block colour

this took me longer than i wanted it to bc i had no idea what i was doing during colouring it and i didnt want to restart it over

Something I noticed about Pearl

So, so far we have seen three Homeworld Pearls (Blue, Yellow, and part of the Rhodonite fusion), and they all seem to share a common trait- the kind of chiffon fabric covering on their outfits, that accessorises and changes their silhouette quite dramatically.

It is interesting to note that Pearl DID used to have such details on her outfit- we see it in her first appearance-

As well as the two times we see her in the past-

However, look at her current design-

There is a conspicuous lack of any kind of transparent fabric- even her sash and the skirt element to her top are bold, block colours. It is also much more athletic in design, a more pared down shape than those she had before, and especially compared to that of other Pearls.

This feels like a conscious choice; Pearl distancing herself from Homeworld, and its attitude towards Pearls as mere decoration, floaty and light objects to be looked at and not to do things. I think it is a clever piece of costume design by the Crewniverse, conveying a lot of her character growth.