block walking

oh my god okay @all tourists coming to new york for the first time:

street hot dogs should be one dollar, maybe a dollar fifty. anything more than that and theyre swindling you. walk another block and get urself a decently priced hot dog

you dont have to yell “TAXI” when ur tryin to hail a cab, we all know u want a cab, thats why ur sticking ur arm up like a square

seriously. walk faster and in a tighter clump. people have things to do and the sidewalk is not yours to command

thats all please come visit nyc but do it smartly

childhood sounds

wind chimes, a creaking swingset, scissors cutting construction paper, “coming soon to home video”, barbie jeep motor, pool splashes, sidewalk chalk against pavement, the ice cream truck’s song, running on woodchips, bicycle spoke beads, jumping on a trampoline, popping open plastic easter eggs, hose water on backyard grass, lizzie mcguire theme song, opening a vhs tape case, playstation 2 start up, basketball dribbling in the driveway, zipping a lisa frank backpack, leappad book’s narration, playing with wooden blocks, walking down basement stairs, crickets at night, thermometer beeping


i feel so bad for my modern au rey


marianne as the goblin queen

    • i drew this last night on a whim
    • i remember seeing a lot of awesome versions of goblin marianne, so please consider this inspired by all of them
    • EDIT: a fairy bog to go with this >:)

brainshotsinners  asked:

(Blind dean AU) imagine dean and Cas walking along the street one day and Castiel slips and falls silently, hoping he can just brush it off but when he goes to get up he sees that dean is almost a block away, walking merrily on his own.

Cas: “So you can tell that im not ok just by hearing the way I breathe BUT WHEN I TRIP RIGHT NEXT TO YOU, SUDDENLY YOURE DEAF TOO?”

Gemini & Virgo
  • Gemini, singing to themselves as they walk to a block party with Virgo: I'm walking, with Virgo, to get some, some pizza, and I'm walking, but its hot, why is it hot, its the end of December, that doesn't make sense~, but I'm walking!~
  • Virgo, sighs: Would you mind shutting up for a minute?
  • Gemini, catches an attitude: You don't own me~
  • Virgo, makes an annoyed face: Your not Grace nor G-Eazy, so shut the hell up.
  • Gemini, places hand on chested, offended: Rude.

“When I was young I thought every star in the sky was a starfish that swam all the way up to the night, took one last breath, set itself on fire and fell, just so I could make a wish.
Life isn’t like that, it’s like this:
Hard as concrete beneath your feet sometimes, but you keep on walking block by block, mile by mile, cause every aisle in the store is empty
but the sky is never out of stock when it comes to things to live for.”
- Andrea Gibson

Failing to see U2; having a pleasant day out while failing

Swear to God I’ll shut up after this post, but being able to wander through U2′s recent instagram photos gave me a strange sense of fulfillment. I think part of it was the weather—the sun was out, and I was able to sit in Washington Square Park for a while without my hood or gloves! It’s been bitter cold here since last week, and it’s not supposed to do that in March, and everyone was getting grumpy. But not today! There’s something about the sunlight that makes people really pleasant, even in New York. So this was a nice break.

I took some pics.

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Yanno, it would be entirely in keeping with the Boueibu sense of humor to make a big emotional deal about the third years graduating and going off to college… and then they walk two blocks to the gates of Binan University and be like “Well, here we are at our new school!” Cue long shot of the two groups of guys at opposite ends of the street, with Yumoto still enthusiastically waving goodbye and telling them to write soon.

