writing an autistic character when you are not autistic - a masterpost

completely double spaced version on google docs here – this post is more blocky for the sake of people’s dashboards, but still long so people will be less likely to glaze over it. my apologies if that makes it hard to read

things to look for and avoid in an autistic character

• symptoms only manifesting as “nonverbal and rocking”
• super smart / living calculator
• super dumb / doesn’t understand anything
• all the symptoms you can come up with for them are “awkward” and “has special interest(s)” (please do more research)
• trains, technology, and/or math as special interests
• acting like a child
• getting treated like a baby
• unreasonably cruel and uncaring about others’ reactions to them being cruel
• if they’re comparable to sheldon from the big bang theory, start over
• animal comparisons
• a lack of feelings
• please no stories about what it’s like to be autistic told by allistics

the right way to write an autistic person

• lots of symptoms, including secondary ones not included on a general diagnosis requirement list (here’s a list i rather like that was made by an autistic person – their blog is also a good resource)
• having a good amount of general knowledge and actually talking about it (i cannot believe that i have to say this)
• talking about things outside of special interests (again…. come on……….) (special interests are usually the default things our brains go to when theres no stimulation or we want to entertain ourselves – it isn’t literally all we think or talk about ever. if a conversation has no connections to a special interest, reconsider having your autistic character bring it up in a context that is not an introduction.)
• explicitly expressed to be capable of attraction and romantic feelings – if your character is an adult, add sexual feelings to this point
• capable of general functioning, just with a disability that makes it more difficult – not a walking disability (….sigh)
• a wide amount of feelings and emotional turmoil (but perhaps only being able to express it in limited ways)
• we’re people
• just people whose brains are wired differently

things to avoid in research for an autistic character

• autism moms / autism blogs and websites not run by autistic people
• any affiliation with autism $peaks means you should walk away and never look back
• a scientist trying to create explanations for what autistic people do without actually asking / not mentioning asking autistic people
• anything about a cure for autism
• a person that “worked with autistic kids” phrased in the same way as “worked with animals”
• talking about autistic people as if they are mysteries, are like animals, or are otherwise othered weirdos instead of people

things to look for in research for an autistic character

• actual autistic people talking about their experiences and symptoms
• just stick to that and you’re good but it’s hard to find sometimes ngl. just look for the above red flags

things i would personally like to see in an autistic character

• less easy to swallow sadness and more destructive anger. i would love to see a canonically autistic character who was frustrated easily by small things and had trouble communicating why
• not a story about being autistic, a story that happens to have a character or characters who are autistic – it isn’t pointed out or questioned, they’re right at home with the rest of the cast and not othered (a la symmetra from overwatch)
• intensive sensory issues / small sounds making large reactions
• clear communications about not liking x sensory thing (for example being touched)
• poor motor skills / clumsiness and not being laughed at for it
• walking funny (body bent downwards, walking very fast, walking slowly, big strides, shuffling, stiffness, etc)  – no one treats it as if it’s funny or something totally strange
• a big personality that has a presence so they can’t be cast aside (but feel free to have quiet characters too) – if this was along with being nonverbal they would probably leap to being one of my favorite characters ever
• a fear of asking for clarification on sarcasm or jokes because of past experiences and an arc about the character becoming more comfortable asking questions

>> if any fellow autistic people want to add something, feel free <<

allistics are encouraged to rb this

I wanna slap the asshole that put that piece of crap sweater up for download.
like, you couldn’t have bothered to smooth the mesh out a smidgen?
make it look less like it was ripped from minecraft or something because of how blocky it is??


balto 2 wolves, theres a lot wrong here.

stop giving wolves square clubfeet. its true wolves have proportionally larger feet than dogs dogs have dainty compact toes kind of like mittens

these are the feet of a husky

these are wolf feet. note the biggest reason they look so big is the toes are splayed out, and how flat they can get. the final knuckle does not stop at a 90 degree angle like in the cartoon, frankly the wolves in balto look like they have lion feet.

next the faces are horrible. from a character standpoint they’re boring and uninspired, anatomically they are also shit. they did make the ears small which is correct, but wolves don’t have pointy ears, they have rounded ears.

here are wolf ears (left) next to an agouti husky’s ears (right). also notice wolf ears are well furred on the insides, and are pointing more outwards while dog ears will point up.

next up, it looks like a minimal effort was kind of made, but their faces are still too blocky. wolves don’t have a wedge shaped stop

finally, their chests are too broad. wolves look very lanky compared to dogs, their chests are much more narrow.

anonymous asked:

Reacting to nobles talking shit about the wuizzy at halamshiral?

