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if you’re a pedophile/pedo apologist just unfollow me and block me right now. i don’t care if you’re non offending or would “never hurt a child”. i don’t want your ass on my blog when it belongs in prison

Antis are always saying that shippers don’t care about survivors, that we’re the heartless ones, but I feel like they don’t realize the damage they do sometimes.

Antis hurt survivors when they tell them that they have to ship in private, that they can’t share their coping experience in public.

Antis hurt people who aren’t necessarily survivors, but who use shipping to better themselves in other ways, to cope with things in life.

Antis hurt survivors by making them disclose the trauma they went through so they can be “allowed” to ship something problematic.

Antis hurt people who are just trying to have fun in their fandoms by calling them pedophiles and abuse apologists because they like the idea of two fictional characters together.

I have yet to meet a shipper who is genuinely aiming to hurt anyone. Most of the shippers I’ve encountered would be happy to keep their content out of someone else’s personal space. I, for one, would not be offended if someone blocked me so they didn’t have to see my content. But I’ve seen so many antis who do these things, who think that they’re doing the right thing.

Obi-Wan Kenobi - Smile

When you discover growing feelings for the Jedi master, you’re horrified - are you really going to get kicked out of the Order because of pretty blue eyes and nice hair? No. You won’t let it happen, so you avoid Obi-Wan as much as humanly possible. Until he gets fed up with it and corners you in the library, that is…

Words: 2126

Warnings: none (except a possibly lackluster ending, it was late and I wanted this done)

Notes: This was not the next one on the list. Oh well. It was short and fun and easy to write and it’s been done like a million times. Oh well. It got me writing again, right?

Oh no.
Oh, no, no, Force no.
You lean back against the wall in this corridor of the Jedi temple, chewing on your lip. No. No. This can’t be happening. You - you’re a Jedi and Jedi don’t feel these things. Not even for a such a funny, charming, handsome, sweet….
You risk a glance down the hall after him. Oh god. Why the kriff does his hair have to be so stupidly perfect? Why?
You groan out loud. 

“This can not be happening to me,” you grumble. You close your eyes and massage your temples. Maybe some meditation will get your mind off things…

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hey, wanna do me a favor "evak trash" blog? can u like just tag your shit evak, rewatch s3, focus on your white boys, and like clear tf out of the skam tag? cool. thanks i'll be enjoying a muslim girl's amazing season :). or like tag shit skam season 3 and do sunshine headcanons of even being the season 4 main or whatever you white girls do.

wow anon, 

I don’t want to bother defending myself to you because I don’t think you want it nor deserve it, but when I watch skam, I watch it for every single one of those incredible characters, whose stories I relate to on a variety of different levels. Unlike you I don’t focus on the colour of their skin. I connect with them based on who they are, their dreams and desires and the way they make me feel less alone in the world. 

Last time I checked Even and his story is a part of skam and this season. And his story is just as valid and important and emotionally enlightening as anyone else’s. 

Could you maybe do me a favour and block me? That way you don’t need to worry about seeing my posts that offend you so much, and you won’t be sending me more messages like this that offend me. 

Thank you. 

Shit I Hear At School


in honor of finishing another year of pointless suffering, here’s a list of my favorite shit i’ve heard from my fellow asshats this year

1. “get this man some juice”

2. “sup girl, wanna study?”


4. [while shoving salad into her mouth]               “this is earth”

5. “excuse me sir, do you like peanut butter and jelly?”

6. “I was staring into the health teacher’s soul”

7. “i’m gonna kill myself so bad”

8. “he told me he got his dick sucked in one of those gender neutral bathrooms”

9. “im gonna see the fuCK OUT OF THAT CHAMELEON”

10. “i don’t want your crusty potato chips”
      “fUcK yOU

11. “what do you mEAN yOu’vE nevER pLAyed Duck Life 3: EvOLutioN??”

