happened to me. I was the darling women on a majority male forum agreeing with them that religion is the source of all evil, therefore exempting atheist men from things like sexism and all other bigotries. It wasn’t until an argument about rape culture came up that I saw just how deeply misogynist some of these men were.

So my venture into skeptic and atheist groups not only taught me the scientific process and logical fallacies but it also steered me towards social justice. I am no longer friends with any of those people in real life or online. Once I became a feminist and was able to identify their sexism, I wasn’t their darling atheist spokeswoman anymore. It was another valuable lesson in the way people form their groups and their echo-chambers within. How people will ignore some really bad things just to stay included and how they will turn when someone strays. Some people may be thinking of trump supporters now, but everyone is susceptible to this type of behavior.

Fast forward a few years later, but still a few years ago and I had to deal with a callout on an anonymous forum I moderated bc they monitored my tumblr and I made the sin of reblog from and being in mutuals with the wrong people, (who were just ppl they didn’t like including people I’ve since met IRL.) I was dubbed a transphobe not for anything I explicitly said or did that was transphobic, it was guilt by association. Had to leave the forum, as this was also invitation to make up other horrible things I never did bc they could and now ppl were ready to believe.

This is around the time TERF started catching on, and while I certainly agree with calling out transphobia in feminism (I would never insist a trans woman is male, I think thats a violent act against trans women! And I despise it being done in the name of feminism) but at the same time it turned into a witch hunt for anyone who talked about sex-based oppression that even ended up attacking other trans woman for not towing a certain Tumblr rhetoric on these issues!

I’m no LGBT elder by any means, but I have been online since I was about 12 and I’m 32 now. I remember a time when the internet was far more horrible on SJ matters but also far more anonymous. People never dropped their real name; now one of the biggest social media sites requires it. And before that even happened I still saw a lot of petty bullshit happening online that wound up really hurting people IRL. So now with it easier to find out who people are and where they live, I can only imagine how online drama has ruined lives. We know it has driven people to suicide, and so as fun as it is to get self righteously angry at people for whatever your cause is, there’s still a person at the other end and no one’s perfect.

I am truly disturbed at how incredibly cliquey SJ groups are online, how callout posts aren’t for extreme racist sexist bigots, but for some drama I can’t even parse in their so called “proof”. And then you have activists on this site who block anyone who disagrees with them so their criticisms can’t show up in the notes. Some even go so far as dox people now for daring to disagree! K(And let’s be clear, I shed no tears for literal nazis being doxxed and losing their job, that’s just not what I’m seeing)

It’s easy, its human nature to fall into social pressures and conform to whatever the Big Names in your group are saying without question and to defend an absurd position based on emotional attachment than logical assessment. And we know it’s also easy to fall into a mob mentality and scapegoat people for all our problems. It’s also super fucking easy to plead mental illness and pretend you should be allowed to say anything you want without criticism, something that I hate so much as one who suffers from many mental issues including anxiety. (That’s why I created rules for myself when arguing online so I didn’t end up giving myself panic attacks over an internet edge lord)

I say this knowing I have participated in this behavior myself as well as having been a victim of it. But a lot in my life has changed and I am an older and sicker… and still likely to make similar mistakes. Point is I have learned and I have trained myself to not to fall into these traps and it does help. Experience is one hell of a teacher but it doesn’t have to be the only one.

No one can know if they are 100% right on any given issue, we all have our convictions for a reason. The difference is are you willing to listen to dissent? Are you willing to challenge your opinion and put it to the test? Or do you make block lists and shun anyone who entertains any different opinion? (a classic tactic amongst anti-vax groups when a parent sees the science) My convinction of many of my beliefs comes from the fact I have argued them over and over again, discharging beliefs that did not pass the test, while strengthening my arguments for and belief in those that do.

