Diplomatic Ties part 269: YSL.

Traditional YSL tie. Tipped, lined, 3-fold in a thick silk fabric with a colour scheme reminiscent of the 70s. Worn with a Zegna flannel pinstripe, zegna shirt, ps from Vanda, cufflinks from Skultuna and Carmina oxfords. 


Diplomatic Ties part 245: Charvet.

One of my favourite jackets, an Isaia in cashmere, with a Donegal-knit merino cardigan. My Charvet ties are usually woven, that’s what they do best, but this has a really nice print. A little busy but it works with the muted colours.

Style Icon 26: Esther Quek

This was a really stupid article from Huffpost:

Why should women care about what conservative and chauvinistic men thinks about fashion? And to prove a point, I choose a style icon who wears a suit just as well, if not better, than most men. I am not necessarily a big fan of The Rake, where Esther Quek is a fashion editor, because I think it is targeted more towards wealth rather than menswear and style. But Esther Quek herself has really become a true style icon.

Mr Blockert

Style Icon 34: Max Roach.

No shortage of good dressers among the jazz greats, but Roach sticks out because of his minimalist and fairly conservative style. But the most impressive part of Roach’s style is that I don’t think I’ve seen a single picture of him where his clothes did not fit perfectly. The man must have had a great tailor. Add his signature black framed glasses and you have a really distictive look.

Mr Blockert


Diplomatic Ties part 275: Kiton (7-fold).

Today it is difficult to find ivory coloured shirts which is hard to understand because they are versatile and can give you a smoother contrast than a plain white shirt. This Emma Willis shirt works great with browns and reds.


Diplomatic Ties part 290: Shibumi.

My first tie from the Berlin based Shibumi and I’m impressed. Lovely handrolled linen tie with a matte floral pattern. Silk ps also from Shibumi. Also thanks to for the wonderful Lander Urquijo jacket. Photographs taken at Collège de Budé in Geneva.

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Diplomatic Ties part 359: Poszetka.

Navy blue is probably the most common colour for men’s suits of all. But there are other shades of blue that can work very well too, as this one in Air Force blue.

Suit from Sartoria Partenopea, G. Inglese shirt, tie from Poszetka, Battisti Napoli ps and shoes from Carmina.

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Style Icon 40: Wes Anderson.

A truly distictive style. He dresses like an old college professor, but usually with a twist and a certain kind of humour. His clothes are not always perfect in fit, but they always look comfortable. Sometimes he comes dangerously close to being too aware of his appearance, but usually he pulls it off anyway. Much like his films.

Mr Blockert

Style Icon 38: Derrick Morgan.

Morgan was one of the original rude boys (which has nothing to do with the Rihanna song!) in Jamaica in the 60s. A pioneer in rocksteady and ska. The rude boys’ influence on pop culture style cant be exaggerated. Mods, skins, 2-tone, football hooligans, all of them were influenced by the rude boys style. Pick it up!


Diplomatic Ties part 314: Drake’s. Lots of blues, with an English flavour. Drake’s tie, Burberry suit, Zegna Couture shirt, Bigi Cravatte, Allen Edmonds shoes.

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