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It’s Bendy in: Titanic Troubles!

#BATIM #BendyAndTheInkMachine @themeatly

(get it, it’s funny because we’re in Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Highlights from today’s cosphotoshoot with @zerdnerd and her BF!!  Today was MASSIVELY fun!

This costume is relatively easy to move around in, though it’s VERY difficult to see out of.  Also, somehow I managed to walk several blocks in those shoes, but I don’t recommend it.

  • Amber: What can't we be more like Luna and Victoria?
  • Krystal: *looking over to Luntoria staring into each other's eyes while holding hands*
  • Luna: Okay, you start!
  • Victoria: I
  • Luna: Love
  • Victoria: You!
  • Luna: See! That time I said "love"! Now me first!
  • Victoria: Oh okay! Okay!
  • Luna: I
  • Victoria: Love
  • Luna: You!
  • Luna: See what I mean, it changes every time!
  • Victoria: You're so smart!
  • Krystal: ....
  • Krystal: We are not doing that.

If you’re like me who walks everywhere I go, it’s a constant struggle to find a stylish, comfortable shoe.  These block heels are not too high with a singular strap over the foot for security.  They are comfortable with a throwback vibe that will spice up any outfit especially with the pop of red.  I would pair these with tailored neutral trouser for work or a skinny jean for a weekend look.  

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“Honestly, if they’re not wearing cinder block shoes then they have to be running some kind of illegal zoo up there. There’s no other explanation for the noises that they make,” you complain as you glance up at the ceiling. You’re certain that, one of these days, the base between the two floors is going to give and your upstairs neighbors (along with their fucking petting zoo that you’re certain has to exist) will come crashing down into your bedroom in the middle of the night.

“They could be fucking,” Taehyung offers as he flips a page in his Biology textbook, “they could be into some really weird shit. You never know about these crazy college kids.” He glances up in time to catch the blank look you offer and shrugs. “Or they could have a petting zoo. I don’t know. They are loud, though. Have you tried talking to them?”

You sigh as you fold another t-shirt and place it into your suitcase. “No,” you grumble, “I wanted to avoid problems. I knew after the first day of living here that I wouldn’t be renewing but I didn’t think it’d be this bad for the whole year.”

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maybe-if-it-rains-sleepingbags  asked:

Cute season 11 msr in Scully's apartment?

***This is a response to the above requests, and a sequel to In the Rain (also a little NSFWish)

She was laughing again as they finally turned the last corner to her block.  Mulder’s shoes squished with every step he took and his soaked clothes were starting to become more than just a little uncomfortable.  The air conditioning inside the building had them both shivering before they even got in the elevator.

They left a trail of rainwater behind them and a Scully gave a sincerely apologetic look to the desk clerk who looked at them with disdain. They drip drip dripped inside the elevator, creating a pool around their feet and Scully caught another case of the giggles.  Mulder couldn’t stop smiling.  She took her heels off and Mulder squished his way behind her to her door.

“I think…” she said.  “Come into the bathroom.”

“Let me get my shoes off.”  He untied his laces in the hallway and stepped out of his shoes before entering.

“Come on,” she said, guiding him through the bedroom into the attached bath.  She had most of her shirt unbuttoned by then, but couldn’t seem to manage peeling it away from her skin.

“Don’t suppose you have anything of mine I could wear laying around do you?”

“Sorry, no.”  She shucked her shirt and shivered.  It made a little plop as she dropped it on the counter next to the sink.  “There’s a washer-dryer in that closet though.”

Mulder tried to keep his eyes on her face, but it had been a long time since she’d been even the remotest bit naked in front of him.  Her bra was dark blue satin, revealing nothing, but still.  He knew what it was hiding.

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