i think seventeen is still probs super overwhelmed that they finally got to debut after a long time of training so theyre releasing a million versions of adore u for fun or it’s just to quench our daily thirst for more seventeen things trust me there’s no in between


I know sometimes, it won’t be easy
and it won’t come to you just as swiftly
like a sweet dream after a good night lullaby.

I know it’ll take all of you to decide
at times when I let wordless days pass by
and you wouldn’t know how real we both are.
Those will be the times when you’ll hide your scars,
when you would shy away - hurt and lost
But at the back of your mind you’ll know,
would you not?

That I’ll come back and for all that it costs…
And I’ll be drunk on those tears you’d be holding back
I’ll kiss every inch of you, your scarred spots
I’ll strip that shyness away and revel in you
I’ll feast on those doubts and spit them out
I’ll let you know all that you want

But even if I still leave something out..
Here are the words, one final time..
I’ve loved you forever,
now don’t ever forget that.


Zendaya had the best comeback to a Twitter hater who called her parents ugly 

Last week, an alleged Zendaya fan tweeted a photo of the 18-year-old with her parents, paired with a seemingly backhanded compliment that “they made a gorgeous ass child.” Other Twitter users agreed, piling on with outright nasty comments. As her way, the star fired back with grace. Of course, this is no surprise given how she has praised her parents in the past.

seventeen: *it’s now the year 2050, seventeen has released 500 albums, lots of eras ended, performed a million stages, tHE ADORE U ERA LITERALLY ENDED ANCIENT TIMES AGO*

pledis: oh would u look at that here’s another version of adore u for y’all


1. 슈퍼주니어(Super Junior) - Devil: Special Album - 85.000
2. Lamb of God - VII: Sturm Und Drang - 80.000
3. DREAMS COME TRUE - The Best! Watashi No Dorikamu - 80.000
4. Miss Jill Scott - Woman - 63.000
5. Ed Sheeran - X - 55.000
6. 동방신기(TVXQ!) (Tohoshinki) - Rise As God - 48.000
7. Taylor Swift - 1989 - 47.000
8. Soundtrack - Southpaw - 45.000
9. Roger Waters - Amused To Death - 44.000
10. The Chemical Brothers - Born In Echoes - 40.000
11. Apink - Pink Memory (White+Red Version) - 38.000
12. SAM SMITH - In The Lonely Hour - 36.000
13. INFINITE - Reality (Standard + Limited Edition) - 35.000
14. Future - DS2 - 34.000
15. Years & Years- Communion - 33.000
16. Tame Impala - Currents - 33.000
17. Muse - Drones - 30.000
18. Alan Jackson - Angels & Alcohol - 27.000
19 Florence + The Machine - How Big How Blue How Beautiful - 26.000
20. Unison Square Garden - Dugout Accident - 26.000

Source: World Music Awards