Just gonna say this quick. I think Jongup is X. This maybe the same as One Shot and Jongup is the next traitor.  Notice all the members are holding the same item in the all of the pictures. Jongup was covered on his first individual teaser but then later shows he has tattoo at the other photos. It’s like everyone has their own identity but Jongup seems to be hiding something. I might be wrong but…

It’s a busy couple of weeks for me and I’m just passing by..hehe


The piece that will adorn the finale of VIXX’s trilogy project “VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION” will be the god of power and authority ‘Kratos’, where (through this) they have notified the peak of (being) the 'concept-dol’. With their creative concepts and various stage manners, VIXX have showed (their) differentiated walk*, as how they will change for third installment of the 'VIXX 2016 CONCEPTION’ has the attention leaning (to them).

*meaning, that they have shown a difference between other idols and themselves)

sr. tenasia


ROVIX has anounced the return of VIXX for Kratos era to be 31st of October. It is time to get busy again for us, STARLIGHTs!

While our team gears up for comeback time by updating tutorials, preparing giveaways and more to help you support VIXX during Kratos, we ask STARLIGHTs to load your digital streaming accounts MelOn, Genie, Bugs, Naver Music and Soribada with passes close to comeback week to be ready on time. Also, VIXX SUPPORT’s Starlight Lab will open pass bulk order soon for those who can’t make purchases themselves. Please prepare your accounts, apps and platforms. We need to step up our streaming game!

A small reminder to please consider donating to VIXX SUPPORT team and also KSTARLIGHTs’ support group. A big Thank You to everyone who contributes and promotes our donation collection.

On top of all this amazing comeback news, please do not forget to stream Dynamite & Fantasy MVs and music and vote for VIXX as slowly end of year award shows open their voting platforms.