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When I started knitting it was on straight needles. Those are the ones everyone thinks of when they think of needles, two long pointy things with some sort of block/ball/whatever on one end to stop the yarn from slipping off. Eventually I started using double-pointed and circular needles and despite the fact that they felt awful and clumsy back then, I’ve grown to prefer them. 

So right now I’m starting a new project and it’s knit flat and I thought I’d go back to my long-abandoned straights. Ha ha. They’re big, obnoxious, and a pain to use. Back to dpn’s for me. 

Lesson learned. Once you’ve let the straight life behind, you just can’t go back.

I felt bad about the rushed doodles from yesterday from this post because these are super cute fusions/versions and I wanted to properly draw them out. Also Amber!zawa!

Yo guys! @kawaiijohn​, @c-jay321​ & @sevi007​ XD

Half A Heart

Anonymous said:

Hey can u please write an imagine where the reader gets to pan before rumple gives him the fake heart and then the reader gives half of their heart to pan and he goes back to storybrooke pretty please?


Warning/s: none?


Summary: you go to the underworld to save Pan before it’s too late

Peter was your boyfriend and you were devastated when you found out that Rumple killed him. You were mad, yes. But you couldn’t blame Rumple. He was doing it to save the others. And he died along the way. But then he resurrected. You thought it was unfair because he gets to live again and Peter doesn’t. You always believed that Peter could change. Regina did so why couldn’t he? You were unresponsive after his death. It took you a while to move on but when you did, Emma brings everyone to the Underworld to save Hook. So much for moving on.

They needed your help so you came with them in one condition; you’ll split your heart for Peter like Emma will, for Hook. It took a lot of convincing but soon, they agreed. That’s how badly they needed your help.

When you arrived in the underworld, you were confused as to why it looks like Storybrooke, except that the sky was red. Emma suggested that you guys should split up so you did. You walked around town, looking for Peter. During your journey, you encountered a lot of weird dead people. You were having no luck so you went to Granny’s for a short break. A witch was managing the diner. You walked over to sit on a chair and she walked towards you but she isn’t exactly looking at you so you sat there awkwardly.

“Little girl, what do you want to get?” she asked as she sniffed the air. You looked at her weirdly and waved a hand over her face.

“I might be blind but I can cut your annoying hand off” she deadpanned. You quickly lowered your hand and coughed awkwardly.

“Sorry about that” you apologized.

“You’re looking for him, aren’t you?” she smiled.

“What?” You looked at her wide eyed.

“Peter Pan” She answered.

“You know him? Can you help me find him?” you asked.

“Yes, yes. Of course.” She smiled. You smiled in joy but frowned.

“What’s the catch?” you asked.

She laughed. “Smart girl” she commented.

“Just breathe on this tube” she said as she handed you a tube.

You looked at it weirdly but blew air on it and gave it back to her.

“Good, good.  Now you’ll find your boy at a shop nearby but you must hurry. His son is planning on giving him a fake heart.” She warned.

“What exactly will the fake heart do to him?” you asked, scared.

“Oh it will only make him a lost soul. Forever” she chuckled. You stood up hurriedly and run to the door.

“Good luck little one!” the witch yelled as you run out the diner.

You quickly hurried inside the shop, sighing in relief when you didn’t see Rumple.

“Did you get my heart?” a voice said from the back. Pan walked out and stopped when he saw you.

“Y/N?” he said in shock.

“Peter!” You exclaimed as you ran up to him and embraced him.

“I missed you so much” you whispered through the hug.

“I missed you too, love” he whispered back. “But what are you doing here? It’s too dangerous” he said as he pulled away from you.

“I’m here to help you” you smiled.

“My son, Rumple is already helping me. You see, he’ll bring me a heart from one of your friends that’ll grant me my freedom from the underworld.” he smiled.

“No” you whispered as Peter looked at you in worry.

“Rumple is not helping you. He’ll give you a heart that will make you a lost soul forever. I’m here to save you but” you stopped and Peter frowned.

“But what, love?” he asked.

“What you did. It’s wrong. You planned on killing someone so you can live. Peter, I can’t help you if you don’t change” you said sadly.

“But I did that so I can come back to life and be with you. I swear that was the last dark thing I would ever do. I just wanted to be back so I can continue taking care of you.” he said sadly. 

“So you did change” you smiled and he nodded.

“Let’s do this then” you said as you plunged your hand in your own chest.

“Y/N! What are you doing!” Peter said in panic. You held your glowing heart as you looked at Peter.

“You know that I love you right?” You asked him and he nodded. “I love you too, love” You nodded and twisted your heart, making you whimper in pain. Peter held you as you forcefully plunged half of your heart into his chest and the other one into yours.

“Y/N” Peter trailed off. You looked at him in pure happiness.

“It worked!” You exclaimed. “But how?” he stuttered.

You looked at him and smiled. “True love” 

Peter smiled and hugged you. He kissed your head, smiling.

“Come on. We need to go before Rumple gets here” you said as you held his hand and ran out of the shop, smiling like you never smiled before.