12. “she’s leaving, we can get our rUSH ON”
       [continues to play big time rush loudly]

13. “only lesbians can hold the scissors bella, hand them oVEr”

14. “he says he doesn’t like potatoes”
      “bLOCK HIM”

15. “bean me up mami”

16. “i hope i offended your uncle”

17. “i have a balloon in my pocket”

18. “the president can pass or veto a bill, but congress can photosynthesis it with a boat.”

19. “im not white im a black albino”

20. “the dentist gave me this”
[continues brushing teeth with loud electric toothbrush during science class]


22. “get these titties out of my calculator”

23. “jake from state farm at 3 in the morning? i’m not about that life”

24. “i’m a pisces, i’m not fucking with you”

25. “i thought the great basin was a type of big bowl”

26. “i am the laws of physics”

27. “i just wanted to tell you that i’m dating a girl i met on roblox”

28. “i got a detention for saying i wanted hillary clinton to be my wife”

29. *makes sex noises while destroying an apple with elbows*

30. “they scoop your whole pussy out!”

31. “i’ll smack you with a hot pocket”

32. “if i see one more person naruto running today i sweAR TO GO D

33. “pick a number between 1 and 10”

34. “this man just busted tHREE nuts”

35. “it smells like spoons”

36. “my vagina is none of your business”

Ana Lily Amirpour Responds to Racism Charges — But Won’t Apologize For Making You Uncomfortable

Ana Lily Amirpour seems like the ultimate counterpunch to Hollywood’s diversity problem. She’s an Iranian woman director raised in America, directing inventive genre movies with an anarchic sensibility all her own. While much of the country celebrated the feminist leanings of “Wonder Woman,” Amirpour had already finished “The Bad Batch,” her horror-sci-fi-western hybrid about a dystopian world in which a young woman battles cannibals in a desolate wasteland. The movie, which premiered at the festivals last fall, confirmed Amirpour’s capacity for exploring marginalized figures through the empowering lens of ferocious female characters first seen in her acclaimed debut, “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night.”

Which was why, eight months into her promotional tour for “The Bad Batch,” Amirpour was astonished to find herself accused of racism. During a post-screening Q&A for “The Bad Batch” in Chicago, Amirpour was confronted by a woman named Bianca Xiunse, who demanded to know why all the black characters in the movie were killed.

The complaint appeared to be a reaction to one scene in particular. In the film, which is set in a near future in which prisoners are unleashed into a lawless desert, Arlen (Suki Waterhouse) comes upon one of the cannibals who had kidnapped and mutilated her in the opening minutes.

Now armless, Arlen confronts Maria (Yolonda Ross), the wife of Cuban cannibal Miami Man (Jason Momoa), along with her young daughter. Arlen shoots Maria, but spares the child; later, Miami Man tracks Arlen down to exact revenge, but the pair end up falling in love as they face down a much scarier threat — a stone-faced tyrant named The Dream (Keanu Reeves), who lords over the nearby town of Comfort with an iron grip.

While one reading of “The Bad Batch” would find two outcasts (a one-armed woman and a vilified immigrant) joining forces to take down an evil white man, Xiunse wanted to know why Amirpour felt it was necessary for the black characters to perish.

“I found it offensive,” she said. “So I’m curious, what was your message for it?”

In video of the moment, Amirpour cocks her head, seemingly baffled by the response, and asks the moderator to repeat the question. (As she would later explain, the filmmaker is 30 percent deaf.) Finally, she offered a succinct response. “Just because I give you something to look at, doesn’t mean I’m telling you what to see.”

The audience cheered, and Xiunse turned to Twitter to further vent her frustrations. “I have never felt such an embarrassment in my life,” she wrote. Later that night, Amirpour checked her social media account, saw the complaints, and blocked Xiunse; when Xiunse called her out, Amirpour wrote, “How am I supposed to respond you calling my film anti black? It’s so crazy. It offended me. So I blocked you.”

So began a social media storm of vitriol on both sides, with Amirpour’s fans leaping to her defense and others lashing out against her; Xiunse herself even did an interview about the experience. Amirpour acknowledged that she reacted too quickly on Twitter, which she has since deleted from her phone, but she’s still aghast about the experience as a whole.

