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Prompt # 146

“Don’t look at me like that! Say something, please!”

“I just found out my best friend and love of my life isn’t human and you’re criticizing me for being shocked?! What do you want me to say; ‘That’s nice honey, what do you want for dinner, pizza or tacos?”


Major Aspects


Energy flow: Neutral

Conjunction is usually a harmonious aspect for both planets unless the planets are not considered harmonious with each other. This aspect brings the planets involved very close together and it is important to factor in the distance between them. They key word associated with this aspect is blending, the planets involved work together, this may create a blind spot for the person, the planets involved may create a trait in this person that others see but they don’t.


Energy flow: Stressful/Neutral

The reason this aspect’s energy is seen as both negative and neutral is because this aspect creates motivational tension between the planets involved that usually produces a positive outcome or progression in the person. It is a character building aspect that gives the person strength in the long run


Energy flow: Harmonious/neutral 

This aspect is a very easy one, it creates harmony and comfort between the planets involved meaning there won’t be conflict between those aspects of your personality. The only problem with this aspect is that there may be a lack of productivity with these specific placements because there is no tension to create motivation, there’s not much room to grow.


Energy flow: Stressful

The square aspect creates a lot of tension and may be seen as the most stressful aspect. It creates a sort of block on the planets involved, the problematic energies that arises from the square seems to pop up a lot. This is an aspect that makes us learn our lesson the hard way.


Energy flow: Harmonious

Trine is naturally a very accepting and supportive aspect, planets involved with this aspect support and nurture each other. The talents and qualities given to the person as a result of a trine are taken for granted or overlooked, therefore it’s not often that they’re developed further, this isn’t so bad anyway because these things will already come as a second nature. Transitting planets usually kick start them and gives the planets room to be expressed.


Energy flow: Stressful/Neutral

These energies find it hard to blend with one another, this is an aspect of learning. Planets involved in this aspects don’t seem to understand each other, they need to learn to work in harmony

Minor Aspects


Energy flow: Stressful/neutral

Semi-sextile brings the planets involved into a union, however there is no natural relationship there, meaning the energies of these planets culd either work well together, or not, or both!


Energy flow: Stressful

Semi-square is the less intense version of the square aspect.


Energy flow: Neutral

Usually indicates a rare talent or strike of genius


Energy flow: Stressful

Very like square and semi-square


Energy flow: Harmonius

A harmonious but weak aspect.

Leave Room for Ace!

Just a LawLu with a sprinkling of ‘TittM’ references, in which Rosinante lives. Because Law needs someone to bitch to. 

Happy birthday to our Future Pirate King <3

“He’s driving me nuts!”

“What, Luffy-kun?”

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“There was one kid Jack Grazer who plays Eddie in the movie, and it was my first day of shooting and we’ve kind of kept me separated from the kids. They’d never really seen the clown, they’d never really met me and this is one scene– it’s one scene in the movie that’s very intense. And it was my first day so I needed to kind of get into character you know and I was like “oh hey there, Jack, how are you?” looking like that and the scene I walk out and I approach him and it’s a really intense scene. And I’m sort of right in his face, I’m drooling all over him, and he’s crying and we sort of block it briefly without really doing emotion into it and they yell “action” and I do it and I’m doing this clown thing and I’m screaming and I’m like– cause part of Pennywise is that he hates the kids and there’s so much anger. And then I approach him and I scream in his face and we’re doing the scene and he’s crying and gagging and doing this whole thing and I’m like, in the back of my head as we’re shooting it, “oh my god, I’m traumatising this child, what am I doing?” And then they yelled “cut” and I go “are you okay, Jack?” And he goes, “love what you’re doing, love what you’re doing with the character. Love what you’re doing with the character.” And I was like “I love what you’re doing with the character? Thank you, Jack.”

