Jihoon doesn’t care if Taeil is sick or if it might be contagious (x)

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block b boys reacting to you flirting with them?


Y/N: /touch his chest and compliment him on his good looks/


Y/N: /let your feelings know to him for the first time, calling him gorgeous, sexy, handsome and so on/

Zico: /cant contain feels, finds it adorable and starts flirting with you/


Y/N: /flirting with him/

P.O: “i know what you’re doing~ you liking a bit of this ey?~”


/you and jaehyo are flirting back and forth with the members in the same room, not caring that they’re there, only interested in jaehyo/ 

Zico: /when you leave/ have you and Y/N got a thing going onnnnn~?

Jaehyo: shhhhhhhh don’t worry about it~ /smiling to himself/


Y/N: /starts flirting with him in which Taeil picks up the vibe straight away. He cant help but to nervously laugh and to be shocked at the same time/


Y/N: Oppa i was just wondering how a man could be so handsome~ /smirks at him/


/flirting back with you, sending you kisses in front of his members to embarrass you because he knows you’ll blush. payback for when you flirted and made him blush in front of them/

here you go. hope you enjoyed it :) didn’t really know what to do seems never flirted in my life and i know im shit at it :’)

-Admin L