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[BEESubs] 150830 Park Kyung @ Sexy Brain : Problematic Men Teaser (eng sub)

When he calms you down after a nightmare~

the leaders edition

author notes: for annimaus19~ ^3^


*you wake up from a night terror - sweaty and panting… you feel Jiyong stir in the bed next to you*

[GD] hmmm… *sleepy mumbling* jagi…

*Jiyong opens his eyes to look at you… he notices that you’re breathing heavily and are quite sweaty*

[GD] Jagi~ah… are you feeling okay?

[Y/N] …I …I just had a bad dream…

[GD] do you want to tell me about it?

[Y/N] it’s okay… just go back to sleep Ji~

[GD] i’d like it if you’d tell me about it…

*Jiyong listens patiently as you explain the night terrors that have bothered you for years*

*Jiyong tries to make you feel better*

[GD] you know there’s nothing to be scared of Jagi~ I’m here with you~ *aegyo*

[Y/N] *laughing* I know Jagi~ thank you <3

*Jiyong snuggles close to you in bed*

[GD] let’s go back to sleep… i’ll keep you safe


*you wake up startled and sit upright in bed panting*

[ZC] Jagi?

*you turn away and try to hide your face in a pillow… wiping away your tears*

[ZC] did you have another nightmare? *concerned*

*Jiho pulls you to face him*

[ZC] Jagi… talk to me…

*he wipes the tears away from your cheeks*

[ZC] do you need anything? a drink of water?

[Y/N] *you take a deep breath* no… i’m okay Jiho~

[ZC] I can always make you feel better…

*he pulls you into his arms and covers you with kisses*

[ZC] do you feel better yet?

[Y/N] *you snuggle into his arms* mhmm~ i love you Jagi

*he pauses and looks into your eyes… grabbing your face with both hands*

[ZC] and i love you more Jagi~ everything will be okay <3


[CREDIT to the gif owners - I do not own these gifs]