This year has been very hard for me. It feels like it gained 100 pounds and I don’t like it. I really wanna run and eat healthy but it’s really hard where I live. I can’t run around the block, the 2 gyms near me won’t let me use their facilities and I just feel like I’m in this gross rut of take out and sleeping. I can’t even wear my short anymore cause my thighs eat them up. I was so worried that I wouldn’t look the same in my binki I tried it on last weekend. I was happy to see they still fit and looked decent on me.

Top 15 Kpop Songs

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I don’t really have a reason for most of the song’s.

The first 5 are interchangeable

1. Growing Pains - Super Junior D&E

2. Toy - Block B

3. Night And Day - Wheesung

4. Kontrol - Sunggyu - This is my go to song when i’m sad or upset I could listen to it for weeks.

5. Flower - Xia/Junsu

6. Without You - NCT U

7. Last Romeo - Infinite

8. Blossom Tears - Lyn & Leo

9. Borders - Amber

10. Left Out - Legend - Just something about the vocals in this song really gets me.

11. Soldier - Taemin - It’s hard for me to explain my love for this song because I don’t really understand it. Taemin is my ultimate bias and I love his voice but for some reason everything about this song makes me remember my dad so it’s a really special song to me.

12. Just Another Girl - Jaejoong

13. Heartless - U-Kiss

14. Teenager - Jung Joon Young

15. U R So Cute - 24K - Everything about this song just makes me really happy.

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Dex deals with it, in increments.

He didn’t stop himself falling because he hadn’t noticed it had happened until it was too late, but he’s picked himself up off the ground of loving Nursey and managed to make his way across the vast expanse. He can’t shoot back up into obliviousness again, thinks he might come across a canyon and fall even further.  It’s maybe inevitable, being bound by this love for the rest of his life. At first he’d let himself believe in quiet moments that he might be free one day, might move on to someone else’s land and love them as much; but then Nursey would smile, or laugh, or breathe, and Dex would know. He’s gone, he’s fallen hard and fast and fully, plummeted to the earth that is Derek Nurse, the gravity of love tying him indefinitely to this man.

So he deals with it. It’s the best he can do.

He remembers that they’re not friends. This confuses Nursey at first because they’d pretty much reached a mutual accord at the end of the last semester, but a few sharp words from Dex and they go back to being grudging acquaintances. Dex tries not to notice that he’s always the one on the attack in their petty arguments, that Nursey – who’s so kind, so good – never does more than gently chirp or defend himself with the deft deflection of a poet. He gets used to the frowns from Bitty when he spits acid, vile and corrosive, at Nursey across the kitchen. Rans and Holtz try talking to him about it once, but he spits at them too, his words as toxic as chemicals in a lab explosion, and they learn to leave him be. They want to help, they care so much, but ultimately as long as they play well together they can’t do much more as captains. It’s not only not their job, but not their place either.

(In the dark of his room, Dex sometimes wishes that they’d push him. Lock him and Nursey in a room together so they’re forced to talk, so Dex has no choice but to let the torrent of feeling that he’s hidden inside him escape his carefully constructed dam and wash through the room. Let him face the scorn, or the sympathy, or the awkward acceptance that would inevitably follow the reveal. But they won’t force him, and he’s not brave enough to do it alone.)

It gets harder as they grow more distant, because when Nursey isn’t talking to Dex he’s talking to everyone else, spilling his sunlight all over them so they smile and laugh and relax in the warmth of his presence. Dex watches this from the shadows, sees the rays just across the room and wishes he could step into them, give Nursey a smile, slip back into the friendship they’d so briefly had. But then Nursey will glance his way, catch Dex watching him, and Dex has to scowl and turn away, curl up in the cool shade he’s damned himself to, curse away the tears that want to run with the absence of light.

It comes to a head when Dex requests he be moved lines. He can’t play with Nursey, he tells Coach Hall. Can’t skate with him. Can’t breathe the same air.

Coach Hall refuses, but he does tell Ransom and Holster. They tell Nursey, and finally, he snaps.

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okay i really need to stop talking about this but what the FUCK communismkills you’re literally spreading lies about me now. i edited THREE of your posts before you blocked me.
- 2 i made about CATS. cats. literally about cats.
- 1 i made link to my amazon wishlist for my upcoming birthday

and then you blocked me. and that was that! i don’t fucking make jokes about pedophilia and i don’t make jokes about CSA. i don’t know where you got this idea from but i didn’t fucking do it. whoever did sucks because pedophilia is not a laughing matter but i didn’t do it. i’m not even able to reblog anything you post much less edit it because you have me blocked, remember?

WHOOPS OK so i accidentally just answered the ask privately, but i did get someone asking what god’n’gabe was!! AND:

i’ve gotten quite a few new followers who may not know! it’s my summer project, and has been for the last 2 years!

while i do have a description in my FAQ:

  • God’n’Gabe is a 5.25” x 8.125” fanbook by your’s truly! It started out as a pretty quaint personal project, and took on a life of it’s own. Every page is about God (Chuck Shurley) and Gabriel (The Trickster) and my personal belief of their whereabouts in the SPN universe for the past few years! All comics have been redrawn in high resolution specifically for the book and was an absolute labor of love. It is sold in my Etsy on occasion!

IT HAS NOW EXPANDED and it’s not really just the fanbooks/series of comics more now as it is a side series of its own–within the world is Chuck and The God Squad, The Swaingels, and a number of other little things that have accumulated into one big thing!

in short, if you think gabriel is alive and would be the best buddies with the chuck we know and love,

then the god’n’gabe comics are the thing for you!