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How would Zico, Dok2, and Jay react if he came home to see his girlfriend wearing his boxers?

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Zico: His eyes would widen and he’d have to look twice. “Hey are those my boxers?!” “Maybe.” You’d smile coyly. “Mmm, okay, okay, I can roll with this.” He would bite his bottom lip and smirk.

Dok2 & Jay: They are already used to their girlfriend stealing their clothes from their closet, so they wouldn’t actually be surprised, but it would be a sight for sore eyes when they came home and saw you like that. “Damn, baby girl! Those boxers look better on you than they do on me!”


  • Person:I like the song.
  • Me:YES!
  • Person:But why why are they singing in both Korean AND English? Can't they just sing in one language?!
  • Me:*tear rolls down my cheek as Taeyang's Wedding Dress plays in the background* I thought we had something for a moment there.