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Hi :) First off, I really enjoy seeing your beautiful art on my feed, you're really talented and I really think you're one of the best KS artists, and just artists in general on here! :D Second, if you don't mind me asking, do you have any tips on how to get used to using a Wacom tablet (I recently got one, also sorry if I have any errors on here I'm a little nervous talking to you hehe)

//////OMG THANK U SO MUCH ❤❤(_´ω`) ur so nice (/ω\) sjsjbsjs i have no words

Of course ;w; i have something i wish i did when i started

❤1. Dont turn ur tablet

(T▽T) this is the worst habit tbh, when i started i had it skew because i draw like that on paper, it didnt work well for the tablet tho

Doing this causes drawing to lean and be skew, 99% of my drawign have a lean to the left, its best to keep ur tablet straightforward 👌

❤2. Wear protection glasses !!!

!!! When is started using my wacom i was infront og the screen alot! And my vision went reallly bad, there are these glasses called blue light blocking. And they help ur eyes not become sore or damaged, please take care of ur eyes love ❤❤❤❤ also take as many brakes as possible 

Being infront of the screen for to long is bad, ❤❤❤

❤3. Play with the stability 

Wheni first started digital art i thought using the stabilizer was cheating and i never used it, but its there for a reason ❤❤❤ USE IT, it makes drawing so much easier and fun 

❤4. Practice

Draw a bunch of randome lines everyday to train ur hand to get use to the tablet❤ dont push urself to do MASTER pieces, ull get there aslong as u practice , do doodles for the beginning, dont do a full on painting with shading and background, take it easy. Do a quick sketch and than try some lines and when u feel uve had enough take on a bigger project

It tooke me about 2 week to get use to my tablet 😘 some people take longer than others, 

Also, please dont be scared to ask me anything (○´3`)ノ im alwasy happy to help 

I hope this helps u (/ω\) good luck dude