block colour background

a concept

keith in middle school, churning out those videos with block coloured backgrounds and size 12 comic sans and poor editing that give helpful tips such as;

how to get a boyfriend in middle school

how to get your crush to like you

and so forth. they’re all unironic. lance watched them all. neither had any idea until shiro got pidge to uncover them and now they’re blackmail material

egyptiandeathgod  asked:

((That one time Yondu did a thing.))

Kraglin: Ya mean ya didn’t notice??

Yondu: Well, Quill said ya were on holiday -


(Follow-up to THIS)

‘A thing’ in this case means: ‘accidentally rescue your SIC from a random bad-guy base’.


Tragically, my tablet’s usb port broke today. Just in time for when I wanted to draw SDCC and gotg 2 fanart! 


So there’ll be nothing but pen/paper drawings from me until I get my battery charger - which is already in the post, thankfully. I was lucky to have the lineart+block background colours already filled out on this one.

I will be back very soon! I can’t wait to draw Taserface.. ;)

I finally hit 500 followers! tysm everyone~

As a little thanks i’m doing an art giveaway for you guys!

The winner will get a full body piece with whichever character they like, with a block colour background. Similar to these: (My art tag is #artwy if you’d like to see some more works)

Some rules!

-No giveaway blogs pls!

-Must be following me

-Likes and Reblogs count, do as many as you like! (try not to spam your followers feed though!)

-Ends on the 25th of June! winner will be chosen shortly after

thats it! thanks to everyone~

Bravely Series Collab 2017 Guidelines

Thank you to everybody who voted in the poll~ It was quite close, but there was definitely a clear winner for theme and date.

The theme this summer is beach/swimwear! 


  • You can pick up to three canon characters (for now, though this may increase later on) from Bravely Default/Second, Fairy’s Effect, Praying Brage, or Bravely Archive.
  • Minor characters don’t tend to have as complex designs, so if they’re associated with a partner (e.g. Adventurer/Faithful Fox, Datz/Zatz, Sapp/Piddler etc.) then they’ll just count as one character unless the artist wants to draw only one. A minor character is anyone who isn’t playable, an asterisk holder, or a fairy in this case. 
  • Please send reservations to either this blog, or @misedejem​ as an ask or IM (you can leave them on this post but there’s a chance I’ll miss them)
  • Digital drawings should have block colour or transparent backgrounds
  • Traditional drawings should have block colour backgrounds that won’t be too difficult to make transparent, if possible.
  • If you want to submit a cosplay, this would be fine too, but try to take the photographs against a plain background.
  • Keep it SFW
  • Full body or half a body are fine, but try to avoid cropping the tops or the sides.
  • The six protagonists and Glanz Empire will always be grouped together. The duchy will either be as a big group or in their divisions depending on the number of submissions. Everyone else will be grouped based on numbers as well.
  • If you choose to draw two characters from the same group, they can be interacting if you would like. This only applies to the duchy if they are the same division. Otherwise, please post as separate files.

Please tag your work as bravely series collab 2017
The deadline is July 15th at 8:00pm GMT

There will be a link to the reservation list and these guidelines on this blog


Yoo~ I’m really low on funds right now so I’ve decided to open commissions!

Some notes:

- Payment up-front, via PayPal only, in GBP

- Prices are based on UK minimum wage and roughly how long a picture takes

- NSFW is more expensive because it’s trickier and takes me longer

- Backgrounds are negotiable on a case-by-case basis (they’re very time-consuming and will therefore be expensive) but illustrations will have a pattern or block colour background as standard, or something suitable

- I will provide some WIP sketches and rough colour for feedback, but after that I’ll just crack on until I finish the image

- I reserve the right to turn down a commission for any reason

- I will accept 3 commissions at a time and work through them in consecutive order, so please be patient!

Definitely won’t draw: bodily fluids not usually associated with sex; violence and gore; mecha; animals; “real” people; full anthro/furry - there will be others on this list, especially in relation to NSFW commissions, but specifics can be discussed case-by-case.

You guys know the kind of stuff I draw! If you’re looking for similar things then we should be a-okay!

Contact information:


Please email with the subject header “[USERNAME] + COMMISSION” and include the details of what you would like your commissions to be: the type of picture, characters, references for things like poses or costumes if necessary etc. We can take it from there!

Please consider reblogging to help signal boost! <3

Guess who has open commissions??

This broke dude.

I’m hoping to actually get some response out of this, it’s my birthday in less than two weeks and I had told myself I’ll have saved up for a tablet by my birthday… about two birthdays ago.

So please, help a guy out?

Even if you can’t buy anything, please, please reblog this post to spread the word, it’d mean so much to me.

Now, about the commissions:

Traditional head shots: $2

Traditional waist-ups: $4

Digital head shots: $5, or $3 line art.

Digital waist-ups: $7, or $5 line art.

Digital full bodies: $8, or $6 line art.

Traditional art will be drawn on an A4 page and scanned, art will also have my watermark added to it.

Digital art will be drawn on an A4 canvas, art will include either a block colour or transparent background and be saved in a .png format, art will also have my watermark added to it.

Payments will be accepted through Paypal, direct message me to discuss details, my inbox is always open (I have no life).

Things I will draw:

-Characters, either canon or original.

-Creatures (e.g. Mermaids, Nagas, Fairies, etc).


-Mild NSFW (e.g. Shirtless, suggestive facial expressions, etc)

If there’s anything you’d like me to draw but aren’t so sure, just ask, I don’t bite that much, I swear it.

I hope y'all are having a great day.

Cheers for reading.

With the third WicDiv trade landing through my letterbox this weekend, I thought it was probably finally time to polish off my look back over the Commercial Suicide arc. So, with no further bitching about the hard-drive crash which wiped out v1 of this piece, here it is:

Looking at Commercial Suicide as a whole, there are plenty of interesting things to talk about. The widening of the series’ scope, similar to what Gillen & McKelvie did for Phonogram with The Singles Club; the way the motif of dead parents increasingly rises to the surface; that incredibly pointed title… But I want to look at something very specific, and weird, about the arc.

The six issues switch artists as they jump between subjects, each instalment focusing on a single character. In comics, this tends to communicate that we’re going to jump into the head of a previously undeveloped character (look at Vertigo titles with nearly-rhyming titles like Sandman or Y: The Last Man or Transmetropolitan) but, for the most part, Commercial Suicide actually keeps us at arm’s length from the nominal star of the issue.

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