ONLY IN AMERICA: Cops Shoot Up Innocent Family’s House Because They Got The ‘Wrong Address’

A Florida man says police shot up his house like a gang shooting, and it was all because they got the wrong address.

The man asked to not be identified, due to fear of retribution.

He said that he awoke to someone banging on the front door just before 1 a.m. He came to the door and asked who it was, but he got no response.

He was worried that it might be a burglar – since no one identified themselves – so he retrieved his own legally-owned firearm.

But when he got back to the door, bullets began flying through his front door.

Two bullets flew sailed past his head, with more bullets piercing through walls and shattered glass windows.

The man never broke the law. He didn’t even return fire when the trigger-happy cops shot at him. But his family was nonetheless handcuffed and humiliated by being sat on a curb outside.

Neighbors who saw the whole thing said that Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigators stayed at the home until noon Saturday.

The family was not allowed back into their own home until 10 hours after the police shot up their house for no legal reason.

“Upon arrival, a person was confronted and shots were fired,” Ocoee police Sgt. Bob Rivera said. “The investigation is ongoing by The Florida Department of Law enforcement.”

RAW STORY reports:

Police identified the officers as Carlos Anglero and Stephanie Roberts, who were both described as experienced officers.

None of the family members were injured, but their walls are riddled with bullet holes, their windows are shattered and some of their furniture was destroyed.

Now, even though the police admit they got the wrong house, an FDLE spokeswoman said their agency is opening a new investigation into an “incident” at the home, but she refused elaborate.


The department has not apologized for destruction of the house and a threat to people’s life. What was described as “confrontation” was the only reasonable reaction on unknown people acting like a criminal gang. Officers should identify themselves as police. The situation is crazy! As in many other cases with police shootings. They could kill innocent people. We need proper investigation. Cops shouldn’t get away with such a dangerous and hostile assault! If they get away, we all be in danger!

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