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Prompt #156

The door hit against the wall, paint cracking onto the floor in a flurry. She whipped around, closing her laptop abruptly, he raised an eyebrow.
“No one closes their laptop that fast unless they’re looking at po-” He began, smirking evilly.
“No! I-I…” she paused, sucking in a deep breath, “I’m moving to Japan.” The words tumbled out and he giggled, thinking she was joking. She wasn’t joking. In fact she was quite serious.

Sticking to a Novel

@nour386 asked: “Sorry if this isn’t an appropriate writing question, but how do you stick to a piece that you’re writing? When you sit there and can’t make words flow anymore and you’re just sitting with a blank line and have no idea what to do?”

That’s a great question actually (and totally appropriate) and the truth is, it is hard. When you start a project, there’s so much hope and excitement and when that project is something as long as a novel, it can be difficult to maintain that excitement and desire to keep writing for however many tens of thousands of words it has to be. 

For this reason, I often recommend new writers start with short stories.  With short stories or really any kind of short piece of writing, the biggest obstacle is often finishing the project. If you can write a whole short story from start to finish, you know that you can write and edit and complete something of that length. You might dare to take on something longer the next time around. Writing a few short stories can be a great exercise in character, theme, and plot. Novels and short stories are by no means the same - their mechanics are different, but a lot of the tools and techniques you learn writing a short story can be applied to a novel. 

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Zico sang a bit of She’s a Baby live (for the first time) last night at the Busan Hip-Hop Festival~

Writing Prompt #119

As a superhero, there were always occassions in civilian life where you ran into people who didn’t know you outside the persona. It wasn’t abnormal for your barista to be someone you saved, or to walk past some child who carried plastic figurines in your image. What was abnormal was having an old archnemesis ringing up your gas station purchase.