“I’m a brown woman immigrant, my family escaped the Iranian Revolution, I grew up on two continents, English wasn’t the first language in my home,” she said over lunch in New York a few days before the film’s release. “I know what it is to be the ‘other’ very, very well. My film and my filmmaking is all about asking questions about how the system pits us against each other. If anything, this movie is about how we are eating each other. It’s fine, I get it, some people don’t see those things or ask those questions. Cinema is a private, personal experience for individual. But this felt personal against me.”

She was also astonished about the complaints regarding the color of the character’s skin. “Why wouldn’t he be married to a black woman? Jason Momoa is married to a black woman. It’s how I see the world — it’s a modern relationship,” she said. “They have a mixed-race child. She’s the future, in this wonderful way.”

But Amirpour didn’t have the opportunity for that nuanced reaction at the time, and then came the second wave: Internet forums picked up on an old photo posted to social media in which Amirpour dressed up as Lil Wayne for Halloween. If she had been a white person wearing blackface, that would have been ever tougher to wriggle away from — but Amirpour’s not about to apologize for that one, either.

“What could I do?” She asks. “I feel nothing but joy about the fact that I dressed up like Lil Wayne for Halloween. I’m brown. I didn’t do anything wrong. That’s what I look like when I put my hat on and tattoos on my face. I love Weezy. I just have to believe in myself, that I’m a good person, having fun on planet Earth like anyone else.”

Amirpour’s experience may not permanently tarnish her reputation, but it’s indicative of a single-minded director who has been gradually forced to deal with the challenges associated with a rising profile. The last two years of her career were all about forward momentum, with support systems to sustain her vision on her own terms.

When she came to Sundance with “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night” in 2014, she had no agent, and insisted on controlling every facet of her film — including its distribution deal, which she decided to avoid closing until after the festival. “I was going off instinct, but my instinct was, if you want to fuck me now, you have to want to fuck me four months from now,” she said. (The movie eventually sold to Kino Lorber, well after it opened New Directors/New Films in New York that March.) In the meantime, she had started writing “The Bad Batch,” and after Sundance she was approached by Vice creative director Danny Gabai. From there, a wealth of new resources came her way.

Next page: The creative wisdom of taking acid at Burning Man.

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okay, so i get a lot of hate from these so called “daddies” because i don’t answer their vulgar, disgusting messages. like saying “i would fuck the hell out of you” or “i want to ruin that cunt” are NOT okay things to say. i will ignore you, i do not answer people like that, and if you harass me i will block and report you.
so to all the “"daddies”“ getting offended over me not responding, maybe you should learn what respect is, then a thing or two about actually being a daddy ☺️

How to report Cyberbullying on Tumblr, even if you’ve been blocked by offending user

The reason you report this kind of crap? Because if you don’t stand up for someone else, who do you think will stand for you? If Tumblr is a place where bullying is allowed, I certainly don’t want to be on it, but I’m going to trust they mean what they say in their guidelines and that they don’t tolerate this.

Example: If a person calls a user out by name and accuses them of being something they aren’t, say, a felon, which damages their reputation and smears it, you can report anonymously (although obviously I have reported) and let them know. It can take up to 2 days, possibly more if it’s the weekend, but this is against their terms of service (TOS) which you can read in the Legal section (click on messages and you’ll see Legal tab). The link should lead you to Malicious Speech, and you’ll paste in the offending person’s URI for their blog there with a brief description of how it violates the TOS.

Link for reporting

You can still absolutely do this if the offending party blocked you (as happened to me when I threatened on her hastag calling me out to report her for her conduct - she deleted my response and blocked me. Interestingly, the 2 anon messages I received threatening me “not to back someone I didn’t know” also can’t be reported now - the button freezes, and I assume that’s because I’m blocked. I’ve never been blocked by anyone else that I know of…I post comics and star wars and phantom stuff, nothing controversial that I know of.

