A couple weeks ago I was left speechless by Diane Latiker’s story. She started Kids Off The Block, Inc. (KOB), an organization that offers a safe place for young people to learn and achieve their potential. Diane is trying to buy property in the neighborhood to expand programming beyond her home. In the spirit of #GivingTuesday, we need your help to get Kids Off The Block a new homebase. To help get us started, I’m going to match every donation for the first $10k. 

 Donate here:

Travis Scott

La flame gives me the rage. I discovered him when uptown came out cos I was fucking with A$AP, I thought the video was weird but the song was fire. After that I explored owl pharaoh. Meadow creek has that dark vibe, insane drums & bass line. Bad mood shit on you was the beginning of Travis legendary two part songs. Could easily tell the cudi influence but his voice sounded unique & the beats were harder. The transition from part 1 to 2 is nuts. Upper echelon just that turn up ish. Uptown one of the hardest beasts of all time. Blocka fire too. Dance on the moon was my get high tune when I used to smoke. & the transition into Paul wall is fire. I was so hyped for days for rodeo to come out. I personally don’t think it’s his best tape like everyone else, but I love it & I preferred it over owl pharaoh. Mamacita was where I discovered thug, thank you trav. Rich homie was hot, damn he fell off. Quintana part 2 another fire song I consider a two part song. Not gonna lie I slept on rodeo, didn’t listen till months after it came out. But when I first heard it I was blown away. Pornography is fire, wake up nigga, gotta get the cake up nigga. Oh my dis side is another amazing two part song, this is when I started to like quavo but not migos yet. 3500 was always fire, crazy outro & one of the only future verses I like. I love his singing on 90210. Piss on your grave a song for when you’re frustrated. Antidote super over rated but fire. Birds. Where do I begin. I was way too hyped for birds. Probably the most excited I’ve ever been for an album to come out. I remember when the snippet for pick up the phone came out of trav previewing it in the club. I couldn’t get enough. When the official version came out I had it on repeat for hours straight. After various delays & frustration, we finally ate & it didn’t disappoint. Part 2 of way back is one of my favs. Cudi feature on through the late night is legendary. Sweet sweet probs my second fave trav song. Goosebumps easily my favorite travis song. Whole lotta lovin is in my top 5 as well. Portland is one of my fav travis verses. Thank you la flame for the vibes. IT’S LIT, STAIGHT UP