Requests are OPEN yo!

Can we just talk about how cute this is?? Like… Aaron immediately moves his hand to block Eric and sort of pulls him back with the arm he has around his shoulder… And Eric pulls him in closer and throws his arm up too to try and protect Aaron… Idc what anyone says this couple is the cutest


“Adrien Agreste and Marinette Dupain Cheng were truly madly deeply in love with each other. Then life gave an 180°.
Adrien wishes to a shooting star he had never crossed paths with Marinette. Next day he wakes up on his bed, eight years younger with the choice to re-do his life.”

or read under the cut


The front page of the newspaper welcomed him at the office. The tabloid seemed to be written in neon lights rather than in the bold Arial font. Though he tried to avoid gossip newspapers and magazines, this kind of news were impossible to ignore.

He took the paper in his hands, walked to the closest chair on the round table and sat on it. The secretary followed him, putting a cup of tea in front of him. Adrien thanked her and took a sip of the red warm tea. Then he read the title one more time and flipped the pages until he found the article.

It wasn’t the first time he found this same tabloid on a magazine, it may be the fifth or sixth time he read the same title displayed on the cover of one. He perfectly remembered the first time he had seen one of those. It had been years ago, months after the day of their wedding.

He was walking home after a long day at the office, trying to hide in the shadows of the old buildings, ignoring stranger eyes and hoping to avoid known ones when his sight stumbled with the magazine. He couldn’t help but laugh.

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soraa-s-doodles  asked:

a hc about MC and the RFA (V+Saeran bc they need that love too) going on a star gazing date ;)))

I love star gazing so much omg ;0; ;))


  • He wanted to go star gazing with MC for so long 
  • He doesn’t have a car so they get a taxi out of the city 
  • they went out just right outside the city
  • The street lamps on the road were sort of blocking the stars so they walked a bit far from there 
  • The stars were so bright there 
  • Yoosung put down a blanket he brought for them 
  • they laid down and watched the stars 
  • they stayed there all night and ended up falling asleep 
  • and wake up with mosquito bites


  • They were having a cozy night
  • just cuddling and watching a horror movie 
  • and right as the jump scare happened the electricity went out 
  • they both screamed 
  • He turned on the flashlight on his phone and looked outside 
  • the power went out in the entire neighborhood 
  • “I have an idea” 
  • He grabbed MC’s hand and dragged her outside 
  • The stars were already bright when there was electricity 
  • But now they were even brighter 
  • they both just sat in silence holding on to each other watching them 
  • When the electricity came back on the stars weren’t as bright 
  • but they didn’t move 


  • They had to close up the coffee shop later than usual 
  • they started walking home 
  • holding hands 
  • but then suddenly MC stops walking 
  • MC is looking up at the sky with a huge smile 
  • “Jaehee look!” 
  • She looks up and the stars are so bright 
  • they never really got to enjoy the stars together before 
  • They just stand there until it gets too cold 
  • They walk home but pretty slowly since they are both still looking up at the sky 


  • He had planned this 
  • what day. Where they go. The weather 
  • He took MC to a small cabin 
  • it was incredibly cozy 
  • later at night they both had some fancy ass wine
  • He brought her outside to sit on the bench 
  • It was incredible 
  • there was not a single cloud in the sky
  • just stars 
  • This was honestly the best date night 
  • He loved watching MC’s face while they looked at the sky 


  • He said they were just gonna go for a little drive
  • that was 4 hours ago
  • and every time MC asked where they were going he avoided the question 
  • Once they finally got there MC understood why he kept it a surprise 
  • They were literally in the middle of nowhere 
  • No cars, No people, No houses nearby 
  • It was a little cloudy but you could mostly see the stars and it was great 
  • They walked around for a bit before finding a spot to lay down 
  • They cuddled and kissed under the stars 
  • “Hey, MC~ You know what I’ve always wanted to do under the stars?~” 
  • “hmm?” 
  • ;;))


  • He can’t really see the stars 
  • But he knows MC loves the stars 
  • So he does bring them to a small spot where the lights are minimum 
  • Even though he can’t see the stars he really enjoys this moment with MC 
  • MC describes the sky for him 
  • They try to give as much detail as possible 
  • Just hearing MC’s voice is more than enough for him 


  • It was MC’s idea to go star gazing
  • Saeran wasn’t as much for it at first 
  • He prefers the day 
  • He’s just generally not a huge fan of the dark 
  • When they do go MC is holding on to his hand the entire time 
  • They lead him to their favorite spot to star gaze 
  • They sit down and MC rests their head on Saerans shoulder 
  • “Oh! Saeran look! A shooting star! Make a wish!” 
  • “Why?” 
  • “Because it could come true!” 
  • “.. Okay” 
  • He didn’t get why he should wish on a shooting star 
  • But he did 
  • He wished he could have more moments like this with MC 
  • so cheesy Saeran 
  • But that wish will come true 

anonymous asked:

