170722 EXO Comeback Stage at Music Core - ‘The Eve’


170722 EXO Comeback Stage at Music Core - ‘Ko Ko Bop’

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i think people don't get that SK and USA are not the same country with same people. something that's cultural app in USA is not seen the same in SK. and i can't stand to see idols being bashed for something that is viewed differently in their country. Imagine if somebody contacted Kai directly with hate, he would't understand what's the problem. and when Ksoo was under backlash after 'blackface' incident... do you think that ksoo would do anything like that knowing his politeness towards everyon

yeah, I pretty much agree with this. Like, I get that cultural appropriation is a problem in the US. but things look a little different elsewhere. It’s just sad how limited most US citizens are to their narrow perspective, because i feel like it really limits cultural exchange to a minimum, in order to hurt nobody’s feelings. 

It’s ridiculous. I am not saying there aren’t any problems in the US. And it is great if people get active there and try to change things. But this shit doesn’t matter to everybody. 

Honestly I could really get into a whole rant over this, but it really comes down to that: Just because somebody considers something to be offensive, doesn’t mean that that thing is automatically wrong. 

So, I am going to enjoy that comeback to the fullest, because EXO put so much work and effort into this. They are excited to share this with their fans and I, personally, am excited to be a part of this. 

I cannot tell y’all what to do, but I want to invite you to this:

Allow yourself to put aside the conceptions of whichever culture you are part of and take an unbiased view at this.

Because this teaser looks so great if you look past a fucking hairstyle.