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In my opinion I never liked Blockbuster Video sure maybe they had better rental deals but it wasn't the same as the corner video store I always found Blockbuster bland and generic if that makes sense the corner video store always had something you couldn't find at Blockbuster.

Yeah, I’m not sure people are so much nostalgic for Blockbuster specifically as much as it’s just that because it was the biggest chain, Blockbuster is now the thing most commonly associated with the video era. For me, Blockbuster seemed like it had more and more people talking about it as video stores started disappearing. 

But I also didn’t have a local Blockbuster, so I think I just missed out in that regard. I would walk down every weekend to rent a movie at a local mom & pop rental store that was right by my house. And then I’d also sometimes rent from the convenience store across the street from the school, which for some reason had a great horror selection. 

Ironically, the video store downtown that my uncle owned was the one I probably rented from the least. The closest local chain was Movie Gallery, which was just kind of Blockbuster-ish. 

The thing about Blockbuster, now, at least, is that it does this. It opens up the conversation to people’s personal experiences as to where they did/didn’t rent, because it’s the go-to figurehead establishment when people think of video stores.


Hey #90s kids! Remember the short-lived BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO television series? LOOSE MEAT do! Grab some popcorn and beverage and enjoy the newly rediscovered pilot episode.

Fight locations, ranked

IHOP parking lot: ridiculous. buffoonish. 3/10
Denny’s parking lot: has a certain dionysian flair. 6/10
Dunkin Donuts parking lot: lots of regional flavor. 7/10
The woods: nice and secluded, plenty of opportunities to use the terrain to your advantage. Just make sure to bring bug spray. 8/10
Any roof: dangerous, but points for style. 5/10
The top of any mountain: much like the woods, but with far more dramatic flair. Almost byronic. Loses points for being less practical than the other locations on this list, however. 7/10
A graveyard: disrespectful to the skeletons. 0/10
An abandoned warehouse: something of a cliche. 4/10
Any liminal space: This category includes town lines, entryways, borders, and crossroads. Is this a deeply symbolic, metaphorically charged fight? If it wasn’t before, it is now. 9/10 
Wal-Mart parking lot: Quick question, are you shitting me right now? This is the absolute worst fight location. If you have any respect at all for the noble art of throwing the fuck down, don’t get in a fight in a wal-mart parking lot. In fact, this also applies to wal-mart checkout lines, roofs, employee break rooms, corporate headquarters, and indeed any space at all associated with the walton family or the wal-mart corporation. Fuck wal-mart.  0/10
The parking lot of an abandoned Blockbuster Video: The cracked and faded blockbuster sign is a potent memento mori, inspiring a keen awareness of entropy and a sharp sense of loss in your opponent. As blockbuster is, so shall they one day be.  Are there weedy plants growing up through cracks in the pavement? Oh man, that’s even better. The perfect fight location. 10/10

avengers as john mulaney quotes
  • steve rogers: All my money is in a savings account. Tony has explained the stock market to me maybe 75 times. I still don't understand it.
  • tony stark: I was once on the phone with blockbuster video, which is a very old-fashioned sentence. That's like when Steve would be like, "We'd all go play jacks by the soda fountain," and you're like, "Nobody knows what you're talking about , you idiot."
  • clint barton: It's fun to be married. I've never been supervised before. I'm supervised! My wife studies what I do, like an anthropologist. She'll be like: "Sometimes, he will watch a movie on TV even though he already owns that movie on DVD. Pointing this out confuses and upsets him."
  • bruce banner: In terms of instant relief, cancelling plans is like heroin.
  • natasha romanoff: I'll keep my emotions right here, and then one day, I'll die.
  • thor: Ah...numbers. The letters of math.
  • sam wilson: Sometimes babies will point at me, and I don't care for that shit at all.
  • bucky barnes: Here's how easy it was to get away with bank robbery back in the '30s: As long as you weren't there when the police arrived, you had a 99% chance of getting away with it.
  • scott lang: it's 100% easier not to do things than to do them.
  • peter parker: I have had a very long day. I am very small and I have no money. So you can imagine the kind of stress I am under.
  • t'challa: You have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair.

Dennis Miller as a spokesperson for Blockbuster Video is the most aggressively 90s thing we’ve seen in a while.