Things I Noticed When I Saw Hamilton

So, I saw Hamilton yesterday (the best thing that has ever happened to me) and I thought I would share some things I noticed! So, here is my list of:
Things I noticed in Hamilton:
Act 1
•There is cheering for 30 seconds when Lin comes out
•Hamilton and Laurens share a moment
•There are lampposts in Aaron burr sir
•The lighting cues are on pointe
•Laurens and Alexander have a LOT of meaningful eye contact moments
•The sisters come out when Burr says each of their names
•They walk along the revolving stage
•Angelica holds a paper in the Schuyler sisters
•Peggy is reluctantly enjoying herself the whole time
•They all grab Angelica’s hands on the last beat
•Alexander’s friends are pushing him towards seabury
•Seabury tries to block Hamilton and ignore him to no avail
•Burr pulls Hamilton off the block
•King George acts like a 3 year old
•The king points at someone when he says you’re my favorite subject
•There are cool water effects at the beginning of right hand man
•The Schuyler sisters are kind of just in the background of all of the songs in the upper level
•Burr is VERRRYYY jealous at the end of RHM
•There is pretty much no talking
•In winters ball all of the guys point to one girl with a glass at LADIES
•Angelica looks quite offended
•The candles don’t come down until Eliza starts singing
•Eliza looks real pissed at Angelica at the Harem part
•Hamilton’s victory dance is 👌
•Eliza also looks pissed at the tried to take a bite of me part
•Eliza puts all of the letters in a box that Peggy is holding
•Angelica and Laurens share a look
•Hercules Mulligan is the best flowergirl ever
•Hamilton and Eliza have a pretty long kiss
•Less glass raising than I expected
•A+ choreo
•Everyone moves except Angelica
•Feels like a rewind
•Everyone just repeats the dance moves from helpless
•Hamilton has a hand kissing thing? That’s
his trademark
•Everyone sucks in a breath and stiffs up
•Hamilton and Eliza kiss (again)
•Angelica is left alone onstage and its majestic
•Hercules makes up the dance move in story reprise
•A British soldier fires a rifle and an ensemble member pretends to be the bullet and narrowly misses hamilton
•Eliza’s pregnancy dress is pretty cool
•Lafayette sounds annoyed
•Laurens and Hamilton share a moment
•Charles Lee is a douchebag
•Laurens and Hamilton share a moment
•Ten Duel Commandments makes good use of the spinning stage
•Lee looks MAD
•Laurens gives Hamilton his note while they share a moment
•Burr is like “duh, of course he yeilds!”
•Hamilton’s voice crack is very real
•Eliza lets Hamilton feel her baby bump and it is CUTE
•Most of that would be enough is Alexander sitting on a bench and processing with Eliza comforting him
•Everyone cheers after the immigrants high 5
•The king suddenly looks very scared of everyone
•When the king says I’m so blue the lights turn blue
•Dear theodosia is just burr and Hamilton bringing out a chair each and singing
•Laurens’ death song is v sad
•"I have so much work to do"
•Angelica holds Hamilton’s hand as the stage rotates her away and Eliza starts singing
•Washington stands on a moving staircase singing to Hamilton as it moves to the center of the room
•Angelica and Eliza hold each of hamilton’s arms and he shakes them off

