a trans man being called a lesbian is literally transphobia though like

1. trans men are men
2. lesbians are women exclusively attracted to women
3. calling a trans man a lesbian is calling him a woman
4. misgendering literally equates to transphobia

so? i mean? maybe don’t do that, even if you’re a trans man referring to yourself? that’s still internalised transphobia and i know what it feels like to doubt yourself in trans regards and i just don’t want you to be putting yourself through that?? i obviously can’t stop you if you really wanna but i don’t think you should be literally transphobic to yourself


hi guys! i got around to making pretty simple color block phone cases! obviously larry ones… and so here they are! make sure to check them out on redbubble and yeah!! they’re available for iphone 4/4s, 5/5s/5c and 6/6 plus. The first case is the ‘snap on’ case, the second one is the ‘tough’ case and the third one is the ‘skin’ case. Thanks! 

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find your birthday and put the result in the tag

1: Marin Mazzie
2: Barbara Cook
3: Christine Ebersole
4: LaChanze
5: Kelli O’Hara
6: Ethel Merman
7: Allison Janney
8: Audra McDonald
9: Heather Headley
10: Betty Buckley
11: Carol Channing
12: Eartha Kitt
13: Mary Testa
14: Patti LuPone
15: Lotte Lenya
16: Chita Rivera
17: Donna Murphy
18: Alice Ripley
19: Jennifer Holliday
20: Elaine Stritch
21: Montego Glover
22: Bernadette Peters
23: Judy Kuhn
24: Angela Lansbury
25: Liza Minnelli
26: Elaine Paige
27: Tonya Pinkins
28: Stephanie J. Block
29: Victoria Clark
30: Carolee Carmello
31: Leslie Uggams


January: Margaret Johnson
February: Eva Peron
March: Diana Goodman
April: Mrs. Lovett
May: Mama Rose
June: Norma Desmond
July: Joanne
August: Miss Hannigan
September: Dolly Levi
October: Sally Durant Plummer
November: Edie Bouvier Beale
December: Desiree Armfeldt

the signs as show me the money 4 quotes
  • Aries:"What the FUCK?!" - San E
  • Taurus:"Are you guys the devil? Mnet people really should go to church" - Superbee
  • Gemini:"hehehehe" - Lil Boi
  • Cancer:"His name is Lil Boi but he's a Big Boi" - Tablo
  • Leo:"Song Mino is going to win anyway" - Blacknut
  • Virgo:"you guys just keep doing your own thing we don't give a shit" - Zico
  • Libra:"We ain't dissin' man we just respectin'!" - David Kim
  • Scorpio:"I think he'll need to enroll in life insurance, since I'm going to kill him" - Superbee
  • Sagittarius:"you can't fuck with my team" -One
  • Capricorn:"Right now.. you are glowing" - Verbal Jint
  • Aquarius:"I have to earn money for diapers" - Basick
  • Pisces:"i'm in my zoonneee get out out out" - San E/Team Brand New