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I’m so glad I’m an escort now, I rejoined SA yesterday and most of these men are literally a joke and I can see right through them much better than I could before. I just keep blocking them. Anyone who asks to view my pictures without giving me access to theirs is blocked, anyone who doesn’t believe in a transnational relationship or spews shit about building trust first,etc. is blocked. Anyone earning less than $500,000 and with a net worth under 5 million is blocked.

As I start sugaring and escorting again more seriously (I literally separated my bank accounts and created a business account for just sex work) I definitely don’t wanna see less than $5,000 AUD per month (2 meets max). Sugaring is much more exhausting than escorting (for me) and I plan on being ruthless about it and having these men in rotation.  

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(I'm sorry to ask but) what exactly is going on? I know it has something to do with Del, but why do people 'attack' him? I don't get it... (sorry)

//hmu on my main ill send a link.. but if you get mad about the bs you will be blocked. @sugar-syringe -Mod Matt

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Smh you dont like sugar cookies ..... blocked....... reported ...... unfollowed .....( im just joking still love ur blog )


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"Raymond!" He'd had to ponder long and hard, but he'd eventually settled. The contents of the small box tied with a red bow were a rather odd mix--a pound of good-quality brown sugar, a pound of good-quality white sugar, a block of baking chocolate and a new whetstone. He set this box on the table, along with dinner, china and candles, to be waiting when Raymond got home. --lucius-of-cornwell

He came home from work tired, sore, and worse of all, cold. On rare days, when Raven allowed himself the weakness of being homesick, the warmth was perhaps what he missed most of all; it wasn’t quite as satisfying sitting by the fire when he had to constantly worry about running out of wood.

He stumbled through the door, marching over to drop the pile he held in his arms next to the fireplace, before sinking down to stoke it, to warm his hands. He had coaxed out a hearty blaze before a familiar voice greeted him from the doorway, but that voice filled him with more warmth than the flames.

“You sound excited,” he replied, “it’s not like I’m late. Today was local jobs, you know that.” He stayed where he was a moment longer, but he wore a smile when he rose, a small but genuine one. He reached into the satchel at his side as he approached the door way where Lucius stood, pulling out a small box. Then he froze.

The room behind Lucius was decorated for dinner; their fanciest glass, their nicest candles, their finest tablecloth; he was certain whatever dinner was smelled familiar, like home, and he felt his stomach lurch with an awkward mix of homesickness and guilt.

“I uh. Get the feeling I’ve been outdone,” he’d only gotten a book and baked some sweets. “even your box is bigger.” Raven found himself frowning, even while his gaze remained soft, touched.

“You outdid yourself.”

Today, by simultaneously ending world hunger and destroying the world.

Approximately 5-6 years ago as a nerdy 12 year old I had found a small minecraft server. This server was basically about 100 people building extravagant designs. These people put a lot of work into this server, like up to hundreds of hours each.

The admins on the server were pretty trusting and gave everyone mod tools, which basically meant you had god mode and could use commands to make building easier.

I used the command which allows you to fill the volume between 2 points with a certain block. I unknowingly set one of the points at the ‘spawn’ and then walked diagonally for about half an hour to find a free region to build a house.

It was going to be a sky house I decided, so I built a tower to the top of the world and started with a nice pond. I wanted to surround the pond with sugar cane block, so I used the fill all command.

Here’s where I fucked up. I thought I set the first point at one corner of the pond and the other at a connecting corner. Instead, the first point was still at the spawn (half hours walk away!) and the second was in my pond.

I used the fill command and filled the space with sugar cane. If I recall correctly, close to 600 million blocks of fucking sugar cane.

The thing about sugar cane is that if it’s not next to water or if it’s stacked above a height of 5, it drops into an item on the ground.

I had just dropped 600 million cubic metres of sugar cane on to the ground.

Unsurprisingly the server crashed after a few minutes due to the intense load.

I found out through the servers IRC chat that the map AND the server couldn’t be saved. Which means the backups couldn’t be accessed, nor the chat logs, so they didn’t know I did it. The admin of the server had to delete the map completely and create a new one. Needless to say, the players didn’t like this one bit. The 100 players dwindled to about 10 before the server was shut down due to low interest.

