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Draken Child
Write about a character who has dedicated their life to the study of dragons. The catch? Recently this character heard rumors of a ‘dragon’ in a distant land, and decides to travel there. Double catch? The creature technically is a dragon, although they don’t look it.

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  • Snow:We have to do something, without Emma finding out the truth.
  • Emma:Without Emma finding out the truth about what?
  • Snow:You heard that?
  • Emma:Mom, I’m standing literally a foot away from you. You are so bad at this.

In 16 Intercontinental Championship Ladder matches, the results are as follows: Bret Hart retained in WWE’s first against Shawn Michaels, who would go on to retain the Title in 1995 by defeating Razor Ramon months after Ramon won the Championship by defeating Jeff Jarret at a Live Event. Triple H climbed rung by damn rung to earn the gold in 1998, just as Chris Jericho and Edge would both do in 2001. RVD unseated Eddie Guerrero in 2002 for a second reign, something he’d do to Jeff Hardy later that Summer to unify the IC & European Titles and to Christian in 2003, who lost a Ladder match for the vacant Title to Jericho in 2004. Jeff Hardy later kept the belt in his clutches against Johnny Nitro in 2006 and Carlito on RAW’s 15th Anniversary. Dolph Ziggler improbably walked away with the Title by overcoming Jack Swagger & Kofi Kingston at TLC 2010, the same event where 4 years later he’d defeat Luke Harper to win it back. Finally, in the first Ladder match for the Championship at WrestleMania since Razor Ramon retained in 1994, Daniel Bryan outlasted six other men to claim his first Intercontinental Title in 2015.

But it’s a moment of weakness; harmless, when suddenly you’re a little kid with matchstick hands and he’s open fire palms and asking you to dip yourself into him. He’s asking you to dip yourself into him and you tell yourself whole houses never burnt down from a single spark so you rest your hands into his like nothing has ever felt more right in the world and watch your skin light up. And it’s a moment of weakness; harmless, when your veins run with gasoline blood and he’s everywhere and nowhere and right there in front of you at the same damn time and you swear to God his eyes lit up like they did the first time you touched but baby forest fires never burnt themselves out before taking everything else down with them. And it’s a moment of weakness; harmless, when he blows out quicker than a dead fire, when you are left burnt-down houses that never grew into homes, when you are left turning ash and spilling onto everyone who dares to touch you. And it’s a moment of weakness; harmless, when you’re no longer a little kid and he’s no longer your sun and you taste burn marks all the way down your throat and into your stomach and you know not to run back to something that set you on fire when all you wanted was to be held.
—  Reena B. | Harmless.

anonymous asked:

im sick of seeing people like you calling yourselves trans let me guess youre "nonbinary" newsflash "merry" that isnt a real thing you arent trans youre just a stupid little girl with bad makeup people like you are why the trans community is a joke and nobody takes us seriously thanks a lot

“People like you”? People like me are trans people. You mean trans people. You don’t get to choose what genders are and aren’t valid. Every nonbinary person who reads this is a fucking important human being who shouldn’t have to deal with crap from scumbags like you. I don’t know what gender I identify as if I even identify with one at all, but that isn’t up to you. 

And on this a day of visibility and celebration for all trans people, if you’re the kind of person who has the nerve to attack and try and invalidate and belittle and misgender any person of any identity, I can tell you with 100% certainty that myself and people like me are not the problem with the trans community. You are the problem.