Make no mistake, when it does come to the so called “discourse” both sides can be guilty of this shit. I claim no purity.
And I am in no way implying that we tolerate hate groups and violent hate speech, like those of nazis bc unfortunately nazis are actually relevant again, but I am saying some of you need a reality check on what that exactly entails, because a lesbian speaking her truth is not it.

And for god sakes don’t put teens on block lists, you know it invites harassment, you fucking know it.


There’s something really dangerous about the generations of today and how they react to conflict. I’ve noticed that social tolerance levels have dwindled down to almost nothing, to the point where it almost rivals the older gen that we’ve tried so hard to separate ourselves from. If one little thing is out of place in regards to a relationship, movement, or thought process, especially when expectations are centered around tumblr-based ideals, people will just cut it out of their lives completely, with no remorse or chance of redemption.

I believe we can safely establish that the world is not like tumblr, and no one should assume that it will ever function like tumblr does. Yes, as a whole the human race has come a long way in terms of open minds and forward-thinking, but holding everyone to the higher standards this website has (whether it’s unintentional or otherwise) can be emotionally compromising and a bit counterproductive.

  • “You don’t agree with us about so-and-so issue? Ugh we’re done here”.
  • “You don’t conform to our idea of so-and-so? Lol bye.”
  • “You prefer this over that? This is a waste of my time then.”

The end. Roll credits??? That’s not a very satisfying conclusion, in my opinion.

You can’t open new doors for people only to slam it back in their face if they don’t come in right off the bat. Change requires time. Change requires healthy communication and a certain amount of tolerance for it to set in. Change sometimes means accepting the plot of dirt that won’t grow anything, and instead of abandoning it and sticking with an already flourishing pasture, you continue to plant around the plot in hopes that a seed will take root. Most importantly, change requires patience.

“What if there are thorns involved in maintaining this plot of dirt? I don’t want to get hurt, and I don’t want it to hurt anyone else, so wouldn’t it just be better to call this a lost cause?” It would certainly be easier, yes. Not necessarily better. It’s not inherently difficult to shut out all of the crap that’s hard to confront in our lives, but I don’t think people realize the amount of strength and sacrifice it takes to keep working through those obstacles towards the change we so want to see. Or maybe they do realize this, and they just don’t want to put forth that much effort. It’d be more convenient if we had a quick fix for everything, after all.

Well, unfortunately, with how fast-paced and instantaneous everything is in our world today, that’s what we’ve come to expect out of time-sensitive things like our relationships, problem solving, and general social issues. “Everything should just work out in our favor all the time, no questions asked, and no room for any controversy or differing perspectives - a simple, quick, black and white solution!”

This is unreasonable.

As humans beings, we are fully equipped to deal with conflict. We are the most intelligent species on this planet, and this allows us the perseverance and the resolve we need to address problems within ourselves and each other, which helps us build stronger, more meaningful connections. When we choose not to use these assets anymore, they get dull, and at some point we might stop trying to use them altogether. Rather than fight or flight, we’ve settled ourselves into perpetual flight mode, content to live in a rose-tinted world where nothing will harm us, as long as we sidestep everything that has the capability to upset our sense of balance.

Tumblr (along with a vast majority of social media) has done a terribly marvelous job at instilling this stubborn, dismissive attitude in many of its users. Avoiding conflict on the internet is one thing; it’s definitely not a healthy way to treat real world experiences. Physically removing someone or something from your life shouldn’t be as easy as hitting the block button, should it? We want to be all-accepting and make a difference in society, and yet half of the community just stays within itself, opting to jeer or shun or ridicule, rather than reaching out to those who need that change of heart the most.

With that being said, we aren’t exactly helping anyone other than ourselves. This isn’t to say websites like tumblr haven’t changed peoples lives for the better, or sent out good messages, but I feel there’s very little tumblr has done to effect where change really needs to happen. The whole one-strike-and-you’re-out mob mentality makes that prospect a bit difficult to achieve.

I will end by saying that tumblr has helped me grow and connect in ways I never expected, and it’s a great community of individuals at the best of times. People just need to reconsider how their battles are fought and whether they even need to be battles at all, but rather an educational enlightenment for everyone involved. That’s my hope, at least.

