SHINee’s Taemin has announced that he will be making his second solo comeback. His return as a solo artist comes a year and a half after the release of his first solo mini-album “ACE.”
The singer is currently in preparations, and is aiming at a February comeback. Reportedly, the music video has recently been filmed in secret. Following the filming, Taemin has been relentlessly working on the final stages of his comeback preparation.
His new comeback track reportedly maximizes all parts of performance. It’s a title track that perfectly matches Taemin, who is talented in both singing and in dancing.
SM Entertainment confirmed on January 15, “Taemin is preparing for his solo album. We will release reports as soon as his schedule is set.”
Source/tr: xsportsnews; soompi;

Attention ㄴ.ㅇ.ㅅ.ㅌ.s!

With NU’EST’s comeback on the horizon, I wanted to go over some things so we’re all totally prepared to support them when the time comes! Some of these might come as really obvious to you, but we’re better safe than sorry!

1. Do NOT reupload the music video!

Not only is this pretty much illegal, but you’d be taking away from possible views on the official MV which helps them in rankings for music shows. Do not watch re-uploaded versions of the MV. Also, do not reupload the 1st stage video, it will be posted by the broadcasting company and you must watch it there for your views to count and help them win awards on these shows!

2. Watch on their official channel, not 1thek!

Although views do count on 1thek, it’s better to watch on NU’EST’s official channel. They have their own channel for a reason. Also, always link other people to the MV’s from the official channel, and not from 1thek. This will make it more likely that others will check out /more/ NU’EST videos rather than any other group affiliated with 1thek. We want to keep eyes on the boys, not let them go to the next group.

3. Please, please, please! Purchase the album!

I know money is tight for a lot of you, or maybe you rely on your parents for money, but if you can, please purchase the album. Do not download it illegally if you have the means to pay, whether that be through a digital download or actually, physically buying the album. Important to note: Buy from websites that count on the Korean charts! This is integral to the success of their comeback!

4. Stream the MV and the 1st stage videos!

Views are super important in success on music shows and count for a good portion of the score. We need to be streaming that MV and the 1st stage performance as often as we can because those numbers COUNT. I will have playlists ready for you guys when the time comes!

5. Post about them as often as possible!

Get ready to make gifs, meme’s, reblog as much as you can! While the boys are promoting, we want to help them gather as many new fans as possible. We need to keep this fandom active. Make edits, graphics, fanfic, fanart, whatever you can think of! You can even make some mash-ups or remixes! Do whatever it takes, but BE ACTIVE.

It’s really, really, super duper important that this comeback is successful as possible! If we work together, we can pull through! Let’s go, ㄴ.ㅇ.ㅅ.ㅌ.s!