Cassandra: The first time she hears the Orlesians whispering behind their fans about the Inquisitor she is, just for a moment, no longer in Halamshiral. She is standing behind a curtain in Nevarra City, suddenly nine years old again and listening to the nobles talk about how she is too masculine and too blocky and how they don’t understand why Markus let the children of traitors live. And she wants to walk up to the Orlesians and shake them until their teeth rattle in their heads. Don’t they understand what is at stake? Don’t they see that the inquisitor is their only hope to stop Corypheus from destroying everything? She manages to restrain herself simply to glares and resolves to talk to Lelianna about the political advantages of challanging foppish lords to duels.

Solas: It would be a lie to say that he was not thrilled to be back amongst the denizens of court- for all that Halamshiral and its ‘nobles’ lacked even the shadow of Arlathan’s glory- and the moment he hears the quite (or not so quiet) whisperings he is so tempted to speak. A thousand years of practice amongst far more dangerous opponents than them has sharpened his tongue to a lethal lash, but he restrains himself. They would not receive such castigations well from a ‘rabbit’, and there are in Orlais with a greater purpose in mind. Still he takes delight in imagining the looks on their faces if he really did cut them off at the knees and resolves to speak with Josephine later on helping pen political replies to certain Orlesians.

Varric: He’s got a gaggle of admirers within moments of arriving, but even through their exciting murmurs he still hears the muttering. He is nowhere near as close to the Inquisitor as he was to Hawke, but he does remember how his friend was often greeted the same way in Hightown before becoming in champion. It annoys him- particularly if the Inquisitor is not human- and within moments he is spinning incredible stories of the Inquisitors prowess either in battle or in diplomatic affairs. Its hyperbole, of course, but halfway through the night the same nobles who were disdaining the Inquisitor are now shooting them anxious glances and the story teller considers his work well done.

Sera: One could argue that bringing Sera to Halamshiral is not the most politically savvy decision, but once she gets there the fireworks are more than worth it. Before the nobles who are smearing the Inquisitor have a chance to finish their conversation the Red Jenny is already plotting. Its not hard to recruit a few of the elven servants who are not bleeding out in the kitchen gardens, and halfway through the night a very select group of nobles have ben pranked or otherwise inconveinenced enough that their time for gossip has been traded in for private chances to scrub custard of off delicate masks.

Vivienne: Oh she lives for this. THe Grand Enchanter has been in Skyhold for too long, and there is nothing like verbal sparring to keep ones wits sharp. By the time she is finished the nobles in question are looking rather like they wish the floor would swallow them, and the rest of the masquerade’s guests are abuzz over how the inquisitor managed to tempt Madame de Fer to their cause. All in all a very pleasant evening.

Iron Bull: The temptation is there, just for a brief moment, to pick the nobles in question up by the back of the neks and shake them like a terrior with a rat. But that would be unsatisfying as well as unhelpful, so instead he turns Ben-Hassrath trained eyes onto them. Masks might hide facial expressions but body langauge is harder to conceal, and the champaign which flows like water is not hlping in the slightest. By the end of the evening he has a stack of reports to write up for Lelianna. And if- in the chaos of whatever ended up happening with Florianne- one of the worst offenders ended up being knocked into a table holding wine, well. The tide rises, the nobles fall.