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(31) In awe, the first time you realized it. 

Part of the: The way you said “I love you.”

Did something die in here?

A quiet, pained whine fleets somewhere from underneath the blob of blankets that could only be Seunghoon, whom she hadn’t heard a peep from the past week.

The room smelled of something she’d rather not know of and she’s stepping warily over a bunch of things strewn on the floor, flinging the curtains open to let in the much needed light.

Seunghoon makes yet another noise that she couldn’t quite pick out.

“Hoonie, you’ll get sicker at this rate.” She chides, sighing out her concern as she treads over to the lump on the bed, “Then something will really die in here.”

“Did you just really wish me dead?” The blanket shifts irritably and the muted grumble tugs a smile on her face.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were sick?” She asks, tone softening as she sits at the edge of the bed, close to where he is.

His fingers curl over the top of the blanket, dishevelled brown hair peeping through as he comes into view all sorts of grumpy. Seunghoon squints with one eye open, groaning at the sudden stream of light and he looks puffy and swollen and definitely sick.

“I didn’t want to worry you.” He sounds just the same, snivelling through a blocked nose.

“And finding out this way makes it any different?” She clicks her tongue, worry deepening over her features as she eyes his flushed face.

Seunghoon still manages that frustratingly endearing grin of his and it tightens her chest that he still tries to hide how shitty he’s feeling, just like always.

“I was worried sick, you ass.” Her voice cracks a little, one hand still gripping the plastic bag hauled with what seemed like the entire drugstore.

“What’s that? And why are you soaked?” Seunghoon croaks out, scrunching his face as he struggles to prop up on his elbows.

He feels terribly warm when she reaches out to steady him, “Just some vitamins and liquids you need to be taking, there’s also chicken soup in the kitchen.”

Seunghoon shoots her a sheepish smile, “Aw, did you cook for me?”

“I hate you.” She mutters, glaring at him and he breathes out a throaty laugh because if anything, her cooking won’t do much help to the situation.  

“Did it rain?”

The sun surely did look a tad bit cheery for it, but then again he shouldn’t be one to talk for someone who hasn’t seen the light of day for heaven knows how long. As clueless as he is, no one could miss that getting to his place wasn’t exactly a walk in the park for her.

“Maybe— anyway, Hoonie, you should—” She shrugs it off casually, half standing as she rustles through the bag she bought for him.

You’re the one getting sick at this rate.” He pulls her gently by the elbow, concern evident in the way she looks at him and it tugs his heartstring a little.

“Don’t be ridiculous.” A small chuckle leaves her, tilting her head as she combs her fingers through the tangles of hair on his head where her face turns sour in a split second. “Oh god, when was the last time you showered? You’re the one stinking up this entire place, Hoon!”

He’s completely infected by something other than the flu, coughing out a laugh that makes her stoop back down, brows furrowed as she pats soothing motions on his back. Seunghoon reaches out for her hand comfortable on his thighs, gingerly stroking the tender skin. Warmth seeps through his chest and she’s utterly a sight for sore eyes, always leaving him to wonder what it was about him that managed to catch her eye.

He’s not exactly so pleasant to be around right now yet here she is, paying little mind to how much of a mess he is. It swells him with so much adoration and he couldn’t stop staring like a fool.

She catches him and locks his awed gaze, a smile threatening her lips.

“What’s with that look?”

“What look?”


“Nothing. I just—”

“What? Tell me.”

“I love you, you know that right?”


“It’s long overdue, I know. But I do, I love you.

Hey, hey, reposting gifs, fan art or edits (actual edits, not cropped pictures) is NOT OKAY. You hate the OP? They have you blocked? Then find a different OP or make your own gifs/fan art/edits. Don’t be the asshole that steals some else’s hard work. You’re not entitled to their art.