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Favorite Songs of 2015

Songs marked with a (*) are my favorite albums and bolded are my favorite MVs

  • Jonghyun’s “Deja Boo” and “Crazy (Guilty Pleasure)” *
  • Gfriend’s “Me Gustas Tu” 
  • 9MUSES’ “Drama” and “Hurt Locker” 
  • 4minute’s “Crazy”
  • 15&’s “Love is Madness” 
  • Niel (Teen Top)’s “Only You” *
  • Shinhwa’s “Sniper” 
  • Xia Junsu (JYJ)’s “Flower”*
  • Fiestar’s “You’re Pitiful” *
  • Ga-in (Brown Eyed Girls)’s “Paradise Lost” 
  • Minah (Girl’s Day)’s “I Am A Woman Too” *
  • Red Velvet’s “Ice Cream Cake” and “Dumb Dumb”*
  • CLC’s “Pepe” and “Like”
  • Laboum’s “Sugar Sugar” 
  • Taeil (Block B)’s “Shaking (Inspiring)” 
  • EXO’s “Call Me Baby” and “Love Me Right”*
  • Miss A’s “Only You” and “Melting” 
  • Mamamoo’s “Um Oh Ah Yeah”* 
  • EXID’s “Ah Yeah”
  • Bastarz’ “Conduct Zero” and “Nobody But You”*
  • Oh My Girl’s “Cupid” and “Closer”
  • Uniq’s “Eoeo” 
  • HOTSHOT’s “Watch Out” and “Rain On Me”* 
  • Lim Kim’s “Awoo”
  • BTS’ “I Need You”, “Dope” and “Run” *
  • BESTie’s “Excuse Me” 
  • Hyungseung (B2ST)’s “사랑한다고”*
  • BoA’s “Who Are You?” and “Clockwork”* 
  • Monsta X’s “Tresspass” and “Amen”* 
  • SHINee’s “Odd Eye”, “View” and “Married to the Music” *  
  • SEVENTEEN’s “Adore U” and “Manse”*  
  • Anda’s “Touch” 
  • 2PM’s “My House” and “Red” *
  • Sistar’s “Shake It”
  • AOA’s “Heart Attack” 
  • Teen Top’s “Ah-ah” and “I Love It”* 
  • Playback’s “Playback” and “I Wonder” 
  • BTOB’s “It’s Okay” and “친구의 여자친구” * 
  • Girl’s Day’s “Ring My Bell”* 
  • Infinite’s “Bad” and “Moonlight”*
  • GOT7′s “Just Right” and “If You Do” *
  • Goo Hara (KARA)’s “Choco Chip Cookies” 
  • Super Junior’s “Devil” and “Good Love” *
  • Apink’s “Remember”*
  • DBSK’s “너는 내꺼 (Top of The World)”* 
  • Stellar’s “Vibrato” 
  • Sonamoo’s “빙그르르”
  • B2ST “Gotta Go to Work” 
  • Lee Michelle’s “I Can Sing”
  • B1A4′s “Sweet Girl” and “Love is Magic” 
  • VIXX LR (VIXX)’s “Beautiful Liar” 
  • SNSD’s “You Think” and “Talk Talk”*
  • JJCC’s “Where You At” 
  • HyunA (4minute)’s “Roll Deep” 
  • April’s “Hurry Hurry” 
  • Purfles’ “A Bad Thing” 
  • BIGSTAR’s “왜이래” * 
  • Ailee’s “Mind Your Own Business” and “Insane”* 
  • iKON’s “Rhythm Ta” 
  • Topp Dogg’s “Emotion” 
  • TWICE’S “Like Ooh-Ahh” 
  • Solar (Mamamoo)’s “Lived Like a Fool” 
  • F(x)’s “4 Walls” and “Rude Love”*
  • Brown Eyed Girls’ “Brave New World” *
  • Rania’s “Demonstrate” 
  • VIXX’s “Chained Up” and “Hot Enough”* 
  • B.A.P “Young, Wild and Free”*
  • UP10TION’s “Catch Me!” 
  • SEVENTEEN (S.coups, Vernon and Woozi) and Ailee “Q&A”
  • ChoA (AOA)’s “Flame” 
emmm..Laura blocked me

That awkward moment when you get blocked by Laura Layton on Instagram and you have no idea why. I actually really liked her pictures. Like I’ve never spoken to her before ..she didn’t block me on my personal IG but she blocked me on my sugar account so maybe she has an issue with Sugar Babies. Has this happened to anyone else? Like out of 24K followers I’m like ‘what did I do’

A few weeks ago, I selected 81 varieties out of this block of sugar cane seedlings as part of our syrup breeding efforts. I used pink ribbon to mark the seed I was going to cut. When I went back, I found only 15. BIRDS decided to steal and use my pink ribbon for their nests!!!

Canal Point, FL


Liiiiiiiiike a “sugar daddy” sent me these pics and I’m like isn’t that a motel

This word is starting to get used too loosely these days.

And no I’m not an elitist but a sugar daddy ain’t staying at a motel and blah blah blah

“Well you’re such a bitch some girls will be happy with that and stop "shaming” blah blah blah



That is not a sugar daddy. BLOCKED

Like why must everything be politically correct.