Dorian: And to think he was starting to feel homesick. Dorian has heard most of his life- from Felix and from persons he met on his own travels- that there was no court more cunning than Orlais, but in truth he’s been to mid week soirees in Minrathous that were more dangerous than this. And that was before the blood magic. But when the gossip begins he finds his enjoyment abruptly severed. They are here for a noble purpose, and Andraste strike him down if he was going to allow them to jeopardize them. A glass of wine held in an idle grip- and a whispered conference with a certain Qunari that he is quite fond of- nets him the information he needs to be both invited into their inner circle and to have more than one of them paling behind their masks as the Tevinter pariah uses 'blood magic’ to divine their darkest secrets.

Blackwall: He used to crave this, and that alone is enough to make him ill. If he were not so afraid that someone here might recognie him as Thom Rainier- or worse may have known the real Gordon Blackwall- he would have played their game against them enough to have them speechless for a year. As it is he’s stuck on one of the balconies, trying to head off eager nobles who want to ask about the Hero of Ferelden and trying to think of the best way to accidently throw a noble or three into the ornamental lake.

Cole: “Whispers, rumors, fears hidden deep and covered with fake cheer. Make it foolish and it cant hurt you, say something to hide knowing nothing. But the mask is the lie and the lie is on their face, and not knowing makes the fear deeper.”


Penguin Emoji Review by a Penguin Expert

Because “Penguins are the Pinnacle of Dinosaur Evolution” (Thomas Holtz) 

Just a head? Why just a head?! You literally took the generic bird emoji and colored it differently. Can’t even tell what kind of penguin it’s supposed to be. They were probably going for King but it’s too ambiguous for my tastes. And that beak is too short for a king! There are short peaked penguins out there that they could have overlayed on the generic bird emoji, this is like they weren’t even trying. 4/10 

The Little Penguin! A good boy, a fine boy, a happy boy! They picked a happy chub. 100/10 

Okay, I can definitely tell that that’s supposed to be a King, so an improvement on Apple. But it’s so… blocky? Penguins are smooth, man. Streamlined. For ocean movement. You dig? 5/10 

A smol friend! There aren’t a whole hecka lot of penguins that are grey as adults but this could be the White-Flippered Penguin, a close relative of the Little Blue. Props for picking a not very well known penguin! It doesn’t have an orange beak though. Gotta take off points for that. Could be a Yellow-Eye, but their feathers aren’t that grey, and their beaks are pink, not orange. 6/10

Generic Penguin. Could be anything. They are a mystery. How can we know they deserve our trust? Why is their top beak so much longer than the bottom? 2/10


Generic Penguin, but Friendlier. Can’t really see the sides of it’s head for proper IDing, but it has orange feet and an orange bill. Might be a Gentoo except it’s head is too white in the wrong place? 3/10

These are the mysteries. No orange patches to indicate it’s an Emperor or a King; orange feet but no white patch on the head to make it a Gentoo; no weird cranial ornamentation for the bulk of orange footed penguins. Who is she? What penguins have yellow beaks? 1/10


Another White-Flippered Penguin with… a chinstrap? Come on, guys. You’re not even really trying. I don’t. These don’t match any penguins. 1/10

I do enjoy the nose detail, I do, but once again you see you have ORANGE FEET and an orange beak and NO CRANIAL ORNAMENTATION so we don’t KNOW WHO YOU ARE. People just don’t know any penguins anymore. 3/10

Holy crap. Make that beak longer and it’s an actual Emperor. We finally got there, people. 10/10

I’m struggling out of this art block


And what better way to get out of art block then with this little angel <3 

making real ref pics for people is something i’ve actually only done intermittently? i intend to go back and do that for people over time

mercy was the first off a random choice but she deserves it. design notes: her horns went from being tiered + blocky to one uniform shape with solid ridges. her gloves are also sheer, but i lost the non-transparency colors for them years ago oops

fourtygay formula for drawing space marens: 

draw a buff guy. make him as swole as you want. just have at it and go crazy. make him fat too if you want. 

overexaggerate his traps, chest, arms, thighs, lats. especially his thighs. really go wild with the thighs. think thick… thicker… thicker.

draw a tiny head. leave his hands and feet too big. 10 heads high is fine. it’s okay. no one will care.

make his neck as thick as his head. Just do it. 

make his face blocky as fuck. i mean, maximum blocky. overdo it. just go hog wild and see just how chisely you can get. 

voila, ya done.