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Welcome To The End Of The World (Part 2)

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Summary: Dean shows reader the basics of surviving in this new world. Until they run into trouble that is…

Part 1

Pairing: AU!Dean x reader 

Word Count: 3,200ish

Warnings: language, mentions of death, zombies

A/N: One more part after this…

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The party is holed up in an inn after failing to stop a horde of zombies due to an overzealous Drow necromancer. The ranger (me) is drunk in a corner, the fighter is positioned to block the backdoor when the Drow knocks on the front door, leaving the bard and the Sorcerer to handle the situation.

Drow knocks.

Sorcerer: Nobodies home!

DM: Roll deception.

Sorcerer fails the roll.

Drow: I know you’re in there!

Bard: What proof do you have that we’re in here?

The DM and the Bard both roll and the Bard wins.

Drow: uh, you’re right, we don’t have any proof.

I have no sympathy for anyone that goes on the block because when I was on the block, I was backdoored, didn’t get to play in veto, and I walked out with my head held up high. I came back into this house, won two HOH’s, and now I’m in the spot that I’m in now. So loyalty yeah that’s all great, but you really did fuck me!

Victor to Paulie!

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Except the difference here is that Dan had his back against the wall and instead of letting his 24 hours of isolation break him he managed to blow up his own alliance to get his biggest enemy in the house, Frank, to not only convince Jenn to use the PoV on him but to put Britney a big threat to Dan’s game on the block and backdoor her. When it comes to Danielle and Shane. He got Danielle to use the PoV on Dan when once again he was for sure going home to put up Shane, Danielle’s closest ally and then blindsided both of them by evicting Shane in order to ensure that both Ian and Danielle would take him to the final two in the event either one of them won the final HoH. As far as him manipulating Danielle, sorry that Danielle was continually gullible enough to trust the man that kept repeatedly stabbing her in the back and would just come in a say “oh my bad just kidding!” 

Then we have Vanessa who yes has blindsided Jason. But what is this doing for her game? Does it put her in a better position overall? No not really what Vanessa has successfully done is turn the entire other side of the house against her putting a massive target on her back and at this point in the game there are still enough people to create a massive power switch and end up sending her home. She not only put up nonthreatening Jason she chose to keep Austin who has Liz in his back pocket (despite what she may say in the DR she is still loyal to him) and who is blowing up their alliance and unlike Dan, Vanessa has no control over this crumbling alliance. By choosing Austin to stay she has kind of isolated the other two members of her alliance and we don’t really know where Julia’s head is at so it could be a third since she hates Austin so much! 

To sum it all up, Dan has used blindsiding and manipulation to further his game when he was for sure going home several times and to ensure himself a spot in the final two. Vanessa on the other hand was too afraid to get blood on her hands by getting out the ticking time bomb in their alliance and overall physical threat and in turn is getting far more blood on her hands than she would have if she had nominated Austin, basically ensuring that unless two Sixth Sense members are HoH then she is probably going to be on the chopping block. Now do I think that BB17 is ruined because of her? No. Do I think that the move she made was a dumb one and seriously detrimental to her game? Yes. Sorry for the rant but I don’t see why people are trying to compare the actions of a two time veteran (winner and runner-up) to the actions of the week 5 HoH. But if we want to draw comparisons let us be completely thorough in our analysis.