Act 2
•Everyone in the audience cheers for Jefferson and he is just a ham
•When we stopped cheering he actually raised his arms like “keep cheering!”
•His jump walk thingy is beautiful
•Madison is sick. Like he is constantly coughing into his handkerchief
•Hamilton pushes past Washington to shake Jefferson’s hand first and Jefferson is just like “this guy! HA”
•Washington is like “Sorry bout that” while shaking Jefferson’s hand
•Jefferson is trying to defend Madison
•Anthony is hilarious as Phillip
•He just wants to have a different tune
•Eliza’s beat boxing is gr8
•Phillip is kinda shy about his rap until the end
•Eliza is trying to paint Hamilton a picture
•Angelica has a parasol? Idk why
•Angelica and Eliza are really good at acting like they haven’t seen each other in years
•Again with the hand holding
•Lampposts in say no to this
•Maria walks on the rotating stage
•Maria is about to kiss Hamilton then turns away
•Hamilton and Maria have a full on make out sesh
•Sydney James Harcourt was hilarious
•Maria kneels on the ground
•Hamilton kneels down after her
•There is just a lapdance
•James Reynolds calls Maria kind of like a very strict dog owner
•Alexander looks SUPER guilty at the beginning of the room where it happens
•Alexander mocks Burr SO MUCH
•Burr ends up right next to the composer most of the time
•Phillip talks to Eliza the whole time in Schuyler defeated
•Washington has a special chair
•Jefferson holds out the mic for Madison to say France
•Hamilton pretends to grab King Louis’s head, then pretends to be him
•Burr comes in front of Jefferson after he stops talking
•Jefferson is like “who is this? Why is he singing?”
•Burr is kinda just the 3rd wheel
•Jefferson writes his resignment
•Hamilton acts like a 2-year old for “Jefferson Started It!”
•Hamilton pretended he didn’t hear Washington say he’s not running for president
•Washington almost cries at the own vine and fig tree part
•Everyone surrounds Washington at the end
•The king DRAGS his scepter onstage
•He’s like are you serious?!
•He looks at his servant like “really?” And she’s like “yeah. I know right?”
•On the last beat the king sits on his stool
•Hamilton drops a large stack of papers on the ground from the center of the balcony
•He has red lights flashing on his face on “You fat motherBLEEEPP!”
•Hamilton sounds completely unsurprised at the 3 coming in. He sounds kind of like “oh boy. I have to listen to these 3.”
•Hamilton pulls the letter out of a cabinet drawer on the side of the stage
•Jefferson kind of stops Burr from saying f*ck
•It actually looks like he’s in the eye of a hurricane
•You can see Hamilton realizing he can write his way out of this
•His mom gets spinned in the air again
•Everyone starts to move the set
•Maria hands him the pen
•Everyone starts to bring out paper
•James Reynolds is like “that’s me!” When he reads his name
•Maria looks really ashamed
•Phillip looks so saddened when he reads at his own house
•Jefferson bounces on the desk
•Angelica walks in with bags
•She pulls her hand away when he tries to kiss it
•King George does a little dance
•Jefferson hands the conductor a pamphlet when they say “have you read this?”
•Everyone starts to pick up the papers at the end
•Eliza starts to walk in with the lantern at the end
•Eliza looks off in the distance at the fist burn
•Eliza looks angry and hurt
•She lights the paper
•The fire kind of got high in the bucket
•She slides the rest of the letters in the bucket instead of dropping them
•Phillip ‘graduates’ at the beginning
•The rest of the graduates are wearing general hats
•The actors in the play watch Phillip’s fight
•Alexander is very comforting and reassuring
•There are 2 guns that are taken off the wall
•Phillip has his gun up WAY BEFORE TEN
•Seriously Eacker is just an asshole
•When Phillip is hit he kinda floats to the table
•Phillip is very good at pretending to be dying
•Eliza says noooo not ooohhhhh
•Phillip grabs Eliza’s arm
•Phillipa’s scream is HEARTBREAKING
•Pretty much everyone onstage is crying in it’s quiet uptown
•Especially Lin
•Lin is just VERY emotionally invested in this show
•Eliza is pretty much expressionless the whole number until the end
•Madison is wiping away tears at the beginning of the election of 1800
•Jefferson and Madison just hate Burr
•Burr does a little “yesss” at grab a beer with him
•Everyone shoves papers in Hamilton’s face
•Burr looks so excited and expectant
•The disappointment and hurt and sadness on Burr’s face is heartbreaking
•Burr holds out his hand for a handshake and Jefferson just leaves him hanging
•Burr and Hamilton take turns using the same desk
•Lots of letters are passed
•Alexander is sitting in a chair and Eliza comes out to the chair
•Burr really looks like he regrets his decision
•Phillip stands in the place where he died and Hamilton walks over but Phillip walks up the stairs before Hamilton can get to him
•Everyone dead is acting out things during Hamilton’s monologue about the other side
•Eliza walks onstage and runs to the middle, grabs hands with Hamilton and acts like she’s being pulled away
•Burr starts crying when he is ushered away
•Burr holds out his arms like “the world was this wide”
•Everyone changes their clothes to white except for Angelica, Eliza, and Hamilton
•When she stops singing, she walks towards the middle and “finds” hamilton
•Hamilton leads her forward and shows her the audience

And that’s it! I would sell my soul to go see the OBC again, but it’s impossible, soooo… Oh well. This is a very inspirational and amazing musical, and I love love love it