A NOTE ABOUT ANON MESSAGES AND HATE MAIL: Tumblr wants that stuff reported too! In my case, I wrote them a letter and sent screen captures plus invited them to look in my Inbox for messages to see for themselves, since I’ve left them there for evidence (following making a report, Tumblr will email you, and then you can upload your photo captures and letter if you want defining your case). Keep it short and to the point: Defamation of character; here’s why the post meets that criteria; here is where you will find it when you scroll past the puppies and kittens on the blog (you paste in the URL of the Tumblr user’s blog, which you will still be able to see and access if they blocked you but you didn’t block them).

I’m learning so much about Tumblr since being here. Some I wish I didn’t have to learn, but I loathe bullying with a passion, and I WILL speak up and see it stopped when I see it, whether it’s online or in life. Last week I saw two people I’d interacted with enough to care about them leave, one because of bullying and the other because he couldn’t stand to see his girlfriend being bullied. 

My guess is this goes on in all fandoms, so this is just a generic how-to. Feel free to reblog as much as you want and add what tips you have as well. People need to know how to go about this, and not everyone does. 

I will report this stuff whenever I see it, in whatever fandom. Multiple times, if necessary, to put a stop to it.


icemiruku  asked:

Rant- I politely asked an anti to block me on my old tumblr and they were super rude, I was offended so I POLITELY asked them why they refused to block me and posted my private message. I come back to twelve messages calling me disgusting, and telling me to kill myself. I notice also that the same blog has made SIX fucking posts mocking me, that included my username. I cried tbh. I had like a hundred followers but I straight up abandoned my blog. I'm still really bitter about it. Sorry

People like this are just fucking disgusting honestly there’s no reasoning with these people they’re just malicious I’m sorry this happened to you truly

ok so I was trying to submit old fics for the fs flashback thing and apparently i just, have never actually made a post on tumblr for most of my canon-compliant fics?  so I’m gonna be doing a few self-recs so that I can then submit those posts to be included for the flashback event

#the things we do for EvB points


ooc. wait so… People are offended by gender bent characters? What the Hell? I’m non-binary ftm and??? it doesn’t bother me at all? I think it’s an interesting study of the character and there’s nothing offensive about it… I mean i understand people not wanting to do it but shaming me for having a gender bent Tony? not cool. To each their own, I guess… 

I fail to see how writing Tony as a female (INCLUDING THE FACT THAT I AM A TRANS PERSON) is offensive/transphobic. What the hell. I am not mocking gender in any kind of way and I am not doing anything wrong. I am fictionally writing a fictional character as a different gender. Like before you call my transphobic, OPEN YOUR EYES AND REALIZE I AM TRANS. 

im sorry anon im not ignoring you. im just trying to wrap my head around this and im not sure how to respond. i just feel off because im in the reverse situation, there is someone spreading rumors about me that arent true, and claiming that it was a “petty argument” when in fact they abused me very badly. i dont know what to do right now and im really not mentally ready for drama right now, so please if i make you uncomfortable, unfollow, softblock or block me and i wont be offended or angry or anything.

anonymous asked:

Oh my gosh! Has exams and haven't been here and you had a birthday! HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR! Have a super duper next year, full of happiness and smiles. Never stop being yourself because you are some one fab, awesome person in entire fanbase and the tumblr I was following. Many hugs for you and cupcakes full of kitty and giraffe <3 You deserve the best for such cute, super positive content you give us every day // Isabella

Isabellaaaa! Aaw you :3 Hope your exams went well! And thank you soo much for all these lovely words, gosh! (/∇\*)。o○♡ I’m so glad you appreciate my blog and my content! I just do my stuff and being myself :3 You know whatever you write, someone will probably be offended. So I’m just writing from my own feels anyhow. And if anyone is offended they don’t have to follow me, or if anyone offend you, block them. That’s the way of having a great time at tumblr and be genuine I think :) So I’m really glad you see me as a nice person from my content that I always write from my heart and love for fandom life ♥

And yas, I will eat cupcakes made of kitty n his giraffe everyday, me, my kittygiraffe anon and fairy squad makes them really tasty lol. Hugs!