block mountain

Mario and I were on a date. We were hopping from block to block up a giant mountain of floating multicolored blocks, laughing and talking all the way up. When we got to the top, we sat and looked over all of the mushroom kingdom.
“It’s so beautiful up here,” I commented as the sun set over the horizon, turning the sky a brilliant orange that would stand out in any other world than a Nintendo game.
Mario replied with a small, tasteful kiss.
We then grabbed tunuki suits that just happened to be there, and floated our way back down the mountain.


etsyfindoftheday 5 | 9.3.15

theme thursday: take me to the mountains

mountain finds by nativebear

hand-carved designs and stamps are nativebear’s specialty — i love the rustic yet clean look of their wares. these three mountain finds are perfection, from a 4-color art print to a personalized address stamp to a ‘new frontier’ card in poppy red, i bet you’re loving them, too.

Jon x Sansa: Afternoon on the Lake for the @jonxsansafanfiction October Challenge

“They’ve been coming up to Jon’s cabin in the White Mountains of Arizona one long weekend every month for over a year now, long enough that it’s starting to feel like Sansa’s cabin, too. There’s certainly plenty of her own personal style here now, small additions that made Jon smile the first time she put a few sage and lavender candles in the bathroom.

The area they’re in feels like home too, considering how often they’ve hiked the trails and jogged across flat meadows with his dog Ghost racing ahead and scaring off the deer. The only thing she’s really not gotten the hang of is fishing, but that doesn’t mean she’d ever turn him down when he suggests it, and today is no different.” Read more here


hi!! i’ve been getting some asks about my process and what brushes I use for my drawings so uhhh here goes!!

I don’t record what I draw so the best I could do was just to make a gif of my layers from 2 past drawings haaha

Quick summary! This is usually how it goes:

  1. slap on a base bg color
  2. lasso tool to block out larger shapes (mountains, rocks, heads, hair, etc.)
  3. layer lock/clipping mask on figures/shapes to add details
  4. additional details (fog, snow, shine, etc.) with sometimes textured brushes
  5. layer adjustments (opacity, multiply, diff color choices, etc.)

These steps apply to all my drawings, including the non-environment ones!

I use the default PS brush 90% of the time and sometimes textured brushes from  Kyle’s  megapack

Hopefully that answers some questions! If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask or tweet me :^)

maine gothic
  • the lighthouse shines overhead. no one’s been inside for years. there is no bulb in the lantern. the light keeps spinning.
  • you are glad for the smell of pine trees and salt water on the breeze. it helps cover the rot.
  • you turn off your headlights in the fog. you remember what you saw silhouetted in the haze last time you forgot. you wish you didn’t.
  • sometimes you take the shortcut home through the hills. you think it’s a shortcut. the tree branches scrapping at your car windows tell you it is.
  • there are two graveyards in the woods behind your house. yesterday there was one.
  • the lighthouse keeps shining. you wish they’d turn it off. things are moving in the fog.
  • there are tourists in town, hiking. you hope they didn’t block your driveway. the mountain looks hungry.
  • some days you think you have neighbors. some days the woods have grown over their house. today there is a graveyard.
  • the singing in the woods grows louder. you tell yourself it’s just the storm playing tricks on you. the thunder sounds like laughter.
  • there is screaming somewhere in the ocean. you wish the creaking of the ships was louder.
  • there are five graveyards in the woods behind your house. the tourists haven’t come back yet.
Let's get some rest

For @feysandweek day four: Sparring/Training

“Faster” Feyre panted. Her sweat slick against her forehead. “I can handle it.”

Rhysand gave a loose grin, “Are you sure? You just my lose it.” Feyre moved to the side, her legs slightly bent and her hands out.

“Come on lover boy.” Feyre taunted and so she got what she wanted. Rhysand came running at her, she dodged to her left.

When she was fully on her feet he had disappeared. “Where are you..” Feyre whispered down their bond.

Trees blocked most of the mountain view, but they were in a pretty large clearing. The scent of pine had assaulted her nose when they first arrived.

A sudden snap of branches came up from behind her, she whirled. Pulling out a dagger before holding it to a someone else’s throat. It wasn’t Rhysand, she couldn’t even muster words as the person looked down at her.

Was it even a person? This thing had been cloaked up and down in black and- Hybern. It had to be from Hybern.

“How did you get here?” Feyre snarled. “How did you find me.” She held the dagger closer.

The thing just chuckled, it grabbed the dagger. Yanking it out of Feyre’s hand before it basically threw her across the clearing. Her back went straight into the base of a tree, she heard something snap and cried out in agony. She gripped at her side.

“Where is Rhysand!” Feyre demanded. “Being fought against. But you, you are much more easier to break.” It smiled. “So I decided to take you on.”

She wobbled up, placing her footing how Cassian had taught her. Her fists were ablaze now, her rage glowed like the sun

“Give him back.” She snarled.
Her legs thought before she could, running straight at it. Then feinted and winnowed behind it, she slammed her fists its back. Sending it sprawling against the forest floor.

“Feyre!” Rhysand called out, his face covered in black blood. Feyre turned to him for a split second, but then was slammed into the ground.

“You will die, permanently.” The thing growled, showed it’s elongated black teeth. Before she could throw another punch, a wall of black smoke threw it off her. Rhys was right next to her when she got up. “Are you ok?” She asked.

Rhys nodded, “But you aren’t. Your back or something in your ribs.” His eyes heavy with worry, roamed her body for any more injuries he couldn’t feel through the bond.

The thing clawed at the ground again, getting up and lunging at Feyre. She grabbed at the things mind, looking and searching for anything to help against Hybern. It was as empty as a bottle, a mindless tool.

She looked back at, it was trying to escape her grasp. She closed her eyes and shattered its mind. The forest was quite then, the rustle of leaves the only sound between the two.

“Can we go back to Velaris.” Feyre whispered, her voice slightly cracking. Rhysand held regret in his eyes, he didn’t expect this. He didnt want Feyre to think he had been careless. “I’m not.” Feyre snapped.
“I was just as unprepared as you.” She continued.

“Let’s get some rest. Cauldron knows we need it.” Rhys said before finally winnowing them out of the forest clearing.

Pathways/ Exploration/ Adventure

A few minutes after snapping the photo from my previous post, I was slowly driving up a narrow dirt road. It was apparent that another vehicle had traveled this before me. Little did I know that this would be come a narrow rocky snowy slippery drive. 

Those color though! The Eastern Sierra is particularly beautiful, direct sunlight is blocked by the White Mountains to the East, though the sky is illuminated with beautiful pastel light, none of it is spectral, a soft glow is all you get until the mountain tops are illuminated by an intense pink/orange glow.