( i would like to talk about the fact that w*steland-s*rvivors accused me
of falsely accusing them of the anonymous ask, but before i even got
the ask, they weren’t blocked. this was them on my recomm. blogs.
the recomm. blogs are people who are not blocked.

this was the first thing on the recomm. blogs and then, minutes after,
i got the said ask. the way i handle anonymous hate is that i print screen
the message, reply it via text post and then block it. this was the first
person in my blocked list. i can print the whole list if you want to.

i do not fake anonymous messages. the only thing i do send on anon,
is when i’m over at avery and i see a meme someome reblogged, then
i send the meme and add either ‘ ( rxmedium ) ‘ or ‘ ( empathetiic ) ‘. please,
do not try to come up with the fake crap about me making the anonymous
message. thank you and please continue with your life, sweetheart.)


Block Shop scarves are the most beautiful, wearable scarves you’ll ever own. They’re an Indian textile company founded by sisters Lily and Hopie Stockman. They work with the Chhipa family of master printers based in Bagru, India, who have been hand block printing with natural dyes for over 350 years. Their textiles are printed one at a time with carved wooden blocks and non-toxic vegetable dyes on the finest Indian silk-cotton blend.


Saw the top picture today (whoever that teacher is, you are amazing. Thanks for posting it) and got inspired to make my own, but a small linoleum block version.

Literally none of my students appreciate this joke. I shall nerd-laugh to myself then.

Block Printing | Everything Golden

Long time readers will know how much I love block printing. I think it’s the carving that I enjoy the most - it’s so rewarding seeing your design ‘come to life’ and seeing it printed onto fabric or paper. This DIY is to make napkins but you can print onto anything - you could even block print a repeat pattern onto a plain quilt cover! If you’re not sure about what to design, do a search on google and get inspired. You just might find a new passion!


Block Printing

A long time ago we learned our first lesson about block printing with linocut at school. Now we spotted Derrick Castle, designer and typographer from Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Living in Nashville, he has been exposed to mixology and more modern interpretations of classic cocktails through friends that he has in the bartending industry. To pay tribute to some of his favorite classic cocktails he started with this series of block prints you can see above. As a city were music is born and celebrated every day he dedicated some works also to this soundful center of the south. Enjoy his work!

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