block shot

I usually try to keep my opinions to myself on this blog–or at the very least, in tags where people can scroll past/ignore them at their leisure–but honestly I think the one thing that frustrates me the most about people’s perception of Goro Akechi is that they think he is one sure, solid, cemented character type. That he is this one thing, or that he moves from this point to that. The way I see it, that’s not strictly true. Akechi wouldn’t let himself grow beyond something that wasn’t only unhealthy for him, but not helpful either. He gets in the way of his own growth and progress–he’s the boy who blocked his own shot, and in a lot of ways is like Hamlet. That not only is why he’s so fascinating as a character, it’s why his fate is so frustrating and gutting, and why it’s so difficult for me to deal with.

(As a side bar, that’s always why I loved his relationship with Joker–because it offers him the chance to open up, to give in, to let go and be a little vulnerable, which is everything he needs. It’s a contrast to everything the true villains of the game set him up to be, which was all about taking control from him. Incidentally, that’s everything Joker offers to every S-Link he has in the game [freedom, release], so I fail to see why Akechi should be an exception?)

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