Each house as: a board game
  • Gryffindor: Blockhead – can be played up to 20 people, but still epic final duels, dramatic tension escalates thoroughly
  • Hufflepuff: Time’s Up! – team strategy, Answers Not Quite As Expected™, hilarity ensues
  • Ravenclaw: Mastermind – quiet game, simple but endless, the scienz of duduction pretty much
  • Slytherin: Conspiracy – Bluff™, *slams hands upon table before revealing awfully high sum of money*, persuade your ennemies into pestering one another and sneak up to victory

For those of you looking for something special for your 1D Valentine (or just yoself. treat yoself.) Kissy-Kissie Blockhead Direction <3 

You can mix and match your favorites! Or they can kiss you <3

Because you might sometimes need an encouraging smooch  (  - 3 -)




wired thoughts


Been working on some new merch,  stoked on these new engine hats, came out super clean,  including Cone and Genny Shovel, which Shovel riders sure appreciate.  Working on other stuff too, I’ll post when I get a chance, time to go on a spin on the scoot, and fresh up my whiskers.

Hats start at $12 on KILLSCUMSPEEDCULT.COM