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it’s sollux from @truststuck ‘s au,, i loved his design too much not to draw him

also @chocolatula if you’re listening i absolutely love ur sol,,, and also your art style ur a huge inspiration!! thank you for that really ur an awesome person,,,,

Half A Heart

Anonymous said:

Hey can u please write an imagine where the reader gets to pan before rumple gives him the fake heart and then the reader gives half of their heart to pan and he goes back to storybrooke pretty please?


Warning/s: none?


Summary: you go to the underworld to save Pan before it’s too late

Peter was your boyfriend and you were devastated when you found out that Rumple killed him. You were mad, yes. But you couldn’t blame Rumple. He was doing it to save the others. And he died along the way. But then he resurrected. You thought it was unfair because he gets to live again and Peter doesn’t. You always believed that Peter could change. Regina did so why couldn’t he? You were unresponsive after his death. It took you a while to move on but when you did, Emma brings everyone to the Underworld to save Hook. So much for moving on.

They needed your help so you came with them in one condition; you’ll split your heart for Peter like Emma will, for Hook. It took a lot of convincing but soon, they agreed. That’s how badly they needed your help.

When you arrived in the underworld, you were confused as to why it looks like Storybrooke, except that the sky was red. Emma suggested that you guys should split up so you did. You walked around town, looking for Peter. During your journey, you encountered a lot of weird dead people. You were having no luck so you went to Granny’s for a short break. A witch was managing the diner. You walked over to sit on a chair and she walked towards you but she isn’t exactly looking at you so you sat there awkwardly.

“Little girl, what do you want to get?” she asked as she sniffed the air. You looked at her weirdly and waved a hand over her face.

“I might be blind but I can cut your annoying hand off” she deadpanned. You quickly lowered your hand and coughed awkwardly.

“Sorry about that” you apologized.

“You’re looking for him, aren’t you?” she smiled.

“What?” You looked at her wide eyed.

“Peter Pan” She answered.

“You know him? Can you help me find him?” you asked.

“Yes, yes. Of course.” She smiled. You smiled in joy but frowned.

“What’s the catch?” you asked.

She laughed. “Smart girl” she commented.

“Just breathe on this tube” she said as she handed you a tube.

You looked at it weirdly but blew air on it and gave it back to her.

“Good, good.  Now you’ll find your boy at a shop nearby but you must hurry. His son is planning on giving him a fake heart.” She warned.

“What exactly will the fake heart do to him?” you asked, scared.

“Oh it will only make him a lost soul. Forever” she chuckled. You stood up hurriedly and run to the door.

“Good luck little one!” the witch yelled as you run out the diner.

You quickly hurried inside the shop, sighing in relief when you didn’t see Rumple.

“Did you get my heart?” a voice said from the back. Pan walked out and stopped when he saw you.

“Y/N?” he said in shock.

“Peter!” You exclaimed as you ran up to him and embraced him.

“I missed you so much” you whispered through the hug.

“I missed you too, love” he whispered back. “But what are you doing here? It’s too dangerous” he said as he pulled away from you.

“I’m here to help you” you smiled.

“My son, Rumple is already helping me. You see, he’ll bring me a heart from one of your friends that’ll grant me my freedom from the underworld.” he smiled.

“No” you whispered as Peter looked at you in worry.

“Rumple is not helping you. He’ll give you a heart that will make you a lost soul forever. I’m here to save you but” you stopped and Peter frowned.

“But what, love?” he asked.

“What you did. It’s wrong. You planned on killing someone so you can live. Peter, I can’t help you if you don’t change” you said sadly.

“But I did that so I can come back to life and be with you. I swear that was the last dark thing I would ever do. I just wanted to be back so I can continue taking care of you.” he said sadly. 

“So you did change” you smiled and he nodded.

“Let’s do this then” you said as you plunged your hand in your own chest.

“Y/N! What are you doing!” Peter said in panic. You held your glowing heart as you looked at Peter.

“You know that I love you right?” You asked him and he nodded. “I love you too, love” You nodded and twisted your heart, making you whimper in pain. Peter held you as you forcefully plunged half of your heart into his chest and the other one into yours.

“Y/N” Peter trailed off. You looked at him in pure happiness.

“It worked!” You exclaimed. “But how?” he stuttered.

You looked at him and smiled. “True love” 

Peter smiled and hugged you. He kissed your head, smiling.

“Come on. We need to go before Rumple gets here” you said as you held his hand and ran out of the shop, smiling like you never smiled before.

Requests are OPEN yo!

Tease pt.2 (final)

Originally posted by nochuie

Summary: Your best friend had gotten a new job, but wouldn’t tell you what it was. You decide to take it upon yourself to find out, so you find the address to his work. But… why did the address lead you to a strip club?

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smut (M)

Words: 2.6k

A/N: If you haven’t already, please read part one here . Anywho, this fic contains exhibitionism, public masturbation, extreme dirty talk, daddy kink, hj, etc. This is a sinful fic. You have been warned ;)

To say that you were embarrassed, was an understatement; you felt bloody humiliated. Why? This was because you came in here confidently thinking you’d find Jimin, and boast about how smart you were to find where he worked. But ohh how wrong you would be…

It was already uncomfortable sitting on this hard chair on stage. But what made it ten times worse was that your sweet best friend, was currently standing in front of you half naked, tempting you in view of a large crowd. Besides that, he held your hand in a vice grip above the band on his tight slacks.

“Unbutton my pants Y/N,” Jimin said just loud enough for you to hear, over the booming cheers of the crowd.

You couldn’t even look him in the eyes – his usually soft brown orbs were now intimidatingly seductive. You were awkwardly gawking at your hand in his, right above the button to his pants. How did this even happen again? You would’ve never have expected this to ever occur, not even in your dreams. But atlas, it was.

You took a big gulp before you stuttered, “W-what? I d-don’t think I should…”

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I Lost It (Part 1 of 3)

Summary: We follow Bucky as he describes the three times in his life where he has ‘lost it’ with you. 

Characters: Bucky Barnes x reader (from Bucky’s POV)

Warnings: bumbling Bucky, none for this part, fluff?… idk reader beware

Word Count: 1,000ish

A/N: So, instead of quitting, I’m gonna to post instead. This is tiny, little, mini-series to dip my toes back into the water. I’d LOVE to get some feedback and be re-inspired to create once again. Gonna try to finish the next two parts in the next day or so. 

Originally posted by ohh-bloodyhell

I must’ve missed the ignition ten times from how bad my hands were trembling. I couldn’t believe I was about to do this. It was time. I just couldn’t have her as my girlfriend anymore. So, dinner was planned —somewhere very public— a handkerchief folded neatly in my pocket, and every move I made felt surreal. The last five years had flown by.

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Whelp- look what i’m making now

Just another story i’m planning on making (in the progress off), I’d say, “wanna take a guess on what it’s about?” but idk- seems kind of obvious

As you can see, it’s called Pink Rose & Yellow Rose

Summary is under the cut:

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I just had a memory out of nowhere of when I was 12 and still did karate omg
I was sparring with the sensei and he hit my ear lightly (lightly for a black belt, so it hurt, but lightly) and he got so upset with himself he just dropped and did 60 push-ups on his knuckles

And I’m not saying Bahorel but,,, Bahorel

Krasivaya-Chapter 11

Summary: You and Bucky Barnes have been friends for years. You are deeply, completely, in love with the super soldier, but he sees you as nothing more than a little sister. What happens when Bucky starts to date in earnest?

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky x OFC

Warnings: Smut, Angst, Self-Esteem issues, Depression?, Anxiety.

Song:Animals-House of the rising sun

Bucky’s POV

He wakes slowly from the best dream he’s ever had. A deep contentment has settled in his soul. It was just a dream, but such a sweet dream, the accumulation of all his waking fantasies made manifest. As he traces nondescript patterns into the bare skin of the woman plastered against his chest, he knows he needs to get up, but he’s loathe to. He snuggles you closer, stealing a few extra minutes before he rises, breathing in your scent, taking in the smooth feel of your skin under his fingertips. He’d happily give up everything if he could stay like this with you, but he knows he did too much damage for that ever to be a reality. Sighing he untangles himself and heads to the bathroom for a shower, grabbing his bag as he passes.

Shucking off his sweatpants, he frowns at the garment. Is that….? Was that…? No, it couldn’t be. It was just a dream. He must have gotten a bit too excited. Confused and slightly bewildered, he steps into the shower, trying to shake off the lingering effects of the dream. It was no good. Even standing beneath the water’s cold spray, he could still feel you, smell you on his skin.

Rinsing out his hair, he grabs a towel, steps out of the shower and faces the mirror. He stares at his reflection. He was being an idiot. He was pushing you further into the arms of Steve. He loved the man in his own roundabout way, he would move mountains to protect him, but you… you were something else entirely.

You were special, smart, beautiful and kind. He’d hurt you in the worst possible way. No matter what, he was going to show you how much you meant to him. How much he coveted and worshiped the ground you walked on.

Without being an asshole. He hoped.

Mind made up, he threw on his clothing in record time. Walking out of the bathroom, he finds you awake, in the process of putting on the tightest leather pants he’d ever seen.

Where you purposefully fucking with him? He groans inwardly.

You freeze, blushing deeply, not making eye contact.

It sets him frowning.

“Morning,” you mumble.

He tries to catch your eye. “Mornin’,” he replies. “You alrigh’?”

“Fine! Just peachy!” you squeak, clearing your throat. “Will you start setting up the equipment?” you ask, staring fixedly at the floor.

“Yeah, doll,” he replies, wondering what the hell he’d done wrong this time.

Your Pov.

Awkward morning pleasantries. Check.

Embarrassed beyond belief? Check

Guilty as sin? Double check.

He obviously didn’t remember. He didn’t know how you had taken advantage of him last night.

Wishing desperately you could phone Natasha, you need to talk this out, but your phone is restricted.

Moving toward the equipment you take your seat, ignoring Bucky’s presence completely, watching the target pull up to the curb to meet his contact. You jot down any distinguishing features and a license plate, committing him to memory. You strain your mind, pushing at the walls of his, sifting through his memories, but there’s some sort of block. You can’t reach the information you need.

Eyes snapping open, you murmur, “Something’s wrong.”  

Bucky is immediately alert. “What is it?” he asks as he scans the surrounding area for any movement.

“I can’t get into his head. He’s blocked me somehow. They must have there own telepath.”

Bucky looks worried. “Could you take them? Sense their power?”

You shake your head. “The person is too far away, I can’t get a lock on them. I have no idea if they are on my level.” Concentrating on the source, you push yourself to the limit, trying futilely to get a read on the mutant. Frustrated you push harder, the corner of your mind going fuzzy.

Bucky’s hand, roughly shaking you out of your trance, brings you back to the present. His worried gaze boring into you, he eyes you up and down. “Don’ do that! You could hurt yourself. Don’ be so damn reckless all the time. You’re my responsibility!” he snaps.

You’re used to Bucky’s about turns when it comes to the safety of his teammates. It still smarts though. You were perfectly capable of taking care of yourself.

His words, though,  feed your insecurities.

The Melissa-esq voice in your mind begins snarling obscenities at you.

Not enough… Never enough… You’ll never be more than second best… A burden to those you love… A waist of space… Fat… Ugly… Worthless…

Your vision darkens.. The overwhelming pressure in your mind begins pouring out. You’re losing your grip on reality. You can’t seem to rein yourself back in.

Panicked, you try and find an anchor. A thought, a memory, anything to grab onto. There’s nothing an empty void before your eyes. You know this feeling. It’s the feeling of someone else pushing you out of your head, the way Charles used to when he was teaching you control.

You grab onto the first thing you can find, a physical anchor when you can’t find a mental one, which happens to be Bucky’s metal arm. Clamping down the scream rising in your throat, you throw up a shield around the two of you before seeking out the black tendrils in your mind.

The foreignness of the intruder makes you unbearably angry. You can feel the power leaking out of you. Paint starts peeling off walls, tiles crack, furniture splinters, and plants die while you fight for control of your mind.

Snarling viciously, you give an almighty push, lashing the intruder with a whip of psychic energy.

The accompanying shriek of the other telepath has you grinding your teeth. It’s a painful, desperate sound. Your whip would burn like acid, sear through the nerve endings like fire, putting this powerful foe out of commission for at least a day.It makes every nerve in your body protest as, tied together like you were, you were the recipient of a vicious wave of backlash.

Slumping forward, you drop the shield, sucking in large gulps of air as you try and bring yourself back. Your head feels like the John Bonham from Led Zeppelin is playing a drum solo in it.  “Jesus,” you huff out, taking in the carnage which surrounds you.

Bucky’s crouched in front of you, tilting your chin upward. He gently strokes your cheek, “What happened, Krasivaya?”

With his eyes searching yours, you can sense the barely concealed panic under the facade he’s putting up.

“What was that?” he asks again, intertwining your fingers with his metal hand.

“That Telepath is a level 5 mutant, James. She’s as strong as I am, if not stronger.” Faltering, you squash the mounting dread. “She knows who I am now. She knows what my mind looks like.” You scan the room, pushing your taxed senses to find any unfriendly minds. It feels like your brain is on fire, but you need to be certain no one was coming for the two of you. “We need to finish this as soon as we can, before it comes to a fight. I don’t know if I can win if it does,” you say, trying to make him understand. Guilt eats at you with your inability to protect him. What good were you to anyone? You were useless, a failure. You couldn’t even keep yourself together, keep a stranger out of your own damn mind. What reason did you even have for being anymore?

He nods once, rising to his feet,moving toward the upturned chair. Righting it, he takes a seat at the window. Before returning to the surveillance equipment, he stops to side-eye you. “You ain’t alone, Krasivaya,” he says nervously. “I’ll always protect ya.”

A rush of hope fills your chest.

He clears his throat. “Steve would murder me if I didn’t bring you home.”

Your heart falls, shattering like glass into shards so small, you’ll never put it back together.  


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Growing Heart (Steve Harrington x Reader)

Summary:Finding Steve Harrington passed out in your backyard was the last way you expected to start your day. But here you were, spending the day running errands with him and helping him find his misplaced car.

Based on @adumbledorableee  Request: Can you write a Steve x Reader where it’s kind of like that scene in the Spectacular now and Steve ends up like drunk and passed out in the readers front yard and that’s how they meet?

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Reader

Word Count: 6,150

Author’s Note: So, this grew a lot longer than I thought it would. And it also became a bit angsty towards the end. But I like it, and I hope you do too. (P.S. sorry about the weird tag thing that happened when I first posted this?) 

Warnings: Family illness. Mentions of bullying.

“Um, hello?” You hovered over the limp body in your backyard. You took a hesitant step forward, and then, thinking better of it, stepped back. It’s wasn’t like the person looked violent–he was dressed in a Members Only jacket, and if you had to guess based on the dark wash, Jordache jeans. You just weren’t entirely sure how someone would react to waking up in the middle of a stranger’s yard with a random girl standing over him.

“Hello? Are you ok?” you raised your voice a little. It didn’t seem to have any effect. A small, gnawing feeling of anxiety began to eat away at your stomach. He should have woken up by now. If not by your doing, at least by the fact that it was light out, even if the trees did sort of block the sun.

Please don’t be dead, please don’t be dead, please don’t be dead,” you chanted in your head as you reached down and took hold of his ankle, shaking his leg. The body let out a groan, and you jumped back, watching as he life seemed to seep back into him. He lifted the arm that had been flung over his face in a stretch and you gasped a little.

What was Steve Harrington doing in your backyard?

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