I really really hope this doesn't sound mean but didn't this entire anti thing start because you didn't want to be around those people? Talking about it sorta just attracts attention from the people who are looking to fight over it for whatever reason.. If you don't want to deal with them then why keep interacting with them? Sorry I normally wouldn't comment but this has been on a lot of my follows blog's lately and it's been weird, idk

nooo my dude it doesn’t sound mean and i totally get where you’re coming from. it’s also my intention to stop talking about it soon and make this blog a place of positivity only!! like, i’m gonna quit my bitching, dw haha.

but also, like… this shit makes me so uncomfortable i legit had anxiety about it for 6+ hours the other day where i was kind of paralyzed and just feeling like shit and unable to do anything??? and maybe that’s me overreacting, bUT i’m sort of in a cleansing period right now so that i can work through the way i feel and move on. i’m a verbose person so it’s really important for me to articulate my thoughts. it’s the only way i’m able to address them. i also want to make it clear where i stand so that anyone who may feel uncomfy with my position can leave or not mistakenly follow me in the first place, because i haven’t done that up until now and i didn’t feel safe that way.

also i… haven’t actually interacted with anyone lol, i’m not… going into tags or anything i’ve just been complaining on my own blog. and if it happens again i’m just going to immediately block whoever it is without posting it or giving it any attention.

hope that clears things up!! and, again, i’m going to stop. i think i’ve literally only been talking about this for 2 or 3 days tbh and i’m allowing myself that for catharsis!

anonymous asked:

#23 mei to mcree pleas

Woah Rarepair! Okay let’s give it a go!

Note: When you have a crush on McCree, this is called a “McCrisis”

Mei burst out of the ice block, cryo-gun at the ready only to find McCree jumping back in surpise. “Jeez–” he took another step back as Mei pointed her gun in several different directions, “Easy, Snowflake, fight’s over.” 

Mei lowered her cryo-gun. “It is?”

“Turns out justice was in the forecast,” said McCree, gesturing over his shoulder at Pharah descending. He turned around, “We’d better clear out and let the authorities handle the rest.”

Mei blew her bangs out of her face with a huff before hurrying after McCree. “Hey…” she said, catching up to him, “Were you waiting outside my cryo-block?”

“What? Oh–yeah, sort of,” said McCree.

“Why?” said Mei.

“Well didn’t want you to be stuck behind when everyone was heading back to the Orca,” said McCree with a shrug. He still felt Mei’s eyes on him and cleared his throat, “Also thought…someone should hang around to make sure you, y’know, come out of it.”

“Make sure I come out of it?” said Mei.

“I don’t want you to be stuck in there again and miss out on all this,” said McCree tilting the brim of his hat back and gesturing down at himself. Mei snorted. “You already missed out on 9 years of premium young, handsome, Jesse McCree,” said McCree with a grin. Mei broke out into a fit of giggles.

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I am having a bit of trouble writing and so I am going to try to write some shorter things to completion to get myself going. The problem is that I am also in the middle of a dry spell when it comes to prompts. So if anybody has got some Overwatch prompts that I could write something super short for, send them my way. It’ll help me and should be fun overall.

(the ringing in my ears)

Post 3x07 missing scene / canon divergence for the following Neverland Renaissance 2.0 prompts:

  • “Do you ever get used to it ? To their cries ?” “You get used to everything.”
  • Emma tells Hook that Neal left her in prison pregnant
  • Hook tells Emma he’s glad Neal is alive

~1.8k Rated K. Just a little conversation where Emma has a bit of a rant. Not very pro-Neal, ftr.

Emma does her best to ignore the rustling of the leaves as somebody approaches her little clearing, wrapping her arms around herself protectively as she stares into the small fire she’s lit the old-fashioned way. The flames flicker higher and brighter as they get closer, and she recognises the solid footsteps of her father. Each one feels like a punch in the gut, the knowledge that he’ll die if he leaves this island twisting her stomach into knots.

“We wondered where you’d gone” he says from behind her, “thought you might want to celebrate.”

Emma stares at the flames, unblinking until their orange glow is imprinted on her retinas, and bites hard at the inside of her cheek. Clearly, her impending parental abandonment isn’t playing on his mind in quite the way it’s playing on hers. Maybe David’s just used to it. Letting her go.

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scc9724  asked:

If you don't mind sharing, what are the things you currently like to do the most with mini-Watson?

I like playing with her.  Currently she is interested in a lot of play which I also find soothing: 

  • Completing puzzles.
  • Playing with moulding clay, or kinetic sand.
  • Ordering and categorising her toys (size is a popular choice at the moment, but we are working on colour).
  • Building blocks.
  • Shape sorting.
  • Object manipulation in simple mazes.
  • Water play (small boats, cups, etc. in the sink or tub).

I also like reading to her.  I think she likes my voice, and she is currently in the habit of pointing at all the pictures, and having me name them.  It takes a long time to get through a book with a lot of pictures, but that is fine, because she is learning the names and labels for things.  It’s interesting to see her language emerging.