We have that policy here for that reason: we only repost pictures (that are stolen in the first place from their rightful owners) or content such as tweets, Instagram posts, articles, videos, etc that don’t belong to the OP anyway. Don’t use the fact that blogs like us exist as an excuse to do something so shitty yourself.

If you steal someone else’s work, you’re an asshole. Period.

anonymous asked:

since u accept facts about urself rly easily, i say that ur such an unnecessary drama maker. u think it's fun but ur hurting the other party bro. everyone has feelings. drawing attention to urself wont get u anywhere honey. oh btw u follow me. should i block u? haha

Drama is the spice of life; you cannot have comedy, romance, tragedy, or anything else without drama. This is simply something that exists. Drama is perhaps one of the most interesting things the world has to offer; only shallow people will deny that.

I’m not hurting anyone, chill. But if somebody does feel deeply offended by what I said earlier, come forward so we can discuss it (off anon).

Contrary to popular belief, drawing attention to oneself does get you places! You think all the famous singers and all the actors and all the writers on Earth got where they are by not drawing attention to themselves? Drawing attention to yourself is probably the only way you can get anywhere, if you think about it.

Whether you follow me, unfollow me, block me, unblock me, I don’t care. Doesn’t make a difference to me. Does to some. I really don’t care though, I’m chilling, life moves forward, let us keep going on and doing what we please.

Prototype Progress!

Lava Burst is well on its way as a prototype. I have written all of the code for it and fixed all of the bugs that were plaguing it. For the longest time, I couldn’t consistently input keys to make the character jump, slide, or shoot; turns out consistency is sort of something that reaction based games need.

Also, random map generation!

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Respect me
  • so, more than 90% of the messages in my inbox are anon messages saying "i want to fuck you" or "show us your dick/ass" or basically calling me rude for responding to comments such as those in a negative way and id like to address the topic rn and just get it out of the way. The pictures i post are pictures i take for fun that make me feel good about myself and my body. i like sharing them with you guys because i like the attention (duh) and its fun being open online about my body and my sexuality. the amount of respect i have lost from both friends irl and followers online is enormous simply because of the pictures i post. the way people address me on here makes me feel like an object and that i only exist on your screen while you imagine fucking me. the things you say to me aren't compliments, and i wont accept them as such. if you think i am rude or conceited because of the way i respond to messages that make me feel uncomfortable, you can unfollow/block me, it makes no difference to me. thanks,
  • -cody

A different eyebrow blocking method for dark brows

I misjudged that neighborhood based on the fact that it is 10 blocks away from the previously-described apartment I’m calling Rooster House. Rooster House had frequent gunfire (sometimes waking me up at night), people sneaking into the laundry room to scrawl gang-related graffiti on the walls, and a stabbing over the all-hours dice games out front. It did have a good park nearby, though.

But 10 blocks make all the difference! It isn’t a *great* neighborhood, but it has a chain pharmacy (in NYC, that functions as the equivalent of a very small Walmart), an urgent care, a Dunkin Donuts, a big park and a 30 min commute to work. Not glamorous by any means but Rooster House literally had one bodega and the sort of Chinese restaurant where the pictures of food above the counter were faded blue blobs. All other retail was boarded up and abandoned.

I know non-NYC readers are probably getting the sense that NYC is some hellish wasteland but in reality there is very very little crime here on a per-capita basis. It just all happens to be concentrated in small areas–-Brownsville Brooklyn, for example. There are some precincts with nary a violent crime in a given year.

ADDITION: I generally feel uneasy if I see a lot of graffiti (artless tags, not mural-type), especially if it is on vehicles; multiple abandoned buildings, feral cats, a significant amount of litter, and open-air drug dealing. I’m not saying that a group of young men hanging out is something I assume to be drug-dealing–I mean a situation where 5 people in ten minutes approach a guy on a stoop and palm cash into his hand. I also check the NYPD’s crime stats and compare them to a neighborhood that I consider to be safe so that I have something factual